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Get Funded

Short on travel dollars this year?  Let us help.  First, consider being a presenter.  Second, bring a friend.  We’ll pay you a $100 finder’s fee for each first-timer who indicates on his/her registration that you are the sponsor.  The only requirements are that you must also be registered and the fee is paid only for first-time participants.  Also, you and your first-time participant must register with and stay in the conference hotel during the 2-day conference.  We write the check to you, so you can keep it, donate it, share it, or frame it.  Please note if first-timer is part of a team discount, your finder's fee is $50.  Why a finder’s fee?  We want Conclave to be the focal point of professional development for all business and marketing teachers.  And, our retention rate is extremely high.  It’s a very rare teacher who attends once and doesn’t continue to return as often as possible.  So, sign up your friends and we’ll pay your way $100 at a time.  Remember, we’re building Conclave for all teachers of:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Hospitality/Tourism
  • Management/Administration
  • Marketing

Sponsors or first time attendees with registration and/or hotel paid through MBA Research are not eligible for the finders fee.  

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