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DECA Online Assessment Basics and Technical Requirements

    General Information

    • Online tests are administered by the MBA Research and Curriculum Center through WebXam*.
    • Each state/province designates a state/provincial-level administrator, and if desired, district/regional-level administrators to coordinate the efforts of the local/school administrators (DECA advisors).
    • The tests are administered by the local (school) test-site administrator (teacher/DECA advisor).
    • Tests may be administered at any time during the pre-determined open testing window
    • Tests are taken individually from any computer with Internet access
    • Crash recovery applications prevents data loss
    • Password protection maximizes testing and data security—you control data access
    • Students may be tested as a group, in several groups, or individually
    • No one ever sees the entire exam at one time
    • Students will have only one opportunity to take the test
    • Test questions show up in random order; the order will not be the same for everyone, virtually eliminating illegal copying
    • Students will have the option to go back and change answers or skip over a question and then come back later.
    • Students and site administrators will not have access to test scores. District/Regional and or state/provincial-level administrators can view and download test scores immediately.
    • Quantity pricing for online exams is based on the number of exams purchased by the state. Click here for pricing information.

    *WebXam is the actual exam site. It is operated by The Ohio State University and delivers many different exams for various states and organizations. You use this site to manually register students, administer tests, and retrieve testing results.

    Technical Requirements
    Tests can be taken through any modern web browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) that is running on a computer connected to the Internet. Proxy servers, network security appliances, and other applications or devices that are in the middle of the communication between the testing computer, and the Webxam website may interfere with the secure testing process.

    To reduce the risk of potential technical issues during the actual examination period, each testing site will have access to a short, trivial “demo” test to verify the testing site’s compatibility with the WebXam system. The “demo test” is available to each testing site after student registration is complete. By taking the demo test several days prior to the designated exam date, the local technical coordinator can identify and fix technical issues, ensuring that a smooth testing process. For more information about potential technical issues, see the FAQs.

    If access to school computer labs is an issue, consider using local community colleges as testing sites. This is an ideal way to introduce students to their campuses!

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