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Fall Training at MBA Conclave 2017 – Congratulations to HSB Training Completers

We are back from HSB Fall Training at MBA Research Conclave 17 in Vancouver, WA, where we had over 60 HSB teachers and trainers from states across the country in attendance. In addition to training, there were business and industry professionals and some of the nation’s leading business/marketing educators delivering presentations and keynote speeches all weekend as part of MBA Research Conclave 17. The weekend included a tour to CoLab, a local entrepreneurial workspace, led by founding member, Dave Barcos, a supporter of startups in Vancouver. 

Congratulations, again, to the HSB teachers who just completed training in all six of the required courses (Principles of Business, Business Economics, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Finance, Principles of Management, and Business Strategies) as well as HSB Pedagogy, and Leadership, for a total of 105 hours of training! MBA Research values your commitment to your own professional development and to your students.

JoLynn Baral, Ft. Lupton High School (CO)
Nancy Becker, Camdenton High School (MO)
Jamey DeWitt, Longmont High School (CO)
Rebecca Epane, Saydel High School (IA)
JoEll Matthews, University High School (CO)
Allison Doe, Rock Canyon High School (CO)
Jessie Kern, University High School (CO)
Amanda Riley, Camdenton High School (MO)
Rebecca Hudson, Lebanon TCC (MO)

Top Scoring Students Recognized for 2016-2017

During our recent Fall Training Institute in Vancouver, WA, High School of Business Director, Lisa Berkey, announced the top scoring students at schools across the country. After speaking with teachers and administrators at schools where students are achieving high scores, we’d like to share a few key findings that these schools have in place. 

Experience: Most of these schools have been participating in the HSB program for several years. We know as teachers gain experience teaching the courses, they see the benefits in student learning outcomes. We would, however, like to note that 11 students from five schools who joined HSB in 2016 achieved scores in the top 20. Those schools are: Camdenton High School (MO), University High School (CO), Green Valley High School (NV), Beloit Memorial (WI), and Longmont High School (CO). Congratulations on this early success with your students!

Collaboration and professional development: Many of these schools work together as a team in some way to gain insight from one another.  In Colorado they have statewide HSB professional development twice per school year.  In the Great Oaks system in Cincinnati they have six schools participating that have dedicated HSB professional development days.  And schools in Nevada, particularly Clark County schools, work together and welcome collaboration with other NV districts. 

Test preparation: Several of the high scoring schools reported that they weave test preparation throughout their courses.  We asked teachers to document how they do this.  Their ideas are now posted on the Online Exams page of the HSB Teacher’s Wiki.

You can view the students who achieved the top 20 scores, by course and by school, by clicking on the links below. Because we included tied scores, you’ll find there are more than 20 students in the “top 20”.  Congratulations to your teachers, students, and steering team members.  Thank you for all that you do to continuously improve the program at your school!

Now Accepting High School of Business™ Applications for the 2017/18 school year!

Get an overview of the program and take steps to become a High School of Business site.

Counselors Play Key Roles in Program Success

High School of Business schools can support counselors and encourage their involvement. We’ve compiled ideas and resources for High School of Business courselors.

  • Career aptitude survey results. Does your school assist students with identifying their career path? Perhaps via a survey in 8th grade? If so, be sure to request lists of business minded students. Then, let them know you have just the program for them. Ideas include mailing letters to parents and inviting students to a special luncheon meeting.   
  • Share the HSB Program of Study. Counselors will appreciate this document that lays out suggested courses for students in HSB. Available at, select For Participating Schools.
  • Webinar: veteran HSB counselors offer advice for scheduling, counseling, and other student support measures. View at, select For Participating Schools, and then select Training/Webinar Calendar. 
  • New counselor at your school? We’ll send a “Welcome to HSB” email with links to resources. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by sending us your new counselor’s name and email address.

Better Investing Supports High School of Business

Thank you to BetterInvesting for providing High School of Business students with access to their awesome online stock selection tools!

MSU Denver's College of Business to offer college credit

Press release. 

Congratulations to our High School of Business Student Completers

High School of Business is celebrating its tenth year as a program of study and with that benchmark we’d like to say congratulations to the over 350 students from 21 schools across the country who completed the entire High School of Business, six-course sequence this year. There are currently 80+ schools offering the program which began with five schools in 2007.

This year, over 260 HSB completers have reported their earned college credits, with 86% earning an average of 9.3 college credits through the program. One third of students earning credit earned double-digit credits, including some who earned as many as 22 credits! We know this is significant but we also know the benefits of this program extend way beyond college credit and really address what it means to prepare a student with skills and confidence for college and career. We know that participation in High School of Business impacts a student’s high school experience in total and also impacts students in their other classes and activities. What’s the big deal about completing High School of Business? We decided to ask and hear from the experts on this, the student completers! Thank you Debra Baas (Mariemont High School/Great Oaks District, OH), for submitting feedback from your students. We know they speak for students across the country because we hear from their teachers every day.

