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Professional Development for Kentucky Teachers

MBA Research is providing a series of professional development opportunities for Kentucky teachers.  This webinar series is designed to help you with the MBA Learning Center and other MBA Research’s resources.  Each session is live and 30 minutes in length.  These sessions will be recorded and available for those who are not able to attend. 

Registration is now open. Make sure you register for the session(s) that you plan to attend.  The following sessions will be offered on the dates listed below and are in Eastern Time (ET).  Teachers who attend LIVE sessions will have an opportunity to document their attendance for those sessions for possible CEU credit.

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Getting Started with the MBA Learning Center

Are you new to the MBA Learning Center?  You have free access to hundreds of instructional resources that align to the National Standards for Business Administration.  Spend a few minutes with us to learn how to access the Learning Center, create a course shell, and import curriculum material into your new course shell.

March 23

4:30 pm

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Adding Students to the MBA Learning Center

There are variety of interactive activities available inside of the MBA Learning Center to engage students and to make completing assignments easy without reproducing it for use in other learning management platforms.  Kentucky State Department of Education has provided student license for teachers to bring students into the MBA Learning Center at no additional cost to you.  Come learn how to add students to your course inside of the MBA Learning Center. 

March 30

4:30 pm

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The Benefits of Adding Students to the MBA Learning Center

An online teaching environment has become necessary for student learning.  Come spend a few minutes with us to see the benefits of bringing students into the MBA Learning Center to complete assignments, take online quizzes, and collaborate with others.

April 6

4:30 pm

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Using the Online Gradebook in the MBA Learning Center

The Gradebook within the MBA Learning Center allows you to maintain all of your grades online or you can export them out into another gradebook system.  Speedgrader, a tool within the gradebook, makes it easy to comment and use annotations when corresponding with students.  Come see how this feature makes your life easier when grading assignments.

April 13

4:30 pm

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Navigating Curriculum Builder and Identifying Resources to Build End of Program (EOP) Modules and Practice Assessments with MBA Research

Do you need additional resources to prepare students for the EOP assessment?  Are you looking for resources that we have available for specific performance indicators?  Learn how to identify instructional resources available to assist with preparing students for various Kentucky EOP assessments.   Curriculum Builder is a powerful database tool that allows you to review those resources along with providing a platform to build your own course using the National Standards for Business Administration.  Spend a few minutes with us learning how to make curriculum builder a useful "go to" tool for your course planning.

April 20

4:30 pm

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Using the Test Item Database in the MBA Learning Center

Did you know that the MBA Learning Center has prebuilt quizzes that are based on individual performance indicators?  You can also build your own quizzes from the existing test item bank or add your own questions.  This is a great way to develop practice tests to prepare students for end-of-course exams.  Come let us show you how to do this.

April 27

4:30 pm

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An Overview of State’s Connection

Starting a School Based Enterprise (SBE)?  Need some Project-Based Learning (PBL) ideas?  Need to bring current headlines into the classroom? Have you used the MBA bookmarks to explore topics? The MBA Dictionary to retrieve a definition? Do you know that those resources exist? There are several components within State’s Connection that many have not tapped into. Come explore some of the benefits hidden inside of State’s Connection and how those resources can be used within the classroom.

May 4

4:30 pm

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Overview of A*S*K Exams

The demand for industry certifications and other credentials grows exponentially each year, yet the opportunities for business and marketing students to formally document their learning have historically been slim. MBA Research seeks to change that paradigm with A*S*K Business Institute certification. Join us for an overview of the A*S*K certification program.

May 11

4:30 pm

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