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2019 session info coming soon!

Start planning now! Every session is designed with the classroom teacher in mind! Take home specific, actionable ideas that can change how you do business in your own classrooms. Session info is updated frequently so check back often! Here’s what you’ll find at the 2018 Conclave:

  • Hands-On! Pre-Conference Workshops. Roll up your sleeves and come ready to work! These Hands-On! sessions are offered in two flavors: 3 hour introductory workshops and in-depth full-day workshops. In either case, the goal will be to work through a specific topic so that you are ready to act on it when you get home. Click here for the available Hands-On! Workshops.
  • Concurrent Sessions. These are your traditional conference presentations where you’ll find a mix of 45-minute sessions presented by business executives, local entrepreneurs, and some of the nation’s leading business/marketing educators. Session info: 
  • QuickStop Show and Tell Sessions. These QuickStop sessions (15-minutes each) are designed to send you home with a laundry list of actionable ideas. Sort of like a TED Talk, each QuickStop presenter is charged with sharing something of significant value while the clock ticks. Click here for the list of QuickStop sessions.
  • DeepThink Roundtables: As the name implies, DeepThinks are intended to help work through a problem or idea in a discussion-oriented atmosphere. Click here for the list of DeepThink Roundtables.


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