Q: How has being in High School of Business impacted your college/career goals?
A: “High school of business has been great in developing skills that are very necessary in the real world - public speaking, experience, interviewing skills.” -Jacob Crabtree
A: “The HSB program has helped me identify what areas of business I am interested in. When looking for colleges, I only applied to schools with quality business programs.”  -Emily Ferguson
A: “I have decided to major in Economics and Finance which was aided in my participation in the High School.”  -Anthony Dimichele

Q: What are the most important skills you are taking away from being a part of this program?
A: “Communicating, Management, and Decision making.” –Kyle Howe
A: “People skills, problem solving.” –Andrew Fiorenza
A: “I am taking away my improved communication and presentation skills. I am confident in my abilities when presenting in front of individuals or groups.“ –Emily Ferguson
A: “It gave me the skills to be able to fluently speak in front of groups and work with teams. “ –Anthony Dimichele

Q: How has the HSB program stretched you as a person – either to take risks or to work hard in a particular area/project?
A: “Developing a product, opening up a business, and attending a world renowned Innovation camp has caused me to receive some of my most outstanding achievements but has also pushed me to be the best I can be.”  –Kyle Howe
A: “I take risks in decision making now. I learned how to make calculated, educated decisions, but I now understand that some of the best decisions face risk. Be decisive and confident. Mistakes can be fixed, but indecision could lead to an unfixable problem, which is missing out on an opportunity.” – Andrew Fiorenza

Q: What aspect of the program really kept your attention / kept you engaged in completing the program?
A: “The in-depth projects we worked on kept me the most engaged.” –Anthony Dimichele
A: “The hands on aspect of the program with opening up businesses and new products.” –Kyle Howe
A: “Projects that applied to the real world.” –Andrew Fiorenza

Q: What would you say to incoming 9th or 10th graders interested in the program?
A: “I would encourage 9th and 10th graders to give both the HSB program and DECA a chance because even if they do not pursue a major or career in business, they will utilize the information they learned within their lives.” -Emily Ferguson
A: "So many opportunities come with this {program} and the skills that are created from the benefits of taking this course. I highly recommend as it will impact your future in the most positive way." - Kyle Howe 

Leadership in Action: High School of Business

As the school year comes to a close, High School of Business teachers share their students' Leadership project accomplishments. This year we heard from High School of Business teacher Angie Sellers at Camdenton High School (MO). Sellers explained that her students chose to support the U.S. military, “as they had three members of their class enlisting this year.” They provided “donations to the VFW and Missouri Patriot Paws, created care packages, made paracord bracelets, and sent personalized messages to soldiers.” Sellers says, “this year I was constantly reminded about the compassion that our students have for each other and our community.” 

Project Facts:

  • $6,550 project investment
    • $3,500 in donations to VFW and Missouri Patriot Paws
    • $2,550 in care package contents and shipping costs
  • 63 soldiers reached
    • 14 soldiers received care packages (2 boxes/soldier)
    • 50 other soldiers received cards and/or paracord bracelets

Thank You, High School of Business Teachers

We’d like to recognize and thank all of the High School of Business teachers who make the program a successful experience for their students. We think you’re amazing and we are grateful for your enthusiasm and generosity with your fellow teachers!  Did you know: HSB teachers take between 98 – 110 hours of training to be certified to teach all of the courses within High School of Business

Now Accepting High School of Business™ Applications for the 2017/18 school year!

Where to find information:

Shine Brochure. A general overview of the program.
Getting StartedTake steps to apply to become a High School of Business site
Program Handbook. Here you’ll find all the basic information about the program.
E-newsletters. Sign up to receive quarterly updates on the program.

High School of Business goes to DECA Nationals

High School of Business is headed to Anaheim, CA for the International Career Development Conference at the end of this month. We look forward to congratulating your students on making it to the national level of competition. We have a small gift for HSB students who stop by our MBA Research / High School of Business™ exhibit, and a little something for teachers, too. 

High School of Business Students Present to City Officials

Plattsmouth High School of Business (NE) students met with city officials to share their research and project ideas for “Making the Most” of an empty lot or building in Plattsmouth. Read more.

More College Credit for High School of Business Students

College credit options for High School of Business students are now available through Metro State U of Denver and Valley City State (ND), joining Bowling Green State U (OH), Bellevue (NE), and U of Northern Colorado. Complete list of college options here.

February is CTE Month! 

Since February is CTE Month, we thought we’d highlight how High School of Business creates success for students in Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) like FBLA, BPA, DECA, and others.  Here at MBA Research, we often receive stories from teachers letting us know how well their students did at competition (see articles below.)  But CTSOs are more than just a place to compete.  #CTEmonth is an awareness campaign to celebrate the value of career and technical education and the achievements of CTE programs across the country. See this page from ACTEonline to get ideas on how to participate in CTE month. You can help bring awareness to policymakers, and business and industry leaders, of the important role that CTE programs play in preparing tomorrow’s business workforce!

High School of Business™ Students Have Amazing Results at FBLA Conference

Congratulations to the High School of Business students at Rock Canyon High School (CO) who placed in the recent FBLA District Conference on February 8th at Arapahoe County Fairgrounds.  Their teacher, Janna Robinett, shared their extraordinary success with us by saying, “The results were amazing!!!"  And we agree, the results are amazing. Multiple students placed in two events and 64 students qualified for the state conference in April. That’s 73% of the total number of Ms. Robinett’s students who competed.

