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Many of our professional development opportunities offer academic credits or documentation for continuing education.  Conclave offers both.  For most one-time webinars we do not automatically issue documentation.  However, if you need documentation of participation for your own purposes, don’t hesitate to ask.  We’re happy to help.

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Thanks to all who participated in last year's Leadership Forum! Click here for the 2019 Leadership Forum recap video on our YouTube channel. 

The third MBA Leadership Forum will be held in Columbus, OH on January 25 – 28, 2019. This event is intended to:

  • Support local/state initiatives to develop a strong in-state leadership network that will foster the growth and development of business administration education in entrepreneurship, finance, management/administration, and marketing.
  • Nurture a better understanding of, and encourage the integration of, national business-validated standards research by MBA Research into local and state curricula
  • Encourage active engagement of the business community to encourage advocacy and partnering initiatives leading to the next generation of business leaders.
  • Further greater understanding of, and encourage local implementation of various initiatives, tools, and services of the MBA Research Consortium of states.
  • Encourage local/state networking, professional development, and leadership activities to support the growth and development of secondary business administration education, including enhanced secondary/college partnerships.


Working sessions to share issues, ideas, rationale, and strategies for:

  • Building exemplary CTE business and marketing education programs appropriate to the contemporary education environment through curricula, pedagogy, and proof of learning.
  • Aligning the work of the Consortium to meet the needs of both local and state Career-Tech business and marketing educators through review and analysis of the tools, services, and initiatives of the organization.
  • Planning in support of local/state leadership to generate advocacy and partnerships among various constituencies, including the business community, colleges, and administrators
  • Development of state action plans responsive to the outcomes and common agreements of the Forum

Click here for the 2019 Leadership Forum Agenda. 

Who should attend?

The MBA Leadership Forum is open to to state leaders and secondary educators with a documented leadership role supporting the growth and development of business and marketing education, including leadership roles in administration, relevant professional organizations, relevant student organizations, or relevant research, curriculum, or instructional design.  State leaders are encouraged to field, at minimum, a team to include at least one state program leader and two high school business/marketing teachers from different career clusters.  Additionally state program leaders may want to consider bringing:

  • Additional state program leaders
  • Local CTE directors with business/marketing responsibilities
  • Principals, assistant principals, or other administrators with supervisory responsibility for business/marketing programs
  • Additional high school business/marketing teachers interested in core business administration subjects (i.e., not solely focused on technology) with appropriate leadership experience either locally or statewide
  • Curriculum specialists
  • State business/marketing professional associations, including ACTE affiliates
  • State student organization board members 

College educators, including faculty or administrators who prepare future business/marketing teachers or who are are interested in growing a national standards-based partnership with secondary programs.  Likely participants:

  • Teacher educators
  • Deans or other administrators
  • Business administration faculty
  • Recruiting/Marketing personnel within business colleges
  • High School of Business™ college partners 

Application, Fees, and Registration


Applications will be reviewed and approved in the order received.  Applicants must document:

  1. Professional standing consistent with the examples above; include documentation of position or description of current or prior leadership role(s).
  2. Support of approving administrator (i.e., permission and funding to attend).
  3. Payment in full of registration fee (refundable without penalty until DEC 31; a 25% cancellation fee will be applied through January 10; 50% through January 17; no refunds after January 18).
  4. Agreement to participate actively in advance activities, including 8 - 10 hours of reading, interviews, webinars, or other activities to ensure rich dialogue on site.
  5. Agreement to participate fully in the entire Forum, arriving for the opening session and departing after the closing session.

Registration fee:  $495 (Member: $395), includes continental breakfast, Saturday lunch, reception, and all collateral materials. 


MBA Research 
1375 King Ave
Columbus, OH  43212
(800) 448-0398 

“The Leadership Forum allowed me to work on a common goal of Business and Marketing Education across state lines and build collaborative friendships to build our profession and brand.” --Matt Schneiderman, teacher, ID


Leadership Forum 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. Click here for a folder of all the pics from the 2019 Forum. 

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