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Fair Assessment of Teams

“But he didn’t do any of the work!” Teachers using team-based projects hear this complaint regularly. Those of us in the business world may think it regularly as we work in a variety of team situations. And as we train teachers to use project-based learning in the High School of Business™ program, this is one of the most frequent concerns voiced. As blogger Kathleen Piper writes, two types of students are most concerned about working in the teams required of project-based learning: “Students of the first type generally do not enjoy school at all, and are looking for the path of least resistance. The second type of student has already been very successful in traditional classrooms and is deterred by the challenges of this new model.” Piper goes on to offer three innovative ways in which teachers can more accurately assess each student’s work within a team. If teamwork is used in your classroom, it’s definitely worth a read.

Talking PBL in Your Classroom

Taking ownership of a project is a key benefit of project-based learning.  Proponents say that ownership leads to engagement, which leads to a deeper level of learning.  But there is another side of the coin: what if students don’t take ownership?  Do they really want to be responsible for the project?  In this exercise, you will ask your students and find out how they feel about their learning.

Hold a classroom discussion.  Use these questions:

A) In all of your years of school, what academic activity do you think you learned the most from?  Why?  What caused you to learn more during that activity than in other classes? 

B) Think about a time when a teacher, parent, or coach has given you responsibility for a project.  Did you do better or worse work than if the teacher had given explicit instructions?  Why or why not? 

C) Take a few minutes to think about this question, then write down your response.  If you were going to teach a class of 2nd graders how to count money, how would you do it?

After the responses are written, ask the students to share their answers.  Then ask the class to summarize the main points from the discussion regarding learning.  Be sure to draw out the concept of ownership.  Is that important in learning?  Why or why not?

Administrator Account: An account that allows authorized individuals to create, change, enable, and activate student accounts.

Student Account: A record of each student’s exam information, history, and results. Each student is assigned a unique user name and password to access the WebXam system upon his/her registration. The student account must be enabled for the student to access the account, but cannot access the actual test until the student has been activated. NOTE: Students will not be able to see their scores upon completion of the test.

State/Provincial Administrator: This is the top-level administrator. This individual determines the testing protocol for his/her state/province and has access to all school and student data, including results.

District/Regional Administrator: This is a mid-level administrator. This individual coordinates online testing processes for a specific group (e.g., districts) of testing sites/schools. This individual can retrieve results for only the schools that fall within his/her group. The use of district/regional administrators is determined by the state/province administrator.

Local Administrator: All testing schools/sites have a local administrator, most often this individual is the DECA advisor/classroom teacher. If enabled by higher administrators, this administrator can manually register students, change student accounts, and enable and activate student accounts. This administrator does not have the ability to access their students’ test scores.

Credit (Exam Credit): Credits are the number of exams purchased; one credit = one exam. Demo Test: A short, trivia test used to verify the testing site’s technical compatibility with the WebXam system; the demo test is not a study tool.

User name and Password: Security measures that allow individual administrators and students to access designated information at the WebXam online testing center.

EMIS Number: A unique sequence of alpha and/or numerical numbers that is required when manually creating a student account. Although you may select any sequence you want to use, DECA testers most often use the student’s school ID number.

Enable: The function carried out by the designated administrator that allows students to access their individual student accounts. Once enabled, the student has the opportunity change limited types of information, such as their WebXam passwords. NOTE: Student exams cannot be activated until their accounts are enabled.

Activate: The function carried out by the designated administrator to allow selected students to access and take their exams within 60 minutes of the activation time. Student accounts must be enabled before they can be activated.

Proctor: An individual who is responsible for overseeing the testing process to deter dishonest behavior; the use of proctors is decided by individual states/provinces

Bulk-student Upload Spreadsheet: Used to add all of the students’ data (i.e., name, school, district, event, test, etc.) to the WebXam system at one time, eliminating the need to add students manually

Site Registration Spreadsheet: For states/provinces new to online testing, this spreadsheet is used to register all schools that will be participating in online testing; For states/provinces that have previously tested online, the spreadsheet is used to add or change site information, when necessary.

Event Code: DECA event code

Test Number: Designates the appropriate exam the student takes in relation to his/her DECA event

General Information

  • Online tests are administered by the MBA Research and Curriculum Center through WebXam*.
  • Each state/province designates a state/provincial-level administrator, and if desired, district/regional-level administrators to coordinate the efforts of the local/school administrators (DECA advisors).
  • The tests are administered by the local (school) test-site administrator (teacher/DECA advisor).
  • Tests may be administered at any time during the pre-determined open testing window
  • Tests are taken individually from any computer with Internet access
  • Crash recovery applications prevents data loss
  • Password protection maximizes testing and data security—you control data access
  • Students may be tested as a group, in several groups, or individually
  • No one ever sees the entire exam at one time
  • Students will have only one opportunity to take the test
  • Test questions show up in random order; the order will not be the same for everyone, virtually eliminating illegal copying
  • Students will have the option to go back and change answers or skip over a question and then come back later.
  • Students and site administrators will not have access to test scores. District/Regional and or state/provincial-level administrators can view and download test scores immediately.
  • Quantity pricing for online exams is based on the number of exams purchased by the state. Click here for pricing information.

*WebXam is the actual exam site. It is operated by The Ohio State University and delivers many different exams for various states and organizations. You use this site to manually register students, administer tests, and retrieve testing results.

Technical Requirements
Tests can be taken through any modern web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) that is running on a computer connected to the Internet. Proxy servers, network security appliances, and other applications or devices that are in the middle of the communication between the testing computer, and the Webxam website may interfere with the secure testing process.

