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Training/Webinar Calendar

    Training Schedules 2019

    Pre-training Webinar for New HSB Teachers:
    High School of Business Pre-Pedagogy Web Conference
    May 15, 2019
    Facilitators: Lisa Berkey, HSB Program Director, and Tami Perez, HSB Lead Trainer.
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    Fall Training Institute at Conclave 19
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    Deadline to Register: September 10, 2019!
    Dates: October 4 – 7, 2019
    Training Location and Hotel Information: The Seelbach Hilton, Louisville, KY
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    Deadline to reserve rooms is September 11, 2019.

    HSB School Counselor Information

    Webinar: Counselor’s Role in High School of Business
    New to High School of Business™?  Whether your school is implementing HSB for the first time, or you’re a new counselor at a current HSB school, this webinar is designed specifically for you. Hosted by Lisa Berkey, Program Director, High School of Business, and Heidi Weber, Counselor, Eastern High School, Louisville, KY.
    Recorded webinar

    Webinars for New Teachers

    Business Economics
    Recorded webinars: 
    May 8, 2019
    April 10, 2019
    March 20, 2019
    Feb 13, 2019
    Jan 9, 2019

    Wealth Management
    Recorded webinars:
    March, 7, 2018
    Jan 10, 2018

    Principles of Business
    Recorded webinars:
    Dec 12, 2018
    Nov 14, 2018
    Oct. 17, 2018
    Sept 12, 2018

    WebXam How-To
    Recorded webinar

    Back-to-School Webinar 2018
    Recorded webinar

    Professional Development Series

    A Look at the Numbers: Using data to prove and improve your program
    The numbers support business and marketing education programs. During this webinar, we’ll share key data you can use to support and justify your business and marketing programs. 
    Facilitator: Lisa Berkey, Director, Benchmark Programs, MBA Research
    Recorded webinar: March 8, 2017

    Business Trends: Connecting MBA Research’s latest business community research with your HSB program
    Find out what’s hot in business from MBA Research’s staff of researchers and writers. Our staff is continually conducting research with business leaders to ensure your students are taught what’s needed. Facilitators will connect these trends to projects and learning outcomes within High School of Business courses. 
    Facilitators: Holly Atha and Kristen Auletto 
    Recorded Webinar: April 5, 2017

    Ask the Veteran Teachers Web Panel Discussion 
    Recorded webinar: March 29, 2016.

    Principles of Finance
    Recorded webinars
    March 8, 2016
    Feb 10, 2016