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High School of Business aligns well with Perkins V

High School of Business is a coordinated, sequenced program of study that leads to a post-secondary credential. The program delivers what students need to be successful in business careers that are necessary across all industries. It also includes:

  • Focused, sustained PD
  • Work-based learning opportunities
  • National and local post-secondary credit agreements
  • Preparation for a workplace credential


Perkins V How HSB delivers

Program of study

6-8 sequenced semester courses that can be delivered in 2-4 years

Focused, sustained PD

PD for course content and pedagogy (project-based learning) is focused on each course and delivered as courses roll out at the school

Measure of CTE program quality: states choose one of three:

  • Post-secondary credential
  • Post-secondary credit
  • Work-based learning

HSB can meet all 3 quality indicators:

  • Program of study leads to a post-secondary credential that can be attained after or during high school
  • National and local college credit agreements are in place for HSB courses, and participating schools can pursue additional local agreements as necessary
  • An observational internship is part of the curriculum. In addition, some schools choose to add an additional hands-on internship opportunity.

In-demand sectors, occupations

  • No matter which industry is identified as “in-demand” in your state, the companies in it will need financial managers, data analysts, project managers, accountants, and marketers. HSB immerses students in knowledge and skills from all areas of business administration.
  • 35% of all U.S. jobs will be in business, marketing, finance, and sales in 2026[1]


[1] U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

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