To reduce the risk of potential technical issues during the actual examination period, each testing site will have access to a short, trivial “demo” test to verify the testing site’s compatibility with the WebXam system. The “demo test” is available to each testing site after student registration is complete. By taking the demo test several days prior to the designated exam date, the local technical coordinator can identify and fix technical issues, ensuring that a smooth testing process. For more information about potential technical issues, see the FAQs.

If access to school computer labs is an issue, consider using local community colleges as testing sites. This is an ideal way to introduce students to their campuses!

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Glossary of Online Assessment Terms

After you have contacted MBA Research (Contact Information) to confirm that you plan to test online, we will send your state/provincial coordinator detailed instructions and forms:

  • Test-site spreadsheet: Used to add all participating schools, along with their district numbers. (Previous states/provinces that have tested online receive a spreadsheet of existing sites to make additions or changes). The state/provincial coordinator will e-mail spreadsheet with corrections/additions, as well as your testing window (dates) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Student registration spreadsheet: This is used to bulk-upload student data to the WebXam system. The spreadsheet must contain all of the requested information. You receive a new spreadsheet template every year.
    • Send copies of the template to district/local administrators to complete and return to you
    • Integrate district/local administrator’s spreadsheets into a master spreadsheet
    • E-mail master spreadsheet to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • After you have been notified by MBA Research that your test site corrections have been made and the student data have been uploaded, access WebXam using your user name and password to print a list of the district/local administrators’ user names and passwords.
  • District/Regional (Local) Administrators Instructions: This document explains to local administrators/proctors how to change and enable student accounts and activate exams on testing day. Use our instructions, adapt it so it is suitable for your needs, or develop your own. E-mail the instructions to district/local administrator instructions to appropriate individuals, along with their WebXam user names and passwords, which you receive after the schools/sites have been set up.
  • After students have been registered and local administrators have their instructions, the state/provincial coordinator needs to:
    • Ensure that the local/site administrators take the Demo Test to check technical compatibility. (Local administrators need to contact their school technical coordinator/network pecialist if experiencing technical problems. In most cases, the problems are related to security filters, proxy caching etc.)
    • Add late registrations manually, and ensure that the added student accounts are “Enabled” prior to testing day
    • Ensure that the appropriate students have been activated within 60 minutes of taking the test on test day
    • Ensure that all students have submitted their tests by confirming that there are no un-submitted tests in the “Saved Student Tests” section on the WebXam web site.
  • View results and save exam data as desired
  • If you are conducting both district/regional and state/provincial testing online, advise MBA Research of your cutoff date at least 10 days before you want the switch to state-level exams to occur.

Contact us for DECA Online Testing at:

PH: 800-448-0398 x 0
Fax: 614-486-1819
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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When you buy a LAP Module, you’re licensed to copy:

  • as many as you want
  • for use in your school/program
  • for a minimum of five years

LAP Modules sold by MBA Research are copyrighted and subject to federal copyright law.  Each purchase, however, includes our CopyIT! license at no additional cost.  CopyIT! authorization is as follows:

Purchasers of our LAP products are authorized to duplicate multiple copies for local use for a period of five years (60 calendar months) from date of purchase, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Materials may NOT be posted to any website or copied to any other medium without the express written permission of MBA Research.  Permission will be granted upon proof that outside access is fully blocked.
  • Original copies were purchased directly from MBA Research.
  • LAP (or selected pages of LAP) is duplicated in its entirety, including any copyright notice appearing on the original.
  • Copies are used (only) with students enrolled in classes at the individual school facility (building) for which the product was originally purchased.  (NOTE: This specifically precludes duplicating of materials for use with students in other schools within the same school district or for other school districts.)
  • Copies are not sold or bartered, with the following exception: copies may be sold directly to your own students at a price not to exceed the actual cost of duplication and a reasonable handling fee.

MBA Research reserves the right to revise this CopyIT! license at any time and without notice.  However, for your convenience, should this policy change we will make every effort to include notice of such change to all MBA Research newsletter subscribers.  (Subscription is free. Register here.)

Click the image for a short video about field testing.

Before they go to print, all LAP modules undergo the scrutiny of teachers in the classroom. The process is simple and straightforward. Instructions are sent to guide testers through the process, which involves reading and evaluating the LAP content and completing an online survey. Instructors participating in the field test process receive the finalized LAP and the associated PowerPoint free via email upon release. 

Email your request to be a part of the field test process to Benjamin Steed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Learning Activity Packages (LAPs): Our most comprehensive instructional modules. Based on a single performance indicator from the National Standards for Business Administration, each LAP contains all elements of a performance-oriented lesson plan, including an in-depth student narrative, handouts, activities, assessments, discussion guide, glossary, PowerPoint presentation, links, and much more. Not familiar with LAPs? Request a free complete LAP (student and teacher sections) and try one with your class. 

Quick Study Modules: Abbreviated lesson modules; sometimes referred to as quick study LAPs. Also based on one specific performance indicator, each of these abridged instructional modules contains a student narrative, quick case study, discussion guide, glossary, and short assessments. Available exclusively through the MBA Learning Center.

Just for You! Modules: “Mini” instructional modules; content varies. Each Just for You! module typically contains one of the following instructional tools: a rubric, briefing, performance checklist, or student activity and handout designed to teach and/or assess an individual performance indicator. Just for You! modules are not as comprehensive as LAPs or quick study modules. Available exclusively through the MBA Learning Center.