  • 28 students won 1st place
  • 19 Students won 2nd place
  • 19 students won 3rd place
  • 32 students won 4th place
  • 12 students won 5th place

Ohio Business Professionals of America Winner

Congratulations to Emily Mitchell, a High School of Business™ student at Canton South High School. Emily placed first in the Ohio Business Professionals of America Banking and Finance competition. She will represent Ohio at BPA Nationals this May in Boston. Emily's teacher is Mr. Phil Forshey. 

Strong First Year in High School of Business™ Brings Grand Junction Students Media Coverage

Click here for video and article.

MBA Research is pleased to welcome four new schools into the High School of Business™ program


Get ready for hands-on projects, focused professional development, an active national network of educators, and many benefits in return for hard work. View program benefits here and full list of current schools here.

Missouri High School of Business™ Students Eligible for College Credit

Northwest Missouri State University is offering five credits to students who have completed the High School of Business™ program at a Missouri high school. Students will also receive automatic eligibility for both the Booth School of Business and the Professional Studies Freshman Scholarship at NWMSU. In addition to national agreements, most High School of Business™ schools offer local college credit agreements. View the full list of national and local agreements here.

Take a Peek inside Kentucky's Bullitt East High School of Business™ Program

WDRB 41 Louisville News featured one of Kentucky's High School of Business™ programs. Click here to hear strong testimonies from the lead business teacher, Amanda Comstock, along with students who are experiencing the program first-hand. 

High School of Business program grows a business with a purpose

Click here to read about the Rock Canyon High School (CO) High School of Business program.

Learning Through Service: Teens Helping Teens in High School of Business

Lebanon Technology & Career Center (MO) presented a check for $674.00 to Project 360, an outreach program for homeless teens in Lebanon, MO. LTCC’s High School of Business teacher Rebecca Hudson said her students planned and implemented a silent auction and chili supper to raise funds to be used for winter coats for at risk students. High School of Business student Kaity Davis said of the experience: "I learned so many skills I will be able to use in the future, everything from how to use the phone professionally to managing cost and time of a project." Students in High School of Business decide upon, plan, and implement a service learning project as part of the 9th Grade Leadership Course.

University High School Signs Agreement with Aims Community College

University High School has signed a concurrent enrollment agreement with Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado.  Their High School of Business™ (HSB) students can now receive up to nine credits for three of the courses taken in the HSB program. University’s students will also have the ability to receive honors weighting for the HSB courses. A representative from Aims Community College sits on University’s HSB Steering Team. University High School’s business teacher, JoEll Mathews, told us “this is a great added benefit for our students to receive college credits which can then be transferred. Students must finish the courses with a C or better to get the college credit which pushes them to work hard on their assignments and tests. The relationship with our Community College is great and will only help build on our High School of Business Program.” 

HSB Students at Haxtun, Holyoke, and Julesburg High Schools Tour Otterbox

The High School of Business™ classes from Haxtun, Holyoke, and Julesburg High Schools (CO) traveled to Fort Collins to tour Otterbox Corporate Headquarters last month. Otterbox designs protective cases for smartphones and tablets. Haxtun’s business teacher, Janet Brophy, shared that the students learned about the sales and marketing of the company and were most impressed with the company’s philosophy. The employees are known as otters and have a slide from the second floor to the first which the students were able to use. The company has beverage stations through the campus as well as games to play when needing a break. The students also learned how the testing stations are used to be sure the product will withstand removing phones from pockets, dropped from different heights and exposure to water and dirt. In addition, the lab showed the students how cases are printed on a 3D printer to expedite the approval process. To close the day, the founder joined the students for a Q&A session where the students asked many questions about the company, the products, and their markets.


High School of Business Students Attend First Annual Women in Business Leadership Day

Five HSB students at Greeley West High School (CO) were chosen to attend the inaugural University of Colorado Boulder Women in Business Leadership Day, November 12, 2016. Congratulations, Makenzie Foley, Kyra Hanks, Hydekel Mendoza, Mary Tori, and Naomi Torres. Read more

“What we offer our kids here, this is pretty impressive. The curriculum is shockingly awesome." — Rich Davis, Business Teacher at Greeley West High School

HSB students at Rock Canyon High School (CO) sweep the JA Stock Market Challenge

“It was an awesome day for the High School of Business students at the JA (Junior Achievement) Stock Market Challenge,” RCHS teacher Janna Robinett shared. “We participated in two sessions and had amazing results."  In the afternoon session, RCHS swept the competition winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place and the first place team set a new record high for the challenge earning over $2 million dollars ($2,317,394.95.) Ms. Robinett attributes the results to her students taking the High School of Business Principles of Finance course last year.  The event, held at University of Denver, was reported in the local news.  

Morning session winners:
1st place: William Kong, Dylan Nurse, Josh Pusar, Colby Weintraub

Afternoon Session Winners:
1st place: Jacob Messenger, Jake Roblyer, Christian Butler, Eric Young, Leighton Koldyke, and Nick Caldwell
2nd place: Dhruv Gopal, Zach Johnson, Brian Dunn, Blake Johnson, Connor Black, Kenneth Groom
3rd place:Trevor OConnell, Dylan Langley, Jack Wahlenmier, Brayden Lanbrech, Reed Courtney

Annual High School of Business Camp Held at emPowerU

For the 4th year in a row, High School of Business students from three different schools (Benton, Central, and Lafayette High Schools) in St. Joseph, MO, came together last week for a “Biz Camp” to work on team-building business solutions, to interact with local business leaders, and to receive and share information they will eventually use in the creation of their own businesses in their senior years.

