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New Daniels Fund Grant Announced at Conclave Featured

It was announced at the Conclave opening session that, starting in 2020, the Daniels Fund will provide MBA Research with a second grant to strengthen the work we have done at the high school level, and has added additional funding for both middle school and postsecondary resources.

Some of the exciting additions include the development of testing software to deliver ethics-related assessments, the development of an online course, strengthening our support with CTSOs, a middle school course and leadership resources, and both online and traditional courses for postsecondary.

The initial grant from the Daniels Fund, started in 2015, provided MBA Research an opportunity to develop ethical leadership resources for teachers and students across the country at no cost.

To date, this initial grant has reached over one-half million students, distributed over 164,000 instructional resources and 7,000 course guides. In addition, 32 MBA Research-trained ethics specialists have trained over 2,400 teachers across the country.