Instructional Areas

Business Law (BL)
Channel Management (CM)
Communication Skills (CO)
Customer Relations (CR)
Economics (EC)
Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Entrepreneurship (EN)
Financial Analysis (FI)
Human Resources Management (HR)
Information Management (NF)
Knowledge Management (KM)
Market Planning (MP)
Marketing (MK)
Marketing-Information Management (IM)
Operations (OP)
Pricing (PI)
Product/Service Management (PM)
Professional Development (PD)
Promotion (PR)
Quality Management (QM)
Risk Management (RM)
Selling (SE)
Strategic Management (SM)

Business Law (BL)

LAP-BL-001, Own It Your Way (Types of Business Ownership), revised, ©16
LAP-BL-006, Taking Care of Business (Select Forms of Business Ownership), ©16 (formerly LAP-BL-002)
LAP-BL-058, Cover Your Bases (Legal Issues in Sport/Event Marketing), ©19 (formerly LAP-BL-003)
*LAP-BL-163, Laying Down the Law (Complying With the Spirit and Intent of Laws and Regulations), ©17

Channel Management (CM)

LAP-CM-001, Chart Your Channels (Channel Management), ©21 (formerly LAP-CM-002)
LAP-CM-003, Channel It (Channels of Distribution), ©16

Communication Skills (CO)

*LAP-CO-017, Listen Up (Demonstrating Active Listening Skills), ©18 (formerly LAP-QS-001)
*LAP-CO-025, Well Said! (Making Oral Presentations), revised, ©21
**LAP-QS-024, Simon Says . . . (Following Directions), ©06  
**LAP-QS-029, Put In Your Two Cents (Participating in Group Discussions), ©06
**Just for You! CO:087, Select and use appropriate graphic aids, ©16
**Just for You! CO:090, Write professional emails, ©16
**Just for You! CO:114, Handle telephone calls in a businesslike manner, ©15

Customer Relations (CR)

LAP-CR-003, Accentuate the Positive (Nature of Customer Relations), ©20 (formerly LAP-CR-001)
LAP-CR-004, Set Your Mind to It (Customer Service Mindset), revised, ©20
LAP-CR-006, Share the Promise (Identifying Brand Promise), ©16
LAP-CR-009, Making Mad Glad (Handling Difficult Customers), revised, ©20
LAP-CR-010, Righting Wrongs (Handling Customer Complaints), revised, ©21
LAP-CR-016, Know When to Hold ’Em (Nature of Customer Relationship Management), revised, ©21
*LAP-CR-017, Trust Is a Must (Ethics in Customer Relationship Management), revised, ©21
**Just for You! CR:006, Respond to customer inquiries, ©14
**Just for You! CR:007, Interpret business policies to customers/clients, ©15
**Just for You! CR:024, Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology, ©16

Economics (EC)

LAP-EC-001, Measure Up? (Gross Domestic Product), revised, ©16
LAP-EC-002, Risk Rewarded (Factors Affecting Profit), revised, ©17
LAP-EC-003, Lose, Win, or Draw (Business Risk), revised, ©19
LAP-EC-004, Beyond US (Global Trade), revised, ©17 
LAP-EC-005, Get United (Organized Labor), revised, ©17
LAP-EC-006, Are You Satisfied? (Economics and Economic Activities), revised, ©16 
LAP-EC-007, Divide and Conquer (Specialization and Division of Labor), revised, ©16
LAP-EC-008, Ready, Set, Compete! (Competition), revised, ©15
LAP-EC-009, Boom or Bust (Impact of Business Cycles), revised, ©17
LAP-EC-011, It’s the Law (Supply and Demand), revised, ©19 
LAP-EC-012, When More Is Less (Functions of Prices), revised, ©17
LAP-EC-013, Use It (Economic Utility), revised, ©19
LAP-EC-014, Be Resourceful (Economic Resources), revised, ©16  
LAP-EC-015, People Power (The Private Enterprise System), revised, ©19  
LAP-EC-016, Regulate and Protect (Government and Business), revised, ©21
LAP-EC-017, Who’s the Boss? (Economic Systems), revised, ©16
LAP-EC-018, Make the Most of It (Productivity), revised, ©19
LAP-EC-031, Know Your Limits (Law of Diminishing Returns), ©16
LAP-EC-045, On Top of the World (Impact of Culture on Global Trade), ©18 (formerly LAP-EC-024)
LAP-EC-070, Business Connections (Business and Society), revised, ©21
LAP-EC-071, Strictly Business (Business Activities), ©19 (formerly LAP-EC-019)
LAP-EC-072, Pay Your Share (Business Taxes), ©19 (formerly LAP-EC-027)
LAP-EC-082, Help Wanted? (Impact of Unemployment Rates), ©20 (formerly LAP-EC-029)
LAP-EC-083, Up, Up, and Away (Inflation), ©19 (formerly LAP-EC-028)
LAP-EC-100, Get Your Money's Worth (Exchange Rates), ©19 (formerly LAP-EC-030)
LAP-EC-103, Designed to Work (Organizational Design of Businesses), ©18 (formerly LAP-EC-023)
LAP-EC-104, Stretch Your Boundaries (The Global Business Environment), ©17 (formerly LAP-EC-022)
LAP-EC-105, What’s Shakin’? (Factors Affecting the Business Environment), ©17 (formerly LAP-EC-026)
*LAP-EC-106, On the Up and Up (Business Ethics), revised, ©21
LAP-EC-107, Keep the Change (Adapting to Markets), ©17 (formerly LAP-EC-025)
LAP-EC-902, Get the Goods on Goods and Services (Economic Goods and Services), ©21 (formerly LAP-EC-010)
**Just for You! EC:073, Discuss the nature of monetary policy, ©17
**Just for You! EC:074, Explain the concept of fiscal policies, ©17
**Just for You! EC:140, Discuss the impact of bribery and foreign monetary payments on business, ©17

