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Overview of Online Assessment Process

After you have contacted MBA Research (Contact Information) to confirm that you plan to test online, we will send your state/provincial coordinator detailed instructions and forms:

  • Test-site spreadsheet: Used to add all participating schools, along with their district numbers. (Previous states/provinces that have tested online receive a spreadsheet of existing sites to make additions or changes). The state/provincial coordinator will e-mail spreadsheet with corrections/additions, as well as your testing window (dates) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Student registration spreadsheet: This is used to bulk-upload student data to the WebXam system. The spreadsheet must contain all of the requested information. You receive a new spreadsheet template every year.
    • Send copies of the template to district/local administrators to complete and return to you
    • Integrate district/local administrator’s spreadsheets into a master spreadsheet
    • E-mail master spreadsheet to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • After you have been notified by MBA Research that your test site corrections have been made and the student data have been uploaded, access WebXam using your user name and password to print a list of the district/local administrators’ user names and passwords.
  • District/Regional (Local) Administrators Instructions: This document explains to local administrators/proctors how to change and enable student accounts and activate exams on testing day. Use our instructions, adapt it so it is suitable for your needs, or develop your own. E-mail the instructions to district/local administrator instructions to appropriate individuals, along with their WebXam user names and passwords, which you receive after the schools/sites have been set up.
  • After students have been registered and local administrators have their instructions, the state/provincial coordinator needs to:
    • Ensure that the local/site administrators take the Demo Test to check technical compatibility. (Local administrators need to contact their school technical coordinator/network pecialist if experiencing technical problems. In most cases, the problems are related to security filters, proxy caching etc.)
    • Add late registrations manually, and ensure that the added student accounts are “Enabled” prior to testing day
    • Ensure that the appropriate students have been activated within 60 minutes of taking the test on test day
    • Ensure that all students have submitted their tests by confirming that there are no un-submitted tests in the “Saved Student Tests” section on the WebXam web site.
  • View results and save exam data as desired
  • If you are conducting both district/regional and state/provincial testing online, advise MBA Research of your cutoff date at least 10 days before you want the switch to state-level exams to occur.