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Comprehensive Business Administration Program

    Industry-based Business/Marketing Education

    More students will choose business than any other career, with the possible exception of health care.  Even within the STEM framework, you’ll find significant career opportunities.  Think market research, technical sales, finance, economics, accounting, etc. 

    Build a comprehensive program that compliments and enhances STEM, STEAM, and comparable CTE initiatives:

    • Add a rigorous, research-based business administration program of study. 
    • Upgrade your legacy business/marketing programs to better align with core business skills.
    • Move beyond basic technology and computer apps to better align with college business majors and industry certification requirements.
    • Connect your CTSO activities with curricula and research-based standards.
    • Focus on those skills and concepts that will matter most to your students as they transition from high school to the real world.
    • Build a direct connection to industry-sponsored certifications.
    • Address workplace ready skills to strengthen work-based learning experiences and ensure that they are truly connected to the core business administration curriculum.
    • Embed ethical decision-making skills that are increasingly called out by human resource experts as critical to employment and progression in most career fields.

    As your not-for-profit research partner, our team of researchers, writers, and professional development counselors is available to support your needs.   We can help.  Use our research and tools to do it yourself, or engage our staff to help design a custom program.  Consider:

    • Industry-validated standards, available free, provided the foundation that ensures your curricula will truly align with what industry says matters.  Our research efforts focus on careers in:
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Finance (including specialized pathways in banking, insurance, etc.)
      • Hospitality management
      • Management (including project management, administration, and more)
      • Marketing (including research, professional selling, brand management, etc.)  
    • Programs of Study, including two, three, and four-credit options and multiple levels of rigor to best meet your specific needs.   Free, frequently updated program of study models are available for entrepreneurship, finance, management, and marketing. 
    • Course Guides that provide specific week-by-week guidance to deliver on each program of study are tied directly to the research-based, industry-validated standards.  Guides are available free, compliments of a generous grant from the Daniels Fund. 
    • Learning Modules (comprehensive lesson plans) ensure that day-to-day learning experiences are anchored by the validated standards and that all learning activities have meaningful outcomes connected to certifications and other proof of learning.  Some 300 up-to-date, research-based modules are available individually or as part of our comprehensive, online MBA Learning Center. Many are underwritten by the Daniels Fund grant and are available free.  
    • Certification/Proof of Learning completes the systems-based approach to program design that started by asking the business community what matters most.  Options range from micro-credentials (digital badges) approved in your local classroom, to comprehensive, business-sponsored credentials delivered via our A*S*K Business Institute (Institute for Assessment of the Skills and Knowledge of Business).

    We can help!

    Whether you’re ready to open a new program or simply want to strengthen your existing programs of study, we’re anxious to support your efforts.  Options include;

    Let’s get started: Email your questions or needs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll get you in touch with the right person.

    MBA Research is your not-for-profit partner whose mission is simply to support quality business administration programs through research, business engagement, and instructional design.  We’re operated by a consortium of 27 state education departments.  Learn more.