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

*LAP-EI-001, EQ and You (Emotional Intelligence), revised, ©21
LAP-EI-003, Opt for Optimism (Positive Attitude), revised ©19 
LAP-EI-004, Work Right (Demonstrating Ethical Work Habits), revised, ©16
*LAP-EI-007, Stop the Madness (Conflict Resolution in Business), revised, ©18
LAP-EI-009, You’ve Got Personality (Personality Traits in Business), revised, ©19
LAP-EI-014, Control Yourself! (Demonstrating Self-Control), revised, ©20
LAP-EI-018, Assert Yourself (Assertiveness), revised, ©16 
*LAP-EI-021, Make the Honor Role (Acting Responsibly), revised, ©21  
*LAP-EI-022, Start the Revolution (Leading Change), revised, ©18
*LAP-EI-023, Go With the Flow (Demonstrating Adaptability), revised, ©18
*LAP-EI-027, High Hopes (Developing an Achievement Orientation), ©18 (formerly LAP-EI-010)
LAP-EI-028, Keep Your Cool (Stress Management), ©20 (formerly LAP-EI-025)
*LAP-EI-030, Have a Heart (Showing Empathy for Others), revised, ©21
*LAP-EI-033, Getting to Know You (Cultural Sensitivity), ©18 (formerly LAP-EI-011)
*LAP-EI-036, Everyone's Worthy (Treating Others With Dignity and Respect), revised, ©21
*LAP-EI-037, Can You Relate? (Fostering Positive Working Relationships), revised, ©21
*LAP-EI-041, Bring Out the Best (Coaching Others), ©18 (formerly LAP-EI-024)
*LAP-EI-045, Team Up (Participating as a Team Member), revised, ©21
*LAP-EI-059, Raise Them Up (Motivating Others), ©18
*LAP-EI-060, Vision Quest (Enlisting Others in Vision), ©18 (formerly LAP-EI-013)
*LAP-EI-062, Make It a Win-Win (Negotiation in Business), ©18 (formerly LAP-EI-008)
*LAP-EI-063, Picture This! (Determining Personal Vision), revised, ©21
*LAP-EI-064, Culture Club (The Nature of Organizational Culture), ©18
*LAP-EI-075, It's Up to You (Taking Responsibility for Decisions and Actions), revised, ©21
*LAP-EI-077, Commit to It! (Managing Commitments in a Timely Manner), ©18
*LAP-EI-091, Worth the Risk (Assessing Risks of Personal Decisions), ©18
*LAP-EI-092, Embrace the Unknown (Developing a Tolerance for Ambiguity), ©18
*LAP-EI-108, Do They Buy It? ("Selling" Ideas to Others), ©18
*LAP-EI-123, Rules To Live By (Nature of Ethics), revised, ©20
*LAP-EI-124, What's the Situation (Reasons for Ethical Dilemmas), revised, ©20
*LAP-EI-125, Make the Right Choice (Recognizing and Responding to Ethical Dilemmas), revised, ©20
*LAP-EI-126, Assess Yourself (Assessing Your Personal Behavior and Values), revised, ©21
*LAP-EI-127, Fair or Foul? (Demonstrating Fairness), ©17
*LAP-EI-128, Trust in Me (Building Trust in Relationships), ©17
*LAP-EI-129, Can We Talk? (Fostering Open, Honest Communication), ©17
*LAP-EI-130, Genius Is a Team Sport (Collaborating With Others), ©18
*LAP-EI-131, Be the Change (Nature of Ethical Leadership), revised, ©21
*LAP-EI-132, Practice What You Preach (Modeling Ethical Behavior), ©18
*LAP-EI-133, A Force for Good (Inspiring Others), ©18
*LAP-EI-134, Unfollow the Crowd (Challenging the Status Quo), ©18
*LAP-EI-135, Power Play (Using Power Appropriately), ©18
*LAP-EI-136, Pick a Side (Considering Conflicting Viewpoints), ©18
*LAP-EI-137, Choose for the Future (Assessing the Long-Term Value and Impact of Actions on Others), ©17
*LAP-EI-138, Sincerely Yours (Demonstrating Honesty and Integrity), ©17
*LAP-EI-139, Don't Jump to Conclusions! (Recognizing and Overcoming Personal Biases and Stereotypes), ©17
*LAP-EI-140, More Than Just Talk (Effective Communication), ©17 (formerly LAP-QS-025)
*LAP-EI-141, Gimme Five! (Recognizing/Rewarding Others), ©17 (formerly LAP-QS-013)
LAP-EI-240, Hustle! (Taking Initiative at Work), ©19 (formerly LAP-EI-002)
*LAP-EI-902, Assess for Success (Assessing Personal Strengths and Weaknesses), ©21 (formerly LAP-EI-017)
*LAP-EI-903, Grin and Bear It (Using Feedback for Personal Growth), ©21 (formerly LAP-EI-015)
*LAP-EI-909, Lead the Way (Concept of Leadership), ©21 (formerly LAP-EI-016)
*LAP-EI-911, It’s a Group Thing (Consensus Building), ©21 (formerly LAP-EI-019)
*LAP-EI-912, Win Them Over (Persuading Others), ©21 (formerly LAP-EI-121)
**Just for You! EI:026, Adjust to change, ©15
**Just for You! EI:103, Maintain the confidentiality of others, ©17
**Just for You! EI:112, Interpret and adapt to a business's culture, ©17

Entrepreneurship (EN)

