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Millenial Student Workshop Evaluation Comments

Here's what we've heard about our Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century Millennial Student workshop:

Evaluation of the facilitator, Brenda Clark:
Scores are on a 1-6 scale, 6 is highest score

1 Facilitator preparation 5.9 5.7  5.8  5.3  6.0  5.7 5.8  5.5  5.6  5.8  5.5  5.3


2 Overall organization of workshop 5.7  5.6  5.6  5.1  6.0  5.5  5.6  5.3  5.6  5.8  5.4  4.8  5.3  5.7
3 Learning outcomes 5.4  5.2  5.0  5.3  5.8  5.3  5.6  5.5  5.8  5.8  5.3  4.8  5.0  5.6
4 Facilitator understanding of content 5.9  5.8  5.9  5.8  6.0  5.9  6.0  5.3  6.0  5.9  5.9  5.9  5.7  5.9
5 Slides, handouts, etc. 5.8  5.8  5.7  5.2  5.8  5.5  5.6  5.2  5.6  5.9  5.8  5.3  5.2  5.8
6 Contribution to my teaching 5.6  5.2  5.4  5.4  5.8  5.3  5.8  5.2  5.0


 4.8  4.6  5.2  5.4
7 Facilitator's presentation skills 5.9  5.6  5.8  5.5  6.0  5.8  5.6  5.3  6.0  6.0  5.7  5.6  5.4  5.8
8 Facility (room, etc.) 4.9  5.2  5.1  4.4  5.6  4.2  5.6  5.2  6.0  5.8  5.4  5.2  4.8  5.8
9 Advance information 5.3  5.0  5.0  4.1  5.9  4.3  5.1  5.0  4.8  5.3  5.1  4.3  5.1  5.3
10 Overall value re to my time and costs 5.6  5.1  5.5  5.6  6.0  5.4  5.8  5.3  5.6  5.8  5.3  4.7  5.1  5.7

Austin, TX; Orlando, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Eugene, OR; New Orleans, LA; Providence, RI; Madison, WI; Dallas, TX; Columbus, OH; Vancouver, WA; Washington DC; Charleston, WV; State College, PA, Columbia MO

Very Informative, useful, great teaching tool!
Cathy Dailey, MO

Extremely beneficial to my students and future students.
Andrew Reynolds, MO

This material is invaluable - can't wait to start using
Brenda Kaiser, MO

Great overview of MBA Materials.  Loved the bread down of how to read MBA Curriculum.
Columbia, MO

Big help in learning more about the MBA site even though I have been using it for several years.
Columbia, MO

Looks to be the way of the future.
Columbia, MO

I felt that Brenda is very knowledgeable on this topic.  She has given me a ton of ideas that I can experiment with that will make learning more fun for me and my students.
Columbia, MO

Worth the time, networking and sharing
Gwen Swanson, MO

Well worth my time!  Thank you!
State College, PA

Great for me being "newer" to business ed.
State College, PA

Extremely well organized and informative
State College, PA

Relevent material and information I will use in the classroom!
State College, PA

Excellent presenter – funny, knowledgeable, engaging, patient.
Charleston, WV

The MBA Learning Center definitely expands ideas and resources for the classroom.  Parts of the lessons can be used in a flipped classroom environment.  The LAPs are outstanding.
Charleston, WV

Excellent, well-prepared.
Charleston, WV

Awesome to share with us (referring to slides, handouts and other materials).  Will help me prepare for teaching.
Washington DC

I would have liked to know upfront it involved curriculum for sale.
Washington DC

Outstanding content and tools to use right now!  Thank you!
Ed Hehdi, WA

Working hands-on with the Program of Study Resoucr Kit and Course Guides was so valuable - thank you!
Margaret Novy, WA

Provides me with comback to AP parents.  Waited years to attend - all expectations were met!  Thank you!
Anonymous, WA

This workshop was an amazing help in restructuring my program!
Jolyn Collie, WA

Great Workshop!  Very informative!
Sharon Gore, OH

Very beneficial and concise.
Jennifer Walker, OH

Very organized.  Terrific information.  Helped me as a CTE Leader and Instructor
Karen Powers, TX; October 2011

Gave us a peek into Business/Marketing's future!
Dr. James Walker Todd, TX; October, 2011

