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Business Speakers

Lisa Phillips, Baltimore Entrepreneur of the Year (Greater Baltimore Urban League), recently spoke to high school business teachers in Maryland at the MBA Business, Management, and Finance (BMF) Summer Institute held at the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business.

Turning Business Failure into Profit
Phillips shared her incredible story of persevering through major life obstacles to pursue her education goals and start her own successful business. She also discussed her impact on local workforce development through her training workshops developed for the Maryland Department of Social Services, mentoring young women in the welfare system, and training homeless youth in Baltimore City. Lisa just recently initiated a workforce development training in Pennsylvania and is in preparations to expand to additional states.

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your unique experience and perspective with us at the BMF Summer Institute!

Mark Henson, owner and chief imagination officer at SparkSpace (a business conferencing and retreat center in downtown Columbus), met with 40 Leadership Forum attendees on Sunday, January 27th here at MBA Research. Mark shared the story of his professional journey from DJ to business owner and talked about how he identified and used his own superpowers to "wade through the muck" that threatened his focus on building a successful business.

Find Your Ordinary Superpowers
Mark implored the group to evaluate their own strengths and superpowers and use them to help maintain their focus on building exemplary plans to strengthen business and marketing programs in each of their states. He challenged participants from Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia to help potential teacher-leaders around them identify their own qualities that could be utilized to strengthen programs. He reminded the educators in the room that they are in a unique position to help students identify their own individual superpowers and challenged them to help guide students in this area.

Mark is also an author and renowned speaker. He shared a complimentary copy of his book Ordinary Superpowers with each member of the audience. Find out more about Mark here.