**Just for You! EN:004, Determine opportunities for venture creation, ©14
**Just for You! EN:020, Identify capital resources needed for the venture, ©14
LAP-EN-038, Explore the Possibilities (Conducting Feasibility Studies), ©16
*LAP-EN-044, Ethical Excellence (Ethics in Entrepreneurship), ©19

Financial Analysis (FI)

LAP-FI-002, Give Credit Where Credit Is Due (Credit and Its Importance), revised, ©17
LAP-FI-077, Invest for Success (Types of Investments), revised, ©21
LAP-FI-085, Show Me the Money (Nature of Accounting), ©17 (formerly LAP-FI-005)
LAP-FI-091, Count the Cash (Cash Flow Statements), ©18 (formerly LAP-FI-006)
LAP-FI-093, The Right Balance (The Nature of Balance Sheets), ©21 (formerly LAP-FI-010)
LAP-FI-094, Watch Your Bottom Line (Income Statements), ©20 (formerly LAP-FI-004)
LAP-FI-099, Build Your Game Plan (Developing a Company/Department Budget), ©16
LAP-FI-106, Money Tracks (Nature of Budgets), ©17 (formerly LAP-FI-003)
LAP-FI-343, Control Issues (Internal Accounting Controls), ©16
*LAP-FI-351, With Due Care (The Role of Ethics in Accounting), revised, ©21
LAP-FI-354, Money Matters (Role of Finance), ©20 (formerly LAP-FI-007)
*LAP-FI-355, Money Morals (The Role of Ethics in Finance), ©18
LAP-FI-357, Running the Numbers (Cost-Benefit Analysis), ©20 (formerly LAP-FI-011)
LAP-FI-579, By the Numbers (The Need for Financial Information), ©20 (formerly LAP-FI-009)
**LAP-QS-030, Supersize Your Money (Need to Save and Invest), ©07     
**LAP-QS-031, Set Yourself Up (Setting Financial Goals), ©07     
**LAP-QS-036, The Source Is With You (Finding and Evaluating Securities Information), ©07     
**LAP-QS-037, Table Talk (Reading Stock Tables), ©07 
**LAP-QS-038, Go Figure (Information in Financial Statements), ©07     
**LAP-QS-039, The (Somewhat) Straight Story (Information Found in Annual Reports), ©07
**LAP-QS-041, Suits Me! (Investment Selection Factors), ©07     
**LAP-QS-042, Check the Vital Signs (Fundamental Analysis Used in Investing), ©07 
**LAP-QS-043, Go Figure! The Sequel (Interpret Financial Ratios for Investment), ©07     
**LAP-QS-044, Get to the Heart of It (Assess Securities' Fundamentals), ©07     
**LAP-QS-045, Get a Game Plan (Strategies for Selecting Investments), ©07     
**LAP-QS-046, Pick and Choose (Choose Investments), ©07
**Just for You! FI:031, Explain sources of financial assistance, ©16
**Just for You! FI:066, Develop personal budget, ©16
**Just for You! FI:070, Read and reconcile bank statements, ©20
**Just for You! FI:074, Prepare personal income tax forms (i.e., 1040 EZ form), ©16
**Just for You! FI:092, Prepare cash flow statements, ©14
**Just for You! FI:096, Forecast sales, ©16
**Just for You! FI:097, Calculate financial ratios, ©14
**Just for You! FI:102, Interpret financial statements, ©20
**Just for You! FI:149, Prepare income statements, ©14
**Just for You! FI:225, Manage cash flow, ©16
**Just for You! FI:238, Calculate the time value of money, ©17
**Just for You! FI:342, Discuss the nature of the accounting cycle, ©20
**Just for You! FI:344, Explain the nature of audits and assurance engagements, ©16
**Just for You! FI:358, Determine relationships among total revenue, marginal revenue, output, and profit, ©14
**Just for You! FI:378, Demonstrate the effects of transactions on the accounting equation, ©20
**Just for You! FI:379, Prepare a chart of accounts, ©20
**Just for You! FI:381, Journalize business transactions, ©20
**Just for You! FI:382, Post journal entries to general ledger accounts, ©20
**Just for You! FI:383, Prepare a trial balance, ©20
**Just for You! FI:384, Journalize and post adjusting entries, ©20
**Just for You! FI:385, Journalize and post closing entries, ©20
**Just for You! FI:393, Prepare balance sheets, ©17
**Just for You! FI:407, Explain the nature of special journals, ©20
**Just for You! FI:409, Explain the nature of accounts payable, ©20
**Just for You! FI:424, Explain the nature of accounts receivable, ©20
**Just for You! FI:438, Calculate employee earnings, ©20
**Just for You! FI:439, Calculate employee deductions, ©20
**Just for You! FI:513, Describe the nature of short-term financial management, ©20
**Just for You! FI:542, Monitor business’s profitability, ©16
**Just for You! FI:636, Analyze the collection of accounts receivable, ©14
**Just for You! FI:638, Explain the nature of payroll expenses, ©20
**Just for You! FI:642, Discuss the nature of long-term assets (e.g., tangible assets, intangible assets, natural resources, etc.), ©14
**Just for You! FI:659, Describe marginal analysis techniques and applications, ©17
**Just for You! FI:675, Identify and correct accounting errors, ©20
**Just for You! FI:783, Make responsible financial decision, ©17

Human Resources Management (HR)