Over 250 students attended the camp, many saying they enjoyed the challenge of working with peers from other schools, getting out of the classroom, and having first-hand experience with business professionals in their community. Read more.

Top Scoring Students Recognized for 2015-2016

During our recent Fall Training Institute in Mobile, Alabama, High School of Business Director Lisa Berkey announced the top scoring students at schools across the country. After speaking with teachers and administrators at schools where students are achieving high scores, Ms. Berkey shared a few key findings that these schools have in place. 

  1. Experience: Most of these schools have had the HSB Program for several years and as teachers gain experience with the courses, they see the benefits in student learning outcomes.
  2. Collaboration and professional development: Many of these schools work together as a team in some way to gain insight from one another.  In Colorado they have statewide HSB Professional Development twice per school year.  In the Great Oaks system in Cincinnati they have 5 schools participating that have dedicated HSB Professional Development days.  And schools in Nevada, particularly Clark County schools in Las Vegas, work together and welcome collaboration with other NV districts.
  3. Test preparation: Several of the high scoring schools reported that they weave test preparation throughout the course.  We asked teachers to document how they do this.  Their ideas are now posted on the Online Exams page of the HSB Teacher’s Wiki.


You can view the top 20 scorers by course and school by clicking on the links below.  Congratulations to your teachers, students, and steering team members.  Thank you for all that you do to continuously improve the program at your school!

More College Credit for High School of Business Students

University of Northern Colorado’s Monfort College of Business offers college credit to MBA Research High School of Business™ Completers. Details.

U of Colorado Hosts High School of Business Day

University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business invited High School of Business students to tour their campus to observe how actual classes are taught at Leeds and speak with the college students there. Leeds graciously treated the HSB delegation to a luncheon. This is the first of what will be an annual showcase by Leeds, held exclusively for High School of Business students.

High School of Business™ Gives Back Day

GlenOak High School (Canton, OH) will hold its 3rd annual High School of Business Gives Back Day on November 5th. The HSB Management class at GlenOak is organizing a fall clean-up for residents in need and a non-perishable food drive for a local church pantry. More info.

High School of Business™ Principles of Finance Students See Big Gains

Ever see a 68% rate of return on your portfolio? A group of four High School of Business™ students at Columbus Grove High School (OH) have managed virtual portfolios with amazing results this semester. Their secret?'s stock selection guide. Thanks, BI, for making this valuable tool available to all HSB students. You can try it for managing your real dollars at

High School of Business™ To Be Part of a Wall-to-Wall Academy Approach

Plattsmouth High School (Nebraska) educators are proposing a new academies learning system in which every student would select and complete an academy pathway for high school. High School of Business™has been part of the business pathway at Plattsmouth High since 2010. Speaking of the success of the local High School of Business™program, lead teacher Dawn Danauskas said, “I’ve seen firsthand how much it helps students to complete an academy path. I’ve seen the positive impact of a small academy, so it will be amazing when there are large academies.” Link to full article here.

Iowa Students Present Check to IU Children's Hospital

High School of Business™ students learned leadership skills recently as they managed a trio of fundraisers to support services for hospitalized children. Explained Teacher Scott Giraud of Waverly-Shell Rock High School, “one big motivation for the students was hearing from a parent in our community who uses services provided by the hospital.” Inspired, the students “formed business partnerships by putting together events with two businesses in town, a coffee shop and pizza restaurant, who agreed to donate 10% of their sales on certain days to the project.  They also went to local downtown businesses with their elevator speech and asked for donations. Finally, they got the school and community involved by organizing a three-point contest at home basketball games.” These students could have stopped after one of these fund-raising strategies, but they challenged themselves by organizing a diverse set of tactics. This kept the funds flowing and created awareness of their project across a wider community audience. 


Mariemont High/Great Oaks Students Create a Company to Support Local Businesses

Mariemont High/Great Oaks’ (Cincinnati, OH) High School of Business program students teamed up with a local restaurant manager, Lisa Hopkins, at National Exemplar. The restaurant helped fund and support the students’ business idea to create a discount card for local businesses. The card is called Queen City Select and cardholders receive 10% discounts at local Cincinnati businesses.  The proceeds from the sales of the cards will help fund the students’ DECA state and international business competitions.

High School of Business™ Students Raise Money for Important Community Program

Wray High School of Business (CO) Leadership class raised over two hundred dollars for Baby Bear Hugs, a mentorship program for new parents in the community. Teacher Jo Powell says, "[the] class is designed to transform average high school students into active leaders in the community through service projects benefitting local charities."  This is a great example of how project based learning, a core element of High School of Business, produces real outcomes in communities where High School of Business is being taught.

Wray High School students hold check representing funds raised for Baby Bear Hugs.

Principal Explains Why School Chose High School of Business™

Longmont High School in Colorado was recently accepted into High School of Business™ and shared why they chose this program over other available curriculum.  Business teacher Jamey DeWitt says, “I wanted to prepare them for a college business program.”  Longmont teachers and administrators were specifically drawn to the project-based learning that is at the core of the curriculum and the comprehensive approach to teaching business in high school.  Says Principal Rick Olsen, “We looked at what a student needs to be a top candidate for a business school. We want to build this clear pathway for students.”  Read more.

