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Professional Development

Dana Anderson and Rudy Sumpter from Monarch High School,
Colorado, discuss a project during training.


I had considered retiring this year, but teaching High School of Business™ has re-energized me. I can’t wait to get back to school and work through the projects with the students.
-- Howard Foltz, Columbus Grove High School (OH)

Teachers are the heartbeat of the High School of Business™ program.  MBA Research is committed to providing high-quality professional development to the teachers in this national program.  An extensive training schedule is a key piece of the program.

Project-based learning taught using… Project-based learning

With a heavy emphasis on projects, teamwork, research, and project management, High School of Business™ classrooms don’t look or feel like most high school classrooms.  Learning through standards-infused projects will be new for most students.  Likewise, teaching in this style is new to many teachers.  For others, the manner in which High School of Business™ uses project-based learning will be new.  This new style involves giving students the opportunity to learn through projects that they complete.  Teachers make a conscious decision to move from the front of the classroom to their new role as consultant.  Sound simple?  It isn’t for most of us.  Knowing this can be a difficult transition for any teacher, High School of Business™ professional development is conducted using a primarily project-based learning pedagogy.  Teachers are given projects to accomplish in teams of 4-5.  Online research, time management, discussion, and oral presentations are conducted. In short, the teachers' early training sessions mirror their students' classroom experience.

Teachers collaborate at High School of Business™ training.

Pedagogy Training

Over a two-day period, teachers learn about project and problem based learning as it is used in High School of Business™.  Expect a rigorous hands-on training session that sets the foundation for each teacher’s learning.

Course Content Training

Here’s where training gets specific.  Each teacher participates in 1-2 days of training for each High School of Business™ course that he/she intends to teach.  Teachers experience parts of projects, learn planning and preparation techniques, and collaborate with peers from across the U.S.  These courses are designed to be challenging and fun for students, so learning to teach them will be as well.

High School of Business™ offers two Training Institutes per year (summer and fall).  Teachers should attend training just prior to each High School of Business™ course being introduced at his/her school.  For example, schools preparing to offer High School of Business™ courses for the first time would send teachers to Pedagogy Training and Principles of Business training at the Summer Training Institute and Business Economics at the Fall Training Institute. 

Teachers plan the work before they work the plan at the High School of Business™ Summer Training.