LAP-HR-410, People Pusher (Nature of Human Resources Management), ©21 (formerly LAP-HR-035)
*LAP-HR-411, Moral Mediators (Ethics in Human Resources Management), ©18
LAP-HR-493, Take the Lead! (Leadership in Organizations), ©16 (formerly LAP-HR-036)
**Just for You! HR:356, Select and hire new employees, ©16
**Just for You! HR:360, Orient new employees, ©14
**Just for You! HR:362, Explain the role of training and human resources development, ©15
**Just for You! HR:366, Handle employee complaints and grievances, ©15
**Just for You! HR:369, Explain the nature of remedial action, ©15
**Just for You! HR:403, Foster "right" environment for employees, ©17

Information Management (NF)

LAP-NF-001, Record It (Business Records), revised, ©17
LAP-NF-004, TECH-tastic (Technology’s Impact on Business), revised, ©17
LAP-NF-015, Get the 4-1-1 (Conducting an Environmental Scan), ©17 (formerly LAP-NF-002)
LAP-NF-110, In the Know (Nature of Information Management), ©16 (formerly LAP-NF-003)
**Just for You! NF:008, Demonstrate basic presentation applications, ©16
**Just for You! NF:012, Determine venture’s information technology needs, ©16
**Just for You! NF:038, Demonstrate basic desktop publishing functions to prepare promotional materials, ©15
**Just for You! NF:042, Create and post basic web page, ©18
**Just for You! NF:091, Establish specifications for selecting hardware/software systems, ©14
**Just for You! NF:127, Create a web page for business applications, ©16
**Just for You! NF:138, Support and maintain a multimedia website, ©18
**Just for You! NF:168, Make meeting arrangements, ©15

Knowledge Management (KM)

LAP-KM-001, Know Go (The Nature of Knowledge Management), revised, ©19
*LAP-KM-002, Know What’s Right (Ethics in Knowledge Management), ©18

Market Planning (MP)

LAP-MP-002, Pick the Mix (Nature of Marketing Strategies), revised, ©16
LAP-MP-003, Have We Met? (Market Identification), revised, ©18
LAP-MP-007, A Winning Plan (Nature of Marketing Plans), ©16 (formerly LAP-MP-001)
LAP-MP-010, Analyze This! (SWOT Analysis), ©19 (formerly LAP-MP-004)
LAP-MP-013, Futurecast (The Nature of Sales Forecasts), ©21 (formerly LAP-MP-005)
**Just for You! MP:014, Forecast sales for marketing plans, ©15
**Just for You! MP:018, Develop marketing plan, ©14
**Just for You! MP:027, Profile target customer, ©16

Marketing (MK)

LAP-MK-001, Work the Big Seven (Marketing Functions), revised, ©17
LAP-MK-004, Have It Your Way (Nature of Marketing), revised, ©16 
LAP-MK-012, The Wide, Wide World of Sport Marketing (Nature of Sport Marketing), ©18 (formerly LAP-MK-005)
LAP-MK-014, Cause and Effect (Buying Behavior), ©19 (formerly LAP-MK-006)
LAP-MK-015, Act Now! (Employee Actions and Company Goals), ©19 (formerly LAP-MK-002)
LAP-MK-019, Just Do It…Right (Company Actions and Results), ©19 (formerly LAP-MK-003)

Marketing-Information Management (IM)

LAP-IM-002, Get the Facts Straight (Marketing-Information Management), revised, ©16 
LAP-IM-010, Seek and Find (Marketing Research), ©17 (formerly LAP-IM-005)
LAP-IM-012, Data Do It (Need for Marketing Data), revised, ©16 
*LAP-IM-025, Info With Integrity (Ethics in Marketing-Information Management), ©18
LAP-IM-184, Data Diving (Identifying Marketing Data), ©17 (formerly LAP-IM-011)
LAP-IM-281, What’s the Source? (Obtaining Marketing-Research Data), ©19 (formerly LAP-IM-015)
LAP-IM-282, What’s the Problem? (Marketing Research Problems), ©17 (formerly LAP-IM-013)
LAP-IM-284, Better by Design (Marketing Research Designs), ©17 (formerly LAP-IM-014)
LAP-IM-285, Take Your Pick (Nature of Sampling Plans), ©19 (formerly LAP-IM-016)
LAP-IM-289, Hunting and Gathering (Data Collection Methods), ©21 (formerly LAP-IM-017)
**Just for You! IM:381, Obtain information from customer databases, ©16
**Just for You! IM:382, Obtain marketing information from online sources, ©18
**Just for You! IM:469, Monitor/measure customer "buzz", ©17

Operations (OP)

LAP-OP-001, Chart Your Course (Developing a Project Plan), ©18 (formerly LAP-OP-007)
LAP-OP-009, Watch Your (Over) Head (Overhead/Operating Costs), ©15
LAP-OP-015, Buy Right (Purchasing), ©21 (formerly LAP-OP-002)
LAP-OP-017, Can You Make It? (Nature of Production), ©16 (formerly LAP-OP-004)
LAP-OP-025, Buck Busters (Employee Role in Expense Control), ©17 (formerly LAP-OP-005)
LAP-OP-158, Projected to Win (Nature of Project Management), ©18 (formerly LAP-OP-006)
LAP-OP-163, Take Control (Quality-Control Measures), ©21 (formerly LAP-OP-008)
LAP-OP-189, Smooth Operations (Nature of Operations), ©16 (formerly LAP-OP-003)
*LAP-OP-190, Above Board (Ethics in Operations), revised, ©21
*LAP-OP-519, Plan On It! (Planning Projects), ©18
*LAP-OP-520, Check Your (Project) Pulse (Monitoring Projects and Taking Corrective Actions), ©18
*LAP-OP-521, Making the Grade (Evaluating Project Success), ©18
*LAP-OP-531, Get What You Need (Identifying Project Resources), ©18
*LAP-OP-675, Projects With Principles (Ethics in Project Management), ©18
**LAP-QS-018, Make It Happen (Managing Projects), ©06   
**Just for You! OP:007, Follow safety precautions, ©14
**Just for You! OP:009, Explain procedures for handling accidents, ©15
**Just for You! OP:013, Explain routine security precautions, ©15
**Just for You! OP:233, Plan meetings, ©18
**Just for You! OP:313, Discuss the nature of capacity planning, ©16
**Just for You! OP:419, Develop inventory-control systems, ©16
**Just for You! OP:467, Design sustainability strategies, ©16

