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Our DECA Partnership

All of MBA Research research data, along with the Consortium’s entire range of services, are available to all Career-Tech student organizations (CTSO) serving Business Administration students.  That said, DECA has been the most proactive of the three most recognized CTSOs in its efforts to align with the national Business Administration curriculum standards and to utilize the Consortium’s R&D capabilities.

DECA’s competitive events programs are anchored by the national standards and are designed to take advantage of the MBA Research curriculum framework that recognizes the common Business Administration core standards, plus various degrees of specialization in entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management, and marketing. 

Most DECA competitive events utilize a variety of assessment techniques that include traditional multiple-choice exams as well as various role plays and examples of student work.   All exams used by DECA are developed by MBA Research and licensed for use by DECA.  District and state-level exams are available as hard copy through DECA, Inc. or may be administered online using services provided directly by MBA Research.  

MBA Research instructional tools, particularly LAP modules and the MBA Learning Center (online), provide strong support for students preparing to compete in DECA competitive events.  Both tools, plus various MBA Research assessments, are 100% anchored by the national Business Administration standards.  

MBA staff have served in various consulting roles with DECA for many years.  Most notably, our CEO has served in a continuing role as an advisor to DECA’s competitive events initiatives.  Conversely, DECA’s Executive Director has made similar contributions to the MBA Research programs.

NOTE:  All DECA advisors in member states are eligible for member pricing on all products and services.