Tons of information and all related to what I needed.
Phil Huff, WI, 2011

This has allowed me to jump into curriculum planning more positively and more prepared.
Shawn Umland, WI, 2011

ALL marketing education should go through this workshop so we are all on the same page – or at least as the same starting point.
John Smith, WI, 2011

Great job!
WI, 2011

Everything was so extremely useful and well-presented, it could possibly be extended…  Real information, presented by a real teacher that faces acknowledges, and deals with the same problems I do.  Outstanding.
David Rippl, WI, 2011

Allows me to keep up with the changes to education and more specifically within my own area.
Rhonda Nachtiqall, WI, 2011

Great job!  Great to hear from the “expert.”  Validates everything.  For BM & IT teachers to hear about standards and instructional delivery from B. Clark packed a punch and truly had a positive impact on moving our profession forward.
Sara Baird, WI, 2011

Excellent opportunity to get resources and ideas to teach marketing. Excellent.
WI, 2011

Great workshop!  I learned more about curriculum/performance indicators, etc. in two days than I have from my district.
WI, 2011

Highly recommended this workshop to new and seasoned educators.
Skip Hay, WI, 2011

The Google/Desk drop box demo was very good.  As a new teacher, this course informed me of useful content, links, and resources to help build my practice.  It provided some relieve; there’s actually a wealth of materials out there!  Thank you.
RI; May, 2011

Good job Brenda.  I valued this experience and recommend it to teachers.
RI; May, 2011

Well worth the time.  Learned much on curriculum and what aligns.
RI; May, 2011

You will leave this workshop with a lot of new ideas and resources.
RI; May, 2011

Wonderful materials.
--Claudette Tolbert, LA; April, 2011

Like always, MBA Research delivers great information and resources to keep a teacher going.
LA; April, 2011

Great workshop!
--Debra Wilson, LA; April, 2011

It was very informative.
LA; April, 2011

I use the LAPs in my marketing program. My students learn a great deal and it makes my planning much easier and less time consuming!
--Pat Horton, OR; April, 2011

A must-attend workshop for all business and marketing teachers.
--Daniel Thompson, OR; April, 2011

Thank you for coming to Oregon.
--Ann, OR;  April, 2011

Pleased overall.  Well worth your time.
--Darrell Goad, OR;  April, 2011

Good information.  More high school oriented than I thought it would be.
OR; April, 2011

Brenda presents this information in a way that’s easy to follow and stay interested.
--Terry Ertman, NV; March, 2011

This was not a waste of time – well worth it.
NV; March, 2011

Have teachers do an action plan to wrap up – i.e., next steps.
NV; March, 2011

Organized, productive, efficient, and valuable.
--Matt MacKay, NV; March, 2011

Well designed; great program for course building.
--Tony Macaluso, NV; March, 2011

Great workshop.  Super facilitator could answer all questions and had great suggestions.  Very nice facility and great cookies. Thanks so much.
--Sally Rasmussen, NV; March, 2011

Need more time in the LAPs, but was glad we covered the topic.
NV; March, 2011

I thought everything was very helpful. The MBA workshop was full of interesting and relevant information that will help me be a better teacher.
--Cindy McLeod, NV; March, 2011

This workshop not only gave a very good review of standards and structure, but also gave a number of ideas that could be used going forward.
--Hugh Moore, FL; January, 2011

The workshop pulled together the tiers, clusters, and pathways that made it logical and easy to understand.
--Lynore Levenhagen, FL; January, 2011

Fantastic!  I am so excited.  I now have new ideas and facts to help me sell my administration on building my program.
--Christine P. Slaughter, FL; January, 2011

Connecting national standards to state standards and practices was great!
--Pierre Uteschill, FL; January, 2011

I enjoyed the small group.  Presenter was outstanding.
--Sharon Saenz, TX; January, 2011

Enjoyed the workshop!!! The MBAResearch workshop is a good opportunity to network with CTE teachers with a wide range of experience and great ideas.
--Lisa Morales, TX; January, 2011

MBAResearch is a win/win.  Use to prepare for competitions and for A*S*K certification.
--Linda Rodgers, TX; January, 2011

Great networking opportunity.  Good information and new ways to use it.
--LeAnn Dinsdale, TX; January, 2011

Brenda was great!  She’s very knowledgeable and an excellent facilitator.
--Abby Siedenstrang, TX; January, 2011


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