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Teacher-Leader Forum

Born to Lead?

Some people are born to lead. Most of us have to learn. 



Business and Marketing Education
Teacher-Leader Forum

Teacher leadership in business and marketing education has never been more important: 

  • Education priorities, especially in high schools, are changing
  • CTE is better positioned than ever, BUT the focus is different
  • STEM is grabbing headlines and the attention of our administrators
  • Business/Marketing can be positioned as a top priority for states/schools


Your teacher associations and CTSO boards can make a significant difference in how business and marketing programs are perceived in your state and, ultimately, in your school. 

Elevate the association
Elevate the profession

The Teacher-Leader Forum is a new MBA Research initiative to encourage development of a common vision for business and marketing education.  Across the nation, business and marketing education continues to face significant challenges to position programs in schools that are heavily focused on STEM and academic rigor. 

Working together, our various professional associations can strengthen demand for the teaching of core business subjects.  We can position all business administration programs to address the challenges of STEM and ensure that key decision-makers recognize the opportunities and critical need for students who understand business strategy and operations. 

Responsibilities of leadership
Whether you campaigned for office, or were simply absent during the election, you were chosen by your peers to help guide the future of business/marketing programs in your state.  IF you take those responsibilities seriously, IF you want to help ensure the future of programs in your state, IF you’re willing to take a stand, you’re invited to join the dialogue.

Opportunities to grow
Join us as we work to build a professional development experience that will contribute to your own leadership skills, to strengthening our professional associations, to the growth and stability of our profession.  Join your colleagues from across the nation as we work to build a common message, to engage our business community, to involve our teachers and students, and to address the challenges of today’s education environment.

The teacher-leader forum is a series of substantive learning opportunities and a continuing dialogue among elected leaders in business and marketing education. It includes:

  • Scheduled webinars and conference calls calls with national leaders
  • Special pre-conference leadership skills workshop (free to Forum participants with general registration) at the MBA Conclave
  • Special (teacher-leader only) sessions throughout the MBA Conclave
  • Access to tools and resources under development to help advocate for business and marketing education
  • CEU (continuing education credit) documentation of participation/attendance
  • Graduate credit (optional), details pending
  • Deep discount for (optional) national accreditation of your program


Forum participation is limited to elected officers of a recognized organization whose term of office extends through the 2017-18 school year.  Associations of interest:

  • ACTE: Business or Marketing Division
  • State Business Education Associations
  • State Marketing Education Associations
  • Student organization advisor(er) boards
  • Other professional organizations with a clear interest in strong business/marketing programs


Cost and Requirements?
There is no fee for participating, although MBA Conclave (basic) registration is very strongly encouraged.  Participation (50% minimum) is required to be eligible for recognition as a Forum member, for certificate of completion, and for CEU documentation.

Email your contact information and the following details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your registration will be acknowledged within 3 days. Include with your email:

  • Subject line: Teacher-Leader Forum
  • Complete name and contact information
  • Association in which you hold office for 2017-18
  • Specific office you will hold in 2017-18
  • AND when your term of office expires