Longmont High business teacher Jamey DeWitt talks with sophomore Isaiah Berg during a personal finance class

State Leaders Discuss High School of Business™

MBA Research Consortium Representatives from Iowa, Nevada, and Colorado, teamed up for a presentation about High School of Business™ at the ACTE Conference in New Orleans last week. Each shared how High School of Business™ is impacting students and teachers at the individual schools engaged in the program including, earned college credit for 2 and 4-yr degree programs, exceptional college and career readiness, and rich professional development for teachers.

Diane Hegeman, PhD, giving presentation at ACTE Conference in New Orleans.

High School of Business™ Students Experience Vertical Integration

Taking advantage of national manufacturing month, the HSB Marketing and Management classes at Columbus Grove High School in Ohio toured the Ottawa Whirlpool Facility last month.  The students experienced the integral role that robotics plays in the manufacturing process at Whirlpool and learned about “vertical integration,” the cost-saving process of making all parts in house.

HSB teacher Howard Foltz focuses on building business relationships in the community and capitalizes on the experiential learning that is such a big part of High School of Business. The plant hosts HSB interns and hires college students during the summer.

HSB Principles of Management students, Columbus Grove High School, Ohio

Diverse Group of Educators Share Perspectives on High School of Business™

“A text at 1am this past June woke me with the exciting news that High School of Business students at Rock Canyon High in Colorado has placed first at FBLA Nationals. I hear exciting stories about students regularly from program participants. It’s one of my favorite parts of the job,” said High School of Business Program Director, Lisa Berkey.  This anecdote kicked off the 2015 High School of Business Luncheon in October during MBA Research’s annual Conclave Curriculum and Teaching Conference. Berkey then introduced six educators who shared their experiences with the program. Excerpts: 

  • “At Bowling Green, student retention is one of our goals. We know that HSB students know business, which greatly increases the likelihood that they will complete their degrees.”  -- Susan Kosakowski, Bowling Green State University
  • “HSB students are majoring in business and marketing. Partnerships with two and four-year colleges will continue to grow in Colorado.”  --Laurie Urich, Colorado Community College System
  • “High School of Business has a  positive ROI—it is an investment in students, of course, but it’s also an investment in teachers.”  -Snehal Bhakta, Clark County School, NV
  • “HSB students raise the bar for other students in other classes around the school.” – Jodi Adams, Eastern High, KY
  • "At the national level, the HSB National Advisory Council is expanding partnerships for the benefit of students.” –Diane Hegeman, Ph.D., Arapahoe Community College, CO


Sue Kosakowski, Bowling Green State University; Laurie Urich, Colorado Community College System; Snehal Bhakta, Clark Co.
School District (NV); Jodi Adams, Eastern High (KY); Sheryl Okash, Bellevue University; Diane Hegeman, Ph.D., Arapahoe
Community College; Lisa Berkey, MBA Research & Curriculum Center

Ahead of the Curve: High School of Business™ Student Enters College with 18 Credit Hours

Christian Stechschulte, a 2015 Columbus Grove High School graduate now majoring in Finance at Bowling Green State University, explained how the High School of Business™ program eased his transition to college with things like earning 18 college credits toward his major at BGSU. This includes a combination of hours he received directly from BGSU and transfer credits received from a local bi-lateral agreement. Additionally, he says the BGSU faculty greatly appreciate HSB students because they come in with applicable skills in technology, as well as strong independent and group work habits, positioning them ahead of the curve as they start college.

Business as Usual? Not quite.

Students at the Academy of Arts, Careers, and Technology in Reno, Nevada, kicked off High School of Business with a weekend retreat designed to instill teamwork and collaboration skills. Back in the classroom, they immediately put skills into practice as they work on real business projects. Next out-of-the classroom learning experience: the Federal Reserve and San Francisco Giants marketing department. 

College Credit Options With National Partners

MBA Research is pleased to offer college credit opportunities through national affiliations. In addition, schools are encouraged to work with local post-secondary partners to explore credit opportunities. Most schools that participate in the High School of Business™ program have at least one established local college credit agreement.

  University   Credits Available   Location   Details
  Bowling Green State University   Up to 6   Bowling Green, OH   BGSU details
  Bellevue University   Up to 6   Omaha, NE, or online   BU details
  Press release


Encourage Students to Share Their Stories About Your Program

Last month, Program Director Lisa Berkey had the privilege of listening to High School of Business™ students from Harrison High in Cincinnati explain the program's benefits to a teacher from Michigan. Their teacher, Trevor Ward, commented that he rarely tells others about his program. His students speak from their perspective, and in the process practice communications and networking skills. Be sure your students are getting the same experience by encouraging them to discuss what they've learned in your courses.

High School of Business™ students explain the program's impact

DECA's International Conference

At DECA's International Conference, MBA Research staff had the privilege of meeting students like these who have excelled in their courses. We're very proud to be a part of helping students succeed. We believe that project-based learning is an important part of that. If you'd like to test drive a project from the High School of Business™ program, simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a request.

High School of Business™ students at Leipsic High get ready to attend The Hatch,
an entrepreneurship competition at Bowling Green State University.

