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Use MBA Research Resources for FBLA Success

Not sure where to start? We can help.

#1 Crosswalks are the key!

Crosswalks make it easy to select MBA Research resources that align with the content of written exams, reports, and performance events in competition. Detailed objectives are also provided for each competency, providing you and your students details about what to study. Crosswalks are available for over 70 FBLA Events.

#2 Lesson modules for deep learning

Help students master each competency in their chosen event with lesson modules (LAPs). Each includes engaging readings, activities, test items, ethical dilemmas, discussion guides, and much more. Not sure which ones you need? Use our free crosswalks.

Get access to over 300 lesson modules in the MBA Learning Center LMS or purchase modules individually via direct download.

#3 Create practice quizzes for each event

Use the test item bank in the MBA Learning Center LMS to quiz students on the competencies covered in an event. Use the crosswalks to find the test item code for each competency.

#4 Think fast!

Thinking on your feet is critical in competition. Help students get comfortable with quickly analyzing a situation and voicing an educated conclusion using our ethical dilemma scenarios (The Gray Zone). These are available on the State’s Connection portal at no cost to educators who teach in states that are members of the MBA Research consortium. Don't teach in a member state? We also put one Gray Zone scenario in each issue of our weekly newsletter.

#5 Teamwork, communications, and collaboration

Help students develop professional skills using free lesson modules available courtesy of the Daniels Fund. Each one builds skills students need to excel in college, career, and competition.