Pricing (PI)

LAP-PI-001, The Price Is Right (Nature of Pricing), ©20 (formerly LAP-PI-002)
LAP-PI-003, Make Cents (Factors Affecting Selling Price), revised, ©16
LAP-PI-006, Tipping Point (Calculating Break-Even Point), ©19 (formerly LAP-PI-004)
LAP-PI-047, Gauge Your Prices (Pricing the Sport/Event Product), ©18 (formerly LAP-PI-007)
**Just for You! PI:007, Set prices, ©16

Product/Service Management (PM)

LAP-PM-003, Mix and Match (The Nature of the Product Mix), revised, ©20
LAP-PM-004, Promises, Promises (Warranties and Guarantees), revised, ©17
LAP-PM-007, Protect and Serve (Consumer Protection), revised, ©19
LAP-PM-008, Raise the Bar (Grades and Standards), revised, ©17
LAP-PM-010, Build Your Corporate Brand…Before Someone Builds It for You (The How-To's of Corporate Branding), revised, ©15 
LAP-PM-017, Serving Up Products (Nature of Product/Service Management), revised, ©20
LAP-PM-021, It’s a Brand, Brand, Brand World! (Nature of Product Branding), ©21 (formerly LAP-PM-006)
LAP-PM-024, Get a Life (Cycle) (Product Life Cycles), ©19 (formerly LAP-PM-018)
*LAP-PM-040, Safe and Sound (Ethics in Product/Service Management), ©18
LAP-PM-042, Getting Piece of Mind (Factors Used To Position Products/Services), ©19 (formerly LAP-PM-019)
LAP-PM-079, More Than a Ticket (Elements of Sport/Event Product), ©18 (formerly LAP-PM-015)
LAP-PM-127, Unleash Your Mind (Techniques for Generating Product Ideas), ©17 (formerly LAP-PM-011)
LAP-PM-139, Sign Here: Licensing for Profit (Licensing in Sport/Event Marketing), ©18 (formerly LAP-PM-012)
LAP-PM-140, Play the Name Game (Celebrity Endorsements), ©18 (formerly LAP-PM-013)
LAP-PM-153, Permission Granted (Developing a Licensing Program), ©20 (formerly LAP-PM-014)
LAP-PM-206, Corporate Identity (Nature of Corporate Branding), ©21 (formerly LAP-PM-020)
LAP-PM-272, Stand Out (Unique Selling Proposition), ©19 (formerly LAP-PM-016)
LAP-PM-913, Customer Service Supersized (The Role of Customer Service in Positioning/Image), ©21 (formerly LAP-PM-001)

Professional Development (PD)

*LAP-PD-001, About Time (Time Management), revised, ©18
LAP-PD-002, Brand Me (Personal Appearance), ©19 (formerly LAP-PD-005)
LAP-PD-012, Imagine That (Demonstrating Creativity), ©16 (formerly LAP-QS-005)
*LAP-PD-017, Weigh Your Options (Decision-Making), ©18 (formerly LAP-PD-010)
LAP-PD-024, Career Opportunities in Marketing, ©19 (Exclusive to the MBA Learning Center, formerly LAP-PD-021)
LAP-PD-025, Go for It! (Careers in Business), ©19 (formerly LAP-PD-015)
LAP-PD-051, Score a Career in Sport and Event Marketing (Careers in Sport/Event Marketing), ©18 (formerly LAP-PD-006)
LAP-PD-066, Own Your Own (Career Opportunities in Entrepreneurship), ©16 (formerly LAP-PD-004)
*LAP-PD-077, No Problem (Demonstrating Problem-Solving Skills), revised, ©21
*LAP-PD-126, Ideas in Action (Innovation Skills), ©18 (formerly LAP-PD-018)
LAP-PD-152, Career Opportunities in Finance, ©21 (Exclusive to the MBA Learning Center, formerly LAP-PD-020)
*LAP-PD-250, Do You Follow? (Adhering to Company Protocols and Policies), ©18
*LAP-PD-251, Know the Code (Following Rules of Conduct), ©17
LAP-PD-252, Don't Cheat the Chain (Following Chain of Command), ©18
LAP-PD-272, Career Opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism, ©21 (Exclusive to the MBA Learning Center, formerly LAP-PD-022)
LAP-PD-297, Career Opportunities in Business Management and Administration, ©19 (Exclusive to the MBA Learning Center, formerly LAP-PD-019)
*LAP-PD-918, Go for the Goal (Goal Setting), ©21 (formerly LAP-PD-016)
**LAP-QS-033, The Name’s Bond... Just Bond (Nature of Bonds), ©07
**LAP-QS-034, Stock Up for the Future (Nature of Stocks), ©07
**LAP-QS-035, Mutual Attraction (Nature of Mutual Funds), ©07
**LAP-QS-040, Swing HI, Swing LO (Causes of Stock Price Fluctuations), ©07  
**LAP-QS-047, Buy and Sell (How Securities Are Traded), ©07     
**LAP-QS-048, Inquire Before You Hire (Considerations in Selecting a Securities Sales Agent), ©07
**LAP-QS-049, In It to Win It (Nature of Market Timing), ©07
**Just for You! PD:009, Demonstrate systematic behavior, ©15
**Just for You! PD:020, Analyze employer expectations in the business environment, ©16
**Just for You! PD:026, Utilize job-search strategies, ©17
**Just for You! PD:028, Interview for a job, ©14
**Just for You! PD:030, Write a letter of application, ©14
**Just for You! PD:031, Prepare a resume, ©14
**Just for You! PD:037, Use networking techniques to identify employment opportunities, ©19

