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  • High School of Business announces top-scoring students in nation +

    Congratulations! MBA Research proudly recognizes High School of Business™ students with the highest exam scores in the nation. Click here for the complete list. Here’s what people are saying about Read More
  • New to State's Connection +

    Newest additions to State's Connection: Gray Zone ethical dilemma focusing on overhead/operating costs Action Brief: Increased Scrutiny of Employee Actions MBA Research Bookmarks: Econ Essentials EconEDLink Your Life, Your Money Read More
  • More College Credit for High School of Business Students +

    University of Northern Colorado’s Monfort College of Business offers college credit to MBA Research High School of Business™ Completers. Details. Read More
  • New course option! +

    Sponsored by the Daniels Fund, we are excited to announce a small pilot initiative to introduce a new ethical leadership course targeted at 9th grade. It’s intended to be the first Read More
  • MBA Leadership Forum +

    States are encouraged to engage their leadership teams in this forward-looking discussion focused on positioning secondary business administration programs for growth.  The new Forum is a remake of the highly Read More
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On the impact of A*S*K exams:

“The A*S*K exam provided insight into how I should approach a college-level exam. As a result, I was more confident than most of my peers going into the business program at my university.”

--Michael Lewis, majoring in Finance and Accounting at the University of Kentucky

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Conclave Goes to Washington!

Mark your calendar: October 6 – 9, 2017. Vancouver, WA (Portland, OR). Click here for more about Conclave 17.

MBA Learning Center

Save time and effort with the MBA Learning Center, an online library of 250+ instructional modules available to you and your students—anytime, anywhere!

Need help deciding which modules to use with your students? Check out our list of Learning Center Modules by Course. In it, you’ll see which modules line up with each of MBA Research’s model courses for entrepreneurship, finance, management and administration, and marketing. Click here for a video on creating courses with LAPs. 

Recently added to the MBA Learning Center:

  • LAP-PM-127, Unleash Your Mind (Techniques for Generating Product Ideas), formerly LAP-PM-011
  • LAP-EI-129, Can We Talk? (Fostering Open, Honest Communication)
  • LAP-PD-251, Know the Code (Following Rules of Conduct)
  • LAP-PM-008, Raise the Bar (Grades and Standards), revised
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