Integrate Ethics Education Into All CTE Courses

Thanks to support from the Daniels Fund, a foundation in Colorado supporting principle-based ethics education, MBA Research and Curriculum Center has developed a wealth of resources that provide students with a foundation for ethical decision-making. All of these resources are free and available to all schools. This includes over 70 lesson modules, an Ethical Leadership course, videos, and more.

How to get started:

1) Access the first lesson module instantly.

2) Receive all 72 lesson modules, as well as the Ethical Leadership course guide, after completing a survey used to measure the reach of the grant. 

Additional ethics-focused materials:

  • Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace video series. These videos feature an interview with a young professional or an HR professional who discusses a real-life situation that the employee had to face early in his/her career. The examples will show students the ethical dilemmas they might face in the workplace, and how real people decided to handle them. Access via YouTube.
  • Certification: Fundamentals of Ethics. This A*S*K certification provides proof that a student understands ethical decision-making skills and knowledge needed by all business professionals. Students who attain certification receive a digital badge. Learn more.

In addition to integrating lesson modules into an existing course, consider these ideas:

  • Advisory Period/Homeroom. Administrators tell use these modules are terrific resources because of their wide variety of activities and consistent design.
  • Embed in any (or every) course. Use these three lesson modules to provide a basic foundation for all students:
    • Nature of Ethics (download it instantly by clicking on #1 above)
    • Reasons for Ethical Dilemmas (provided after survey completion)
    • Recognizing and Responding to Ethical Dilemmas (provided after survey completion)
  • Generate discussions with ethical dilemma scenarios. Each module includes an ethical dilemma that teachers tell us are perfect for class discussion, bell ringer activities, or short writing assignments.
  • Add a course on Ethical Leadership. Looking for a complete course to build skills in leadership, 21st century skills, and ethics? You receive both one- and two-semester versions with your download. 

Learn more about the 
Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program

MBA Research and Curriculum Centera nonprofit consortium of state departments of education, ​supports teachers in the preparation of students for careers in the areas of business administration, including Business Management, Finance, and Marketing. In addition to ethics resources, we provide teachers with research-based, industry-validated standards, curriculum, instructional resources, assessments, and professional development. We are available to help at Don’t miss these resources:  

  • A*S*K Certification Exams in business, ethics, entrepreneurship and management, finance, and marketing
  • High School of Business is an accelerated, project-based business administration program with college credit options.
  • MBA Conclave Curriculum and Teaching Conference is designed specifically for teachers and administrators of business and marketing education. Programming includes business professionals, exemplary educators, and BPA, DECA, and FBLA topics selected by their national staff.