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Portable and Pandemic-Proof Featured

Because business knowledge and skills are needed in every industry, every corporation, every nonprofit, and every school, they are extremely portable. Perhaps even pandemic-proof? Definitely so when paired with 21st century skills. Since March, we have all read story after story about businesses resiliently changing direction to meet consumers' needs. Educators, you are right on track with preparing students for an ever-changing future. We exist to help you do just that. Here are a few resources to consider to keep your students learning now and always.

  • A*S*K Certification Exams. Students earn A*S*K digital badge certificates to provide proof of skills and knowledge. These are perfect for digital résumés, applications, portfolios, and LinkedIn profiles. Pretests and practice tests are available for prep. A friendly reminder that November 30 is the last day to give the pretest.
  • 21st-century-skills lesson modules. Packed with activities, discussions, narrative, PowerPoints, and much more. These 72 free modules are available to download right now.
  • Bookmarks save you time. Don't go down the Google search rabbit hole! When searching for information, use the same sites our curriculum writers use. We have saved the websites they keep bookmarked as they write materials, and you have access through the State's Connection portal. (Available to teachers in states that are members of the MBA Research consortium.)
  • High School of Business. This program is the gold standard in business and marketing education. Alumni are sought after by colleges. Participating schools receive everything they need to implement a project-based program with resources that are updated annually and support that is always available.