ExecNet Survey Feedback: December 2022

BA Core: Operations, Part Two 

Operations-specific skills ranked lower: Last month’s lower-ranked skills are those that may be tied more directly to operations-based careers, and, likewise, the higher ranked skills are those that are more applicable to all careers in business. This type of feedback helps us evaluate which skill and knowledge statements are included in the BA Core.  

Low-Ranked Skills Include: 

  • Explain the benefits of supply chain collaboration (OP:444) 
  • Negotiate lease or purchase of facility (OP:028) 
  • Manage the bid process in purchasing (OP:160) 
  • Explain the impact of the purchasing process on productivity (OP:247) 

Top-Ranked “Critical” Skills Include:  

  • Streamline work processes (OP:355) 
  • Coordinate work with that of team members (OP:230) 
  • Organize and prioritize work (OP:228) 
  • Use budgets to control operations (OP:030)