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New Ethics Resources: Books & Movies List and Boot Camp Featured

Looking for new ways to teach ethics in your classroom? We’ve recently developed the following ethics resources for use with your students:

  • Books & Movies List: Ethics Books & Movies for High School Students is a list of recommended resources to help teach students about ethical decision-making. Developed with content summaries, corresponding ethical principles, and select guides for instructor education, the annotated list is a foundational component of ethical education that makes learning both informative and engaging.   
  • Boot Camp: Ethics Boot Camp consists of 10 hours of ethics activities for students that can be used in a variety of settings. It is designed to be engaging and fun for students while still introducing them to principles-based ethics, ethical decision-making, recognizing ethical dilemmas, and the specific ethical principles laid out by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. 

These ethics resources and more are available through the generous support of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program.