Post-Secondary Perks

Students can benefit in many ways from partnerships between secondary and post-secondary. College credit options are certainly paramount, but don't let your relationships end there. Case-in-point: The Hatch, a Shark Tank-style entrepreneurship competition at Bowling Green State University. BGSU encourages high schools to join in the fun (and the learning) via ready-to-use entrepreneurship curriculum and invitations to attend the event in-person or via a live feed.
The Hatch welcomes any high school to participate. Find out more here. MBA Research is proud to team up with BGSU to make college credit, experiences like The Hatch, and other benefits available to students participating in the High School of Business program.

Why we support High School of Business

There are lots of reasons why the High School of Business™ is changing the way schools think about business and marketing education.  Here's a personal story featured in Bowling Green State University's College of Business Newsletter.

Let the Numbers Prove the Value of Business Administration Programs

The word "data" has become the latest education catch-phrase. Hear me out...this is a GOOD thing for business administration educators. Consider this: if your school decided it could keep only one career tech program for college-bound students, business administration should be that program. Business administration continues to be the most popular college major, the most-conferred bachelor's degree, and the third-most conferred associate's degree. Translation: more college-bound students in your school can benefit from business administration courses than from any other career tech program. For the details behind these statistics, see page two of this brochure.

Ongoing, Focused Professional Development

Teacher training shouldn't stop after one session. MBA Research is committed to offering ongoing professional development opportunities to teachers in the High School of Business™ program. This includes services offered internally, such as monthly course-focused web conferences, advanced in-person training options, coordination of veteran-teacher-led webinars, as well as notification of related learning available through other organizations. One of these is the Buck Institute for Education's Google Hang-Out sessions. The current topic is Student Self-Management Via PBL. These free 30-minute hangouts are open to the public. Can't attend live? The recorded sessions are posted afterward.

Teachers experience project-based learning in teams during training.

High School of Business™ certificate of completion

Yay for You!

It's time to celebrate! Don't underestimate the importance of recognizing your students' achievements. Whether or not your school currently offers High School of Business™, here are some celebratory ideas from HSB schools.

  • Scholarships for program completers. Consider local colleges and universities, alumni groups, and business organizations as potential benefactors of your students' college education.
  • Trips. These can be a big deal (think New York Stock Exchange) or local (High School of Business™ Day at a local college or business). All trips have the powerful combination of being educational and fun.
  • Ceremonies. Recognize students at your school's existing awards ceremony or create your own. Consider asking your local Chamber of Commerce or a business to sponsor a business luncheon or dinner.
  • Graduation Cords. High School of Business™ students at a Colorado high school wear these at graduation.
  • Certificates. Don't underestimate the power of a certificate. Students who complete High School of Business™ receive these, complete with a gold star.
  • Press. Whatever you do, be sure pictures and a story make their way to your local media.

Students visit the New York Stock Exchange as part of Columbus Grove
High School's High School of Business™ program.

Welcome, New Schools!

MBA Research is pleased to welcome 16 additional schools to the program.

High School of Business™ National Advisory Council Member Recognized

MBA Research is pleased to recognize Heather Cracraft for her work on the High School of Business Advisory Council. Heather was recently featured in her local newspaper for her good works in Superior, Colorado, as well as nationally through her service on the HSB Advisory Council. Thanks, Heather, for your leadership!

High School of Business™ Students Excel at University of Northern Colorado Competition

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Mentoring, Networking on Menu at Lunch & Learn Events

Are your students making valuable connections with the local business community? Snehal Bhakta, Teacher at West CTA in Las Vegas, heads up the school's Lunch & Learn Series. Here's his description of the monthly event:
"West CTA's Lunch & Learn Series gives students the opportunity to showcase projects and network with business leaders and community partners in a roundtable setting that promotes discussion. Following introductions of all in attendance, the event begins with small groups of students and business leaders seated at round tables where they discuss the projects students have brought to demonstrate and receive feedback. The groups have five minutes before the business leaders rotate to at least 2 other tables. Next, lunch is served and the students have the opportunity to practice their communication skills in a lunch networking environment as well as continue any conversations that were left unfinished. Final remarks and an invitation to the next month's event wrap-up the gathering."

Snehal Bhakta, High School of Business™ Teacher at West CTA in Las Vegas,
snaps a selfie at one of the school's Lunch & Learn Events.

High School of Business™ students teach financial literacy to 8th graders during Career Fair

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Can Snacking Teach Economics? Ask a High School of Business™ Student. Read more.

High School of Business™ students at Monarch High in Colorado are now eligible for 21 dual credits through Front Range Community College. Kudos to teacher Rudy Sumpter for his hard work in making this possible.

The Skinny on Project-Based Learning. In her blog, Suzie Boss does a terrific job explaining away the concerns we hear regularly regarding the use of project-based learning. Her research-backed comments about the following persistent myths are worth a read.

  • "Projects may be fun, but they'll never prepare students for ____ [fill in high-stakes test of your choice]"
  • "If kids work in teams on projects, one or two will do all the work and the others will coast"
  • "PBL won't work with my students because they are ____ [fill in the challenge of your choice]"
  • "I'll never have time to cover all my content if I spend time on projects"
  • "Projects just aren't rigorous".


