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Teacher-Recommended Resources for Online Learning

Search for lessons by standard in the MBA Learning Center
It's easy to search for LAPs by keyword. Here's how.

"I use the Search Bar in Commons to find LAPs that address my state standards." - Vallie Robeson, Marketing Instructor, Clay High (OH)

Conference with students using MBA Learning Center
"I used the MBA Learning Center (Canvas) conference tool yesterday and it was a very user-friendly tool. I was able to get students logged on, use the camera, and toggle between voice and the chat log. Switching back and forth to the full screen and presenter mode was very easy. I found this tool easier to use than Google Meet or Zoom." - Will Morgan, Business Teacher, Arvin Education Center (KY) 

Connect with business professionals via Nepris
"I have used the pre-recorded and live video chats available through Nepris successfully with my students. I teach in a remote area, and this tool helps us learn from business professionals who aren't local." - Janet Brophy, Business Teacher, Haxtun High (CO)
(Right now you can sign up for a free Nepris account.)

Entrepreneurship projects from Young Entrepreneurs Academy
"[Youth Entrepreneurs Academy] has lessons I use to teach STEAM." - Kim Britton, Business/Marketing Teacher, Doddridge County High (WV)

"I use the footwear design project to teach design thinking to my students." - Tami Perez, Idaho Technical Career Academy (ID)

"Sign up is free and well worth it." - Ann Stewart, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Teacher, Stewarts Creek High (TN)

Interactive economics lessons from EconEdLink
Brought to you by the Council for Economic Education, EconEdLink provides over 435 interactive lessons to choose from, many of which include both a teacher and student version. MBA Research staff recommend this site, as does Willene Biere, business academy teacher/director at Canyon Springs High (CA).

Encourage and recognize small chunks of learning with digital badges
Digital badges (micro-credentials) provide students with proof of their learning to post on digital portfolios, résumés, LinkedIn, and social media. Use them to encourage and measure small chunks of learning (a single standard) during social distancing. This article includes ideas for making the most of digital badges.

Personal finance resources and PD from Next Gen Personal Finance
Next Gen Personal Finance is the site I use the most right now. It has shorter, well-thought-out activities, and my students usually stay engaged. Everything is free." - Tony Raffetto, Business Teacher, Wilcox High (CA)

"You can edit everything to suit your needs into a Google Classroom or download as a Word document." - Amber Florence, Business/Marketing Teacher, Harrison County Area Technology Center (KY)

"I did a lot of PD with them this weekend. It is all free and very good." - Katrina McDowell, Marketing/Management Instructor, High Plains Technology Center (OK)

"The site has a career section that I use frequently." - Kim Guest, Coordinator for Online Education Experiences and Risk Management and Insurance Teacher, Genesee Career Institute (MI)

Ethics discussions using Gray Zone and Canvas discussion boards
Use Gray Zone ethical dilemmas to generate online discussions on discussion boards. If you use the MBA Learning Center (Canvas), here's how to use the built-in discussion board. Each of MBA Research's Learning Activity Packages (LAPs) includes a Gray Zone. This includes the 72 ethics-focused LAPs available at no cost thanks to the Daniels Fund High School Ethics Initiative. 

"I use Gray Zone ethical dilemmas every Wednesday for 'Ethics Wednesdays.'" - Willene Biere, Business Academy Teacher/Director, Canyon Springs High (CA)

"Gray Zones are one of the few things that get [students] talking without tricking them into discussion.” - Tony Raffetto, Business Teacher, Wilcox High (CA)

Advice from teachers via Business Educators Facebook page
"The Business Educators Facebook page is amazing! There is a lot being shared, including short activities that work for teachers in districts limiting instruction to 30 minutes." - JoLynn Baral, Ft. Lupton High (CO).

"There is a file tab on the page to go back and search." - Adam Feazell, Asst. Principal, Hampshire High (WV)

"It is also a great place to ask for help." - Vallie Robeson, Clay High (OH)

Use Pear Deck to turn presentations into classroom conversations
"Pear Deck's student-paced setting has been one of the most beneficial resources to my online teaching. It can be used to make a PowerPoint interactive and ask the students questions as you go along. It records student responses so that you can measure engagement and get an idea of student understanding." -Christina Rusate, CTE Dept Chair, Trumbull High (CT)

Use ethics resources as great enrichment resources for all CTE areas
"All courses and CTSOs teach ethics, so I used the Daniels Fund ethics materials to create student engagement activities for my entire CTE center." -Adam Feazell, Asst. Principal, Hampshire High (WV)

All ethics resources, including lesson modules (LAPs), videos, and Gray Zone ethical dilemmas, are available at no cost compliments of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative High School Program.

Focus on how factories are retooling using a LAP and a custom activity 
"I am sharing an activity we used for our production unit using LAP-OP-017, "Can You Make It?". It involves researching what companies are doing to retool their factories to produce needed supplies for COVID-19 and putting their regular production aside for a time." -Sandy Fidance, Bunn High School (NC)

Use EdPuzzle to make any video into a lesson. "I love that I can see which students have answered and which haven't." -Vallie Robson, Marketing Instructor, Clay High (OH) "I use EdPuzzle a lot. I find a video, clip it, add questions within the video." -Nadine Scott, Marketing Instructor, Penta Career Center/Oak Harbor High (OH)

Use MBA Learning Center for daily check-in 
"I set up a daily assignment in the MBA Learning Center. It is a one-question essay: 'What am I working on today and what questions do I have?' This allows me to see all responses in one place so I know who needs help each day and can reach out to them." -Nadine Scott, Marketing Instructor, Penta Career Center/Oak Harbor High (OH)

"Loom is similar to Screencastify, but I find it easier to use. I use it to share my screen and create videos." -Nadine Scott, Marketing Instructor, Penta Career Center/Oak Harbor High (OH)  "Plus, it's a Google Chrome extension." -Tami Perez, Online Business and Marketing Teacher, Idaho Technical Career Academy (ID)

Business Trends with Classroom Connections
West Virginia-based teacher Kim Britton uses Action Briefs on discussion boards. Each brief explains what MBA Research is hearing in our ongoing research with U.S. business and industry. And, each includes classroom connection tips. 

"Explore the Web" section of LAP modules
Our Teacher Advisory Network recommends the "Explore the Web" section of every LAP module. Ready-to-post videos and articles are perfect for use on discussion boards. There are over 200 LAP modules within the MBA Learning Center LMS, which has a built-in discussion board. Or, purchase a single LAP via direct download and post it to your own LMS's discussion board. 

Several members of our Teacher Advisory Network recommend Knowledge Matters' online business simulations, which include entrepreneurship, retailing, and personal finance.

National Retail Federation Foundation offers free credential
The National Retail Federation Foundation is offering its introductory credential free through June 30. The training is self-paced and can be completed online in about 5 hours.