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State Advisors: Online Testing

Are you thinking about going to online testing?

Comprehensive exams based on the nationally validated Business Administration standards are available in two formats. The online exams are offered through MBA Research. Paper versions of the competitive-events exam are available through National DECA. Although both versions use identical specifications (blueprints), the actual questions vary. The online exams delivered by MBA Research use a sophisticated software package called WebXam, which is designed for high-stakes testing.

The online assessment system offers several significant advantages:

  • Maximum Security: The only complete copies of any online exam exist only in the servers used to create and deliver them. No individual outside of our offices has access to the exams at any time. Computers used by test takers access only one item at a time. That item is overwritten by the next item each time a student submits an answer. Assuming that the state or province’s testing process requires a proctor, a very high level of security is maintained.
  • Immediate Reporting: Assessment data are instantly available to all authorized administrators. Standardized reports are provided in the form of spreadsheets. In addition, data may be directly downloaded into existing data systems or into customized spreadsheet or database structures. Our technical support staff members are happy to facilitate the process.
  • Use of Data: In this age of accountability (Perkins, etc.), assessment data are a particularly important aspect of adding value to your DECA activities. Use of our online assessment system allows us to provide specific information about student success, strengths and weaknesses of student learning, insight into curriculum alignment (by school, district/region, or state/province), and other information that will over time help us provide hard, quantifiable data invaluable to documenting learning outcomes associated with the DECA competitive events program.
  • Ability to Monitor Trends: In 2011, the MBA Research online assessment center started using benchmark scores that will be comparable from year-to-year. Therefore, we will be able to document trends as advisors and students work to better align curricula with the national standards. Both overall trends and those associated with specific standards (e.g., economics, selling, or promotion) will be available in future years.
  • Operational Flexibility and Efficiency: Secure online testing provides specific advantages for the administration and operation of the overall competitive events program. Since testing can be completed at any time in any location, many states separate the testing from the conference itself. This opens time that may be used for leadership-development activities, frees advisors from test proctoring during the conference, eliminates all aspects of the on-site testing process (scoring, tabulating, etc.), and reduces concerns about security. Several states have (or are considering) reducing the length of their conference, thereby saving on hotel costs and reducing out-of-class time. There are, of course, no issues or costs associated with duplication and security of hard-copy exams.
  • You control the process: Each state/province can decide how to control access to the online system. You determine the testing windows, as well as who registers and activates student accounts. You also determine how to save test results and set the rules for proctors. You can use proctoring procedures similar to those we use for A*S*K exams, or you can design your own.

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