MBA Research
With a focus on high school and post-secondary educators and administrators
Not-for-profit, research-based support for all Business Administration educators: entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management/administration, and marketing.


Mission & Goals

Established in 1971, MBA Research is a non-profit (501(c)3) organization incorporated in the state of Ohio. MBA Research is organized as a consortium of 25+ state education departments and other organizations.

Vision: MBA Research shall be the recognized leader in the development of programs, strategies, and curricula to prepare students for career-oriented, leadership positions in business and marketing.

Mission: to support educators in the preparation of students for careers in business and marketing.


  1. Standards Research: Develop industry-validated curriculum standards by engaging the business community and documenting input, trends, activities, strategies, and factors critical to preparing learners for success in business careers.
  2. Assessment: Develop assessment tools to document student learning for instructional improvement and accountability.
  3. Professional Development: Develop tools and processes to support sustained and focused programs to improve teaching strategies for the delivery of integrated academic and career-technical curriculum.
  4. Instructional Support: Develop and disseminate curricula and instructional materials focusing on critical business functions and professional behaviors.
  5. Delivery Strategies: Support various instructional and learning strategies, including school-based, work-based, and CTSO-based activities.
  6. Advocacy: Advocate and support local, state, and national education and workforce initiatives that develop business skills, ethical leadership, and work-ready skills that prepare learners for business careers.
  7. Operational: Maintain an effective, efficient, equitable, fiscally responsible, and service-oriented organization.

Premises: The mission and goals are achieved, in part, through:

  • provision of products and services to benefit learners
  • ongoing, scientifically conceived research activities
  • collaborative efforts with other agencies and organizations
  • use of appropriate technology
  • efficient management and administration
  • equitable personnel policies
  • use of strategic planning
  • efficient information management

Specialized Services: Occupational analysis, Facilitation of business partnerships (specific to curriculum and instruction), Professional development (workshops, presentations, etc.), Custom curriculum design, including instructional materials and strategies, Consulting specific to competency-based curriculum and instruction and supporting classroom strategies.

Program of Work (Action Plan Examples):

  • Occupational analysis (all aspects of the industry, concept/skills identification)
  • Facilitation of business partnerships (specific to curriculum and instruction)
  • Professional development (e.g., publications, conferences, workshops, training)
  • Custom curriculum design, including instructional materials and strategies
  • Software design to support classroom management and operation
  • Consulting specific to competency-based curriculum
  • Consulting specific to instruction and supporting classroom strategies
  • Research and publications relative to career and technical education

Systems Intro: MBA Research supports a systems approach that encompasses curriculum design, instructional processes, and proof of learning. When fully implemented, this strategy ensures that Business Administration programs develop those skills and concepts that matter most and that programs result in student learning outcomes that will contribute to student successes in college and career. The MBA Research systems strategy incorporates the following processes:

  • Listening to business
  • Development of business-based curriculum standards
  • Curriculum design based on said standards
  • Support for instruction congruent with standards
  • Proof of learning

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