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Student Recruiting

    As you begin looking ahead to next year’s classes, here are some ideas shared by teachers during a roundtable discussion at Conclave. Have a better idea? Let us know by visiting the Contact Us section. We’ll add your suggestion to the list. Thanks!

    • Parade of excellence: showcase of projects and awards displayed in various locations throughout the building
    • Endorsements by local businesses
    • Review applications for work permits for potential students
    • Offer college credit (dual enrollment, etc.) for selected courses as part of an articulation program (Position classes with Tech Prep program)
    • Post photos of students participating in various events–-both local and at state and national conferences
    • Get quotes (endorsements) from former students, business, etc. Blow them up very large and post throughout the building
    • Post materials in classrooms used for required academic courses (math, English, social studies, etc.)
    • Get involved with principal’s awards ceremony
    • Do a strategic marketing plan so that your activities tie together and make a positive positioning statement
    • Have current students target potential students from appropriate grade level; provide materials for them to distribute
    • Use MBAResearch curriculum posters in all academic rooms to make the point to both the students and to the academic teachers that program is challenging and standards-based
    • Do a parent newsletter for all parents
    • Involve counselors in key events; use them as chaperones for DECA
    • Do a Jeopardy-style game in social studies class with questions about current events and about program
    • Do a special informal pizza lunch by invitation for serious candidates
    • Have an open-house day for students with a free period (or study hall) to stop in the classroom for a snack and to see awards, talk to best students, etc.
    • Organize an afternoon get-together with counselors and best students to discuss program. Use food as a motivation for coming.
    • Build a PowerPoint presentation with photos from events
    • Make key administrators and counselors professional members of DECA
    • Have a career fair featuring local business leaders and former students
    • Involve recent graduates who are majoring in marketing or business
    • Treat other teachers as a market; many of them influence younger students to take or not to take marketing
    • Involve counselors and other teachers in mock interviews, mock events, etc.
    • Get counselors and other teachers to serve as judges for district and state events
    • Collect employment data on current and past students; publicize how much they earn in a year
    • Publicize DECA scholarship among parents, counselors, and students--especially parents and counselors