High School of Business students receive BetterInvesting accounts. MBA Research is pleased to partner with BetterInvesting, a nonprofit organization "providing a program of sound investment education, information, tools and support that helps create successful lifetime investors". Students participating in High School of Business nationwide will receive BetterInvesting accounts, providing access to tools used for stock selection and to manage stock portfolios as part of the Principles of Finance course. Visit to learn more about services designed to educate and support individual investors.

Urban Meets Rural: Making the most of technology in small rural schools. If you're using projects in the classroom, you know they have the ability to impact students like no other pedagogy. You also know that they require frequent communication with business professionals. The coordination of that communication can be difficult in any school, but is especially challenging in rural areas with few local businesses. Enter technology at its best. At Colorado's Monarch High School, located in close proximity to both Denver and Boulder, teacher Rudy Sumpter has a wide pool of businesses within reach. As local guest speakers visit his classroom, he uses Vidyo to record and share their presentations. As part of MBA Research's High School of Business™ program, the teachers are using the same project-based curriculum. Says Tammy Fehringer, coordinator of a group of rural schools (Northeast Colorado BOCES): "This system is going to be so helpful for our kids!  We can share speakers and even conduct classes together."

Students work with Chamber of Commerce to Bring Business to Colorado. Read more.

Teacher Therapy. You know how it feels to talk through a problem. Even if you don't find a miracle answer, chances are you feel better and have some direction after getting things off your chest. The same is true for collaborating with other teachers. If you have a team of business or marketing teachers that you collaborate with regularly, count yourself lucky. Many schools have departments of one or two, rendering those discussions impossible internally. Don't let that stop you. Find a group of business or marketing ed teachers and take advantage of the Internet to talk regularly. Here at MBA Research, we use, email, and to foster communication between teachers participating in the High School of Business™ program. And we were thrilled when one of the teachers set up a Twitter group for teachers of the program. Don't know other business and marketing teachers? Make an effort to connect at state and national conferences (such as MBA's upcoming Conclave). And be sure you have a LinkedIn account. Use the site to form a group or to search for new contacts. And, yes, all this takes time. But the pay-off is worth it.

Our biggest assets? Teachers! MBA Research staff spent two days updating curriculum with guidance from High School of Business teaching veterans Howard Foltz, Justin Servis, and Yvette Schroeder. Thanks to all for sharing your expertise.

Students Build Project Management Skills in a Lucrative Field. Quick--jot down all the steps needed to manage a 5k race. You know--marketing, registration, route mapping, health and safety, prizes, timing chips, etc. It's a lot to handle for anyone. Just ask high school senior Larkin Quintero, who successfully managed a race last year as part of his school's High School of Business™ program. Serving as project manager, he used Project Management Institute (PMI) processes and tools to manage the race from initiation to work-breakdown structure to project close. In fact, all of the students in his Principles of Management course served as project managers of their own complex projects.

Principles of Management is the fifth of six courses in the High School of Business™ program. All courses utilize project-based learning to engage students in learning content via real, hands-on projects. 9th and 10th graders begin by using a simple 3-column project plan grid to map out each team-based project in their courses. As juniors, students are ready to serve as project managers, following PMI processes to manage their own in-depth projects such as the 5k Quintero led.

As students from high schools across the country complete High School of Business™ and head for college and the workforce, their project management skills will reap benefits for them. We know it, business leaders know it, and, importantly, the students themselves know it. Of those who completed the program in 2012, 97% believe the program "increased their chance to succeed in a future career" and 87% believe it will enable them to succeed in college.

High School of Business Alum Excels. Recent Eastern High School graduate Joe Kline has been granted direct admission into The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business and the Business Honors Learning Community. The Louisville, Kentucky, student was a stand-out in High School of Business™, receiving top honors on the Principles of Finance and Principles of Business national exams. Congratulations to Joe and his teachers at Eastern High School: Will Morgan, Kim Buford, Jody Charleston, and Jodi Adams.

Scholarships for High School of Business™ Students. MBA Research is pleased to recognize The Club at Key Center, Cleveland’s premier business club, for support of High School of Business™ students. Throughout the school year, Club members provide counsel as part of the local steering team at Jane Addams Business Careers Center. And now they have awarded scholarships of $750, $500, and $500 to three recent graduates of the program. The three recipients will attend Kent State University, University of Toledo, and Cleveland State.


Stock Market Game Regional Winners. High School of Business™ students from Eastern High School comprised five top-ten teams at the regional Stock Market Game competition in Kentucky. Pictured here are 1st place winners along with their teacher, Kimberly Buford. Congratulations!


New Mexico's Capital High School celebrated 20 students advancing to DECA International Competition this spring. Teacher Ray Henderson attributes some of that success to the school's switch to the High School of Business™ curriculum. Thanks, Ray, but we know the real credit belongs to your students and hardworking teachers like you.


Summer Inspiration: project-based learning. Buck Institute for Education has free videos, online training, and more.

High School of Business Students Win Colorado’s National Economics Challenge. MBA Research congratulates Monarch High School 9th graders Harris Dietz, Jack Ferry, Andrew Leblanc, and Grant Saunders. Best of luck to them and their teacher, Rudy Sumpter, as they advance to national competition.

St. Joseph School District celebrates High School of Business graduates. Scholarships, college credit, pomp & circumstance.  Click here for details.

