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Program Designs

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Today’s school environment, along with changes to federal Perkins and other legislation, provides both challenge and opportunity. Many ad hoc, freestanding courses are being replaced with courses that are designed to support more structured programs of study.   (At its most basic level, a program of study is simply a series of courses that are designed from the ground up to connect with one another to achieve a specific learning outcome.) Here are examples of the kinds of designs our research suggests can be particularly successful for business and marketing programs:

  • MBA High School of Business™ is a six- or eight-semester accelerated program of study designed for college-bound high school students planning a business major. This comprehensive program includes specialized curricula and extensive teacher training emphasizing project-based learning.

  • Program-of-Study models are available free to all teachers in member states via State’s Connection and to all others via our online store at nominal costs. Based on extensive industry validation research, our program-of-study kits include specific course and course content recommendations, tools for use with counselors, and more. Options include specializations in:
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance
    • Management/Administration
    • Marketing