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McCauley on Building Enrollment

    Don’t read another word until you read this article. Pause. OK, you’re back. (Don’t worry; I know you didn’t go read it – but you should!) I realize the article is not about business and marketing, but it is about CTE.  Like it or not, we’re all in the same boat.  It’s a great article, telling Time readers what we already know. But now what?

    Let’s brainstorm how we can use this article to further the cause of CTE and our individual programs.  Please feel free to add to the list and the discussion.

    • Send a copy of the article to your counselors. You could email it or send them a link.  Don’t.  Hand deliver the article and spend a little face time making sure they will make the effort to read it.
    • What about counselors at your feeder schools? Send the article (or drop it by) to the junior high counselors. They are responsible for helping the students prepare for high school—and they should not forget about CTE.
    • Include the article or link in any newsletter you have. Program, department or school newsletter recipients all have a need for this type of article.
    • Give your administration a chance to read it. In every case, when you deliver a hard copy, take the time to highlight a few key points. I personally like ” they (students who opt into the CTE path) are more likely to score higher on the state’s aptitude tests, graduate from high school and go on to higher education than those who don’t"
    • Feed this to your school or district PR department. It might get additional mileage through them.
    • What about encouraging a local education reporter to do a local version as a follow-up?
    • Share it with your current customers—your students!
    • Do you like writing? How about writing a “letter to the editor” for a local paper or posting your thoughts on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.?
    • If you have a school paper this could provide them with a great lead for an article.


    The bottom line is we need to use opportunities such as those presented by this article to our advantage.  We have to keep feeding our stakeholders with positive information about our programs.

    What now?  Act on your impulses and share your thoughts on our Facebook page.