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Look Inside a Learning Activity Package (LAP)

Lead the Way (Concept of Leadership)

A manager’s leadership isn’t just about telling people what to do—it’s also about facilitating a safe, comfortable work environment. Managers who are good leaders understand they need to work with their employees to make workers feel welcome and comfortable expressing their opinions.

This video by Accenture Academy dives deep into how leaders can benefit from building on their emotional intelligence. It focuses on a manager, Javier, who is starting to learn  new skills, like self-awareness and accountability.

Use our LAP Lead the Way (Concept of Leadership) to teach your students about how businesses operate and contribute to society. The 2021 edition is referenced as LAP-EI-909 and is available in the MBA Learning Center today.

Trust Is A Must (Ethics in Customer Relationship Management)

Research has shown that about 95% of customers say that they will quit doing business with a company they don’t feel that they can trust. Customer trust can mean the difference between a business’s success and failure. The key to long-term business success is found in long-term customer relationships, and businesses can build this trust by keeping their promises, protecting private information, and using customer information wisely by providing a more personalized customer experience.

To help your students understand how to translate customer information into a personalized experience, check out the article “How To Increase Sales by Personalizing the Customer Experience” by QuickSprout. Ask students to consider how a customized experience increases trust in and loyalty to a business. What are some examples of personalized business communications they have received? How did these communications impact their feelings toward the business?

For more information about the role of ethics in building trust with customers to gain a crucial competitive advantage and the specific characteristics of ethical privacy policies, check out our latest LAP Trust Is a Must (Ethics in Customer Relationship Management).

"The student narrative was on point. It was very user-friendly and written in a way that students would clearly understand. Great questions included in discussion guide." -Patrick Costigan, Glasgow High School (DE)