Teachers Collaborate at University of Colorado.  High School of Business™ teachers and counselors met at the University of Colorado recently for a day of professional development. In addition to focusing on curriculum, the group learned about CU from the Associate Dean of Leeds School of Business as well as the Director of Admissions. Dr. Al Smith commended the teachers for pushing the level of business administration knowledge taught in high schools. He also shared plans for project-based learning courses the school will soon introduce. Other topics included a new webinar series developed by Scholars students at CU-Leeds School of Business, opportunities to integrate Junior Achievement resources into courses, teaching strategies from veteran teachers, and collaboration on courses and administrative activities, such as steering team management and business community connections.

New Webinar on Negotiating Skills.  Students in the High School of Business™ program across the nation are "hanging out" with business leaders. Guest speakers are nothing new in classrooms, but technology - such as Google Hangouts - enables speakers to reach a much larger audience. Such was the case when Patrick Riley, Executive Director of the Global Accelerator Network, spoke on the topic of negotiating. Mr. Riley used his experience working with tech start-up companies to share tactics for being a strong negotiator. And he understood his audience by sharing how the same strategies can be used when negotiating with parents. Thanks to students in the Leeds Scholars Program at the University of Colorado for managing the webinar series. Consider sharing Mr. Riley's recorded 17-minute Hangout with your students.

Take a look inside the High School of Business program at Eastern High School in Louisville, Kentucky. The school created this video to explain the program to incoming students, parents, and the business community.  Well done!

MBA Research welcomes Greeley West High School in Greeley, Colorado, to the High School of Business™ program!

Students create valuable resource. At Leipsic High in Ohio, students in the High School of Business™ Leadership course have created a suicide prevention and survivor's guide video. The very personal and information piece features interviews with two students personally affected by suicide. It is being shared on SchoolTube and via our resources here at MBA Research. Words can't express the pride we feel for these students and their teacher, Yvette Schroeder. Please share the video as you see fit.

Thanks to High School of Business™ National Advisory Council and Others.  Like any successful venture, High School of Business™ has benefitted from the input of many as it has grown. MBA Research appreciates the advice and feedback we've received from post-secondary and secondary faculty and administrators, state departments of education, business professionals, and the fabulous cadre of High School of Business Teachers. We continue to improve the program and reach more students with the guidance of the High School of Business™ National Advisory Council. Thanks for your support!

MBA Research welcomes four schools to the High School of Business™ program: Kuna High School (Kuna, ID), Colerain High School/Butler Tech (Cincinnati, OH), Bullitt East High School (Mt. Washington, KY), and Eagle Valley High School (Gypsum, CO).

High School of Business™ students visit Northeastern Junior College campus.  Think fast! Students tackle business dilemmas during college visit.  Details.

High School of Business™ students assist local Red Cross. “Must adapt to change.” Reads like most job postings, right? High School of Business™ students in northeastern Colorado practiced adaptability while working on a service-learning project in their Leadership class. The students had planned to gather supplies for flood victims, but ran into a “good” problem—the Red Cross had already assisted the victims. The students quickly refocused on disaster preparedness. They collected comfort items for children (e.g., blankets, teddy bears) through their five schools-- Holyoke, Haxtun, Merino, Julesburg, and Peetz.

Through projects like this, students master learning outcomes and gain real experience using 21st Century Skills. Every High School of Business™ course includes between one and seven projects. Learn more about the program’s pedagogical philosophy here.

Project management skills raise $1,000 for Pink Ribbon Warriors.  Hats off to students in the Principles of Management course at Columbus Grove High School in Ohio! The High School of Business™ students raised $1,000 through a fund-raising class project, benefiting the Sherry Halker Pink Ribbon Warrior Fund.  The money will directly fund mammograms for uninsured and underinsured women. 

University of Missouri - Kansas City offers scholarships for High School of Business™ students. The University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC) Henry W. Bloch School of Management is offering a $1500 renewable scholarship to incoming freshmen majoring in business or accounting who have completed the three-year High School of Business program through the St. Joseph School District in St. Joseph, Missouri.The $1500 renewable scholarship is roughly equivalent to four business classes. To qualify, students must have successfully completed the HSB program and be majoring in business or accounting.

"The students in this program already have a good idea that they want to go into business or accounting," said Scott Ezzell, Assistant Manager of Admissions and Recruitment for the Bloch School of Management. "They are taking courses that will give them a good base in these program areas and help them be ready for our business program. We felt that if they successfully finished this program, they deserved the scholarship."

Chick-Fil-A entrepreneur addresses St. Joseph High School of Business™ students.  There’s nothing like learning from someone who has done it. High School of Business curriculum includes frequent interactive between students and local business professionals. Read more about how a singer/songwriter found success in the restaurant business.

Distance learning piloted at Colorado schools offering High School of Business™.  Details.

Project management skills raise $3500 for hospital.  Shout out to students in Trevor Ward's Principles of Management course at the Great Oaks satellite site at Harrison High in Cincinnati. Click here to read about how the High School of Business™ students served as project managers of multiple events to raise the funds for Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.

Plattsmouth High School celebrates first group of students to complete the High School of Business™ program.  Read more. The Journal's three-part series about Plattsmouth's High School of Business™ program: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3