ExecNet Survey Feedback: February 2023

Strategic Management

All good! Almost all of the strategic management skill statements were validated as either critical or recommended, with very few being seen as not needed. “Discuss the nature of balanced scorecards” yielded a few comments. With further research, sources swing wildly between viewing this tool as still highly valuable and also beginning to be questioned for its effectiveness for today’s needs.

Below are the three highest- and lowest-ranked skills from last month’s survey. View the full analysis in the chart below.

High-ranked (“critical”) skills include:

  • Explain the nature of managerial ethics (SM:002)
  • Develop company goals/objectives (SM:008)
  • Develop action plans (SM:012)

Low-ranked (“recommended/not needed”) skills include:

  • Discuss the nature of balanced scorecards (SM:078)
    • “Clearly identified KPIs help drive organization and efficiency.”
    • “A bit indifferent on this one, because I wonder if there are other examples like this included in the standards. Do we promote items as specific as this?”
  • Explain external planning considerations (SM:011)
  • Identify speculative business risks (SM:077)