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In the classroom: pairing MBA Research support and DECA

    3 Tips for DECA Success!
    Did you know that MBA Research creates DECA’s written exams?

    1. Focus on Performance Indicators

    MBA Research’s performance indicators are the basis for DECA tests, role plays, case studies, and School Based Enterprise certifications

    • All MBA Research products help students to master Performance Indicators.
    • Integrate MBA Research resources into your classroom to prepare students for success.
    • Performance Indicators are informed and validated by the business community.


    2. Use the MBA Research Learning Center

    Mobile- and user-friendly, the LC puts the information students (and teachers!) need right at their fngertips.

    The MBA Learning Center contains:

    • 300+ instructional modules (LAPs), each based on a Performance Indicator 
    • Interactive activities, engaging readings, ready-to-use presentations, discussion guides, and more
    • Built-in assessment center
    • Activities for role-play practice

    3. Build confidence by using MBA Research assessments in your classroom

    MBA Research writes the DECA exams. Use our assessments to help students get familiar with test item style as they master content.

    We offer:

    • Instructional Area Exams
    • End-of-Course Exams
    • End-of-Program Exams
    • Rubrics
    • Test Item Bank in the MBA Learning Center (create your own practice tests!)
    • Digital Badges available for all assessments!
      • Great for résumés and LinkedIn pages
      • Exciting for students to earn

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    “As someone who works closely with both DECA and MBA Research, I’ve seen frst-hand that MBA Research works hard to promote DECA values and support DECA initiatives.”
    – Lori Hairston, Washington DECA Executive Director