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Glossary of Online Assessment Terms

Administrator Account: An account that allows authorized individuals to create, change, enable, and activate student accounts.

Student Account: A record of each student’s exam information, history, and results. Each student is assigned a unique user name and password to access the WebXam system upon his/her registration. The student account must be enabled for the student to access the account, but cannot access the actual test until the student has been activated. NOTE: Students will not be able to see their scores upon completion of the test.

State/Provincial Administrator: This is the top-level administrator. This individual determines the testing protocol for his/her state/province and has access to all school and student data, including results.

District/Regional Administrator: This is a mid-level administrator. This individual coordinates online testing processes for a specific group (e.g., districts) of testing sites/schools. This individual can retrieve results for only the schools that fall within his/her group. The use of district/regional administrators is determined by the state/province administrator.

Local Administrator: All testing schools/sites have a local administrator, most often this individual is the DECA advisor/classroom teacher. If enabled by higher administrators, this administrator can manually register students, change student accounts, and enable and activate student accounts. This administrator does not have the ability to access their students’ test scores.

Credit (Exam Credit): Credits are the number of exams purchased; one credit = one exam. Demo Test: A short, trivia test used to verify the testing site’s technical compatibility with the WebXam system; the demo test is not a study tool.

User name and Password: Security measures that allow individual administrators and students to access designated information at the WebXam online testing center.

EMIS Number: A unique sequence of alpha and/or numerical numbers that is required when manually creating a student account. Although you may select any sequence you want to use, DECA testers most often use the student’s school ID number.

Enable: The function carried out by the designated administrator that allows students to access their individual student accounts. Once enabled, the student has the opportunity change limited types of information, such as their WebXam passwords. NOTE: Student exams cannot be activated until their accounts are enabled.

Activate: The function carried out by the designated administrator to allow selected students to access and take their exams within 60 minutes of the activation time. Student accounts must be enabled before they can be activated.

Proctor: An individual who is responsible for overseeing the testing process to deter dishonest behavior; the use of proctors is decided by individual states/provinces

Bulk-student Upload Spreadsheet: Used to add all of the students’ data (i.e., name, school, district, event, test, etc.) to the WebXam system at one time, eliminating the need to add students manually

Site Registration Spreadsheet: For states/provinces new to online testing, this spreadsheet is used to register all schools that will be participating in online testing; For states/provinces that have previously tested online, the spreadsheet is used to add or change site information, when necessary.

Event Code: DECA event code

Test Number: Designates the appropriate exam the student takes in relation to his/her DECA event