Promotion (PR)

LAP-PR-001, Spread the Word (Nature of the Promotional Mix), revised, ©17
LAP-PR-002, Razzle Dazzle (Nature of Promotion), revised, ©16
LAP-PR-003, Ad-quipping Your Business (Types of Advertising Media), revised, ©16
LAP-PR-004, Know Your Options (Product and Institutional Promotion), revised, ©16
LAP-PR-136, Play to the Fans (Building Fan Support), ©18 (formerly LAP-PR-019)
LAP-PR-175, Scoring Customers Through Sponsorships (Sport/Event Sponsorships), ©18 (formerly LAP-PR-017)
LAP-PR-187, What’s the Big Idea? (“Out-of-the-Box” Sales Promotion for Sports/Events), ©19 (formerly LAP-PR-018)
**Just for You! PR:009, Calculate media costs, ©15
**Just for You! PR:010, Select advertising media, ©15
**Just for You! PR:014, Explain components of advertisements, ©14
**Just for You! PR:057, Write a press release, ©14
**Just for You! PR:097, Develop promotional plan for a business, ©14
**Just for You! PR:165, Explain the nature of email marketing tactics, ©15
**Just for You! PR:166, Execute targeted emails, ©15
**Just for You! PR:347, Propose community issues for company involvement, ©16
**Just for You! PR:365, Explain the use of social media for digital marketing, ©16
**Just for You! PR:368, Write copy for advertisments, ©19

Quality Management (QM)

LAP-QM-001, Keep It Quality (Nature of Quality Management), revised, ©19

Risk Management (RM)

*LAP-RM-041, Manage Risk the Right Way (Ethics in Risk Management), ©19

Selling (SE)

LAP-SE-001, Digging for Sales (Prospecting for Customers), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-116)
LAP-SE-017, Sell Away (The Nature and Scope of Selling), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-117)
LAP-SE-048, Set Your Sales (The Selling Process), ©17 (formerly LAP-SE-126)
LAP-SE-057, Follow Up! (Follow-Up Strategies), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-119)
LAP-SE-062, Get Informed (Acquiring Product Information for Use in Selling), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-131)
LAP-SE-076, Go Beyond the Sale (Customer Service in Selling), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-130)
LAP-SE-106, Keep It Real—In Sales (Legal and Ethical Considerations in Selling), ©21 (formerly LAP-SE-129)  
LAP-SE-109, Find Features, Boost Benefits (Feature-Benefit Selling), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-113)
LAP-SE-114, Get Specific (Recommending Specific Products), ©19 (formerly LAP-SE-111)
LAP-SE-321, Make the Match (Selling Sponsorships), ©18 (formerly LAP-SE-127)
LAP-SE-374, Show and Tell (Product Demonstration), ©17 (formerly LAP-SE-103)
LAP-SE-810, Typecasting (Addressing Needs of Individual Personalities), ©20 (formerly LAP-SE-112)
LAP-SE-811, Decisions, Decisions, Decisions (Helping Customers Make Buying Decisions), ©19 (formerly LAP-SE-108)
LAP-SE-828, Keep Them Loyal (Key Factors in Building Clientele), ©19 (formerly LAP-SE-115)
LAP-SE-874, Objection Overruled (Converting Objections Into Selling Points), ©17 (formerly LAP-SE-100)
LAP-SE-875, Up the Ante (Suggestion Selling), ©19 (formerly LAP-SE-110)
LAP-SE-883, What’s the Motive? (Determining Buying Motives), ©17 (formerly LAP-SE-109)
LAP-SE-895, Wrap It Up (Closing Sales), ©18 (formerly LAP-SE-107)
LAP-SE-932, Sell Right (Selling Policies), ©19 (formerly LAP-SE-121)
**Just for You! SE:019, Explain the use of brand names in selling, ©17
**Just for You! SE:046, Sell good/service/idea to individuals, ©18
**Just for You! SE:111, Determine customer/client needs, ©15
**Just for You! SE:461, Process telephone orders, ©14
**Just for You! SE:475, Calculate miscellaneous charges, ©15

Strategic Management (SM)

LAP-SM-001, Manage This! (Concept of Management), ©21 (formerly LAP-SM-003)
LAP-SM-007, Plan Now, Succeed Later (Nature of Business Plans), ©16 (formerly LAP-SM-001)
LAP-SM-013, Plan for Success (Creating a Business Plan), ©16 (formerly LAP-SM-002)
LAP-SM-064, Put It All Together (Managerial Considerations in Organizing), ©19
LAP-SM-065, Dream Team Maker (Staffing), ©21 (formerly LAP-SM-004)
LAP-SM-066, Take Action (Managerial Considerations in Directing), ©19
LAP-SM-075, Prepare for the Worst; Expect the Best (Nature of Risk Management), ©18 (formerly LAP-FI-008)
LAP-SM-400, Measure Up! (Managerial Control), ©20
**Just for You! SM:010, Conduct an organizational SWOT, ©16
**Just for You! SM:011, Explain external planning considerations, ©14


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