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McCauley on Building Enrollment: “The Testimonial”

    In previous articles and tips I have mentioned the importance of your current students and their role as “recruiters” for our programs. The testimonial, long a tool for securing referrals in business and industry, can also be used effectively in building enrollment in our classes.

    The most common form of testimonial is written, and that is what I will discuss here. I follow a simple process for obtaining testimonials from my current students.  Before the end of a semester I direct them to a link on their assignment blog titled “Testimonial Form.”  The link leads to a Google Form that allows students to provide the necessary information by completing the form. (You may try the link by going to the blog here:

    You can see a portion of this form below, or visit the live form here:

    The form allows students to provide multiple testimonials, targeted at the specific class(es) they have completed. Obviously, you will not need, nor likely want, to use all of the testimonials. However, having several will allow you to pick and choose. You may also find that some may need to be edited. Do so only with the permission of the author otherwise you run the risk of having your testimonials lose all credibility.

    Once you have several testimonials, how will you use them? Here are some suggestions:

    • On your website either in a section for “what others are saying” or throughout the site
    • On brochures
    • On flyers or posters
    • As Facebook posts
    • As Tweets
    • In your video promotion
    • On a business card
    • On a post card


    In the above examples you may use just the quote, or you may combine the quote with a picture of the student. Be sure to check on school policy as some prohibit using names with photos.

    Coming soon . . . we’ll discuss video testimonials.