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Integrate Ethics into Your Classroom

Materials for teaching ethics and ethical decision-making are available through the generous support of the Daniels Fund

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Ethical Leadership Course Package

Click here to access the Ethical Leadership Course Package

As Career-Tech programs increasingly reach into the middle schools, this ninth grade leadership course provides a significant opportunity for business and marketing programs to expand their presence in the earlier grades. We believe the course will encourage students to learn more about business and, ultimately, to enroll in upper division courses as outlined in our program-of-study kits. This course package includes:

  • Course Guide (both the 1- and 2-semester options included)
  • 58 LAP Modules focused on ethics, ethical leadership, and ethics in business hand-picked for use in the Ethical Leadership course
  • Optional: Add an end-of-course assessment with digital badging capabilities for a small fee.

Ethics and 21st Century Skills Modules

72 complete lesson modules are available covering topics such as communications, work-ready skills, and, of course, ethics. Use these within your existing courses. Tip: Principals tell us these are perfect for use in advisory or homeroom. Download the modules for free today. 

Tip From Our Expert: Easily Add Ethics Into Your Intro Courses

Not sure where to start? Consider this advice from April Miller, VP of Product Development.

It's easy to add important ethics content into your existing Intro to Business, Intro to Marketing, or Intro to Anything courses. Start with a lesson module (LAP) titled Rules to Live By (LAP-EI-123), which covers the basics of ethics. It begins with this dilemma to get students thinking:

Imagine you’ve been studying nonstop for your midterm tomorrow. You’re still having problems understanding the material, so you stop by your teacher’s room during lunch to ask her a question. She isn’t at her desk, but you spot the answer key to the test sticking out of a pile of books. You don’t know what to do. If you look at the answer key, you’ll be sure to get an A—and if you can copy it down, you’ll be able to help your friends get A's, too. But is that the right thing to do? What you’re dealing with is an ethical dilemma, and it’s up to you to make the right decision. But what are ethics, and what does it mean to be an ethical person? 

If you'd like to add one or two more modules, April suggests these topics: Reasons for Ethical Dilemmas (LAP-EI-124), and Recognizing and Responding to Ethical Dilemmas (LAP-EI-125).

Ethics Certification

Interested in an industry-based certification in Ethics? The A*S*K Certification Exam: Fundamentals of Ethics is available. Fees apply. 

Video Series: Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace

Young professionals open up about ethical dilemmas they have encountered in this video series available on our YouTube Channel.  

Other Sponsored Course Guides

Also thanks to the Daniels Fund, all MBA Research course guides are available free-of-charge for a limited time:

These guides are 100% aligned with the national Business Administration Curriculum Standards validated by industry across the nation.  They provide a model that can be used as-is or modified to meet your specific needs. Click here for more info about our course guides.


*We’re fortunate that the Daniels Fund has underwritten the cost of many of our materials. The Fund paid the bill so that you don’t have to!  If you’d like to take a minute to extend your appreciation, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put in the subject line “Daniels.” We’ll get your note to the right people at the Fund. Who knows? Maybe your note will be the tipping point for future funding!  Thanks for taking the time.