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About MBA Accreditation

Get the Credit You Deserve!
National Accreditation of Exemplary Programs in Business Administration

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Doing it right?  Then you and your school deserve to be recognized!
Earn local, state, and national recognition for your exemplary high school Business Administration program in entrepreneurship, finance, management, or marketing.

Based on extensive research over an extended time, the MBA Research National HS MBA Accreditation program offers independent review and benchmarking against five standards:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Teacher Leadership
  • Program Development
  • Student Learning, Achievement , and Success


This national accreditation initiative offers a comprehensive review of your program, individualized feedback from an independent review team, and comprehensive professional development opportunities.  Accreditation offers a new level of assurance for your school administration, business community, and students (and their parents) that your program meets rigorous design standards developed by MBA Research along with specialized task forces*. The accreditation standards have been recently revised following the completion of the year one pilot and input from the external accreditation review team.


  • Local and national recognition of high-quality and exemplary programs
  • Benchmark for local administrators adding or improving local business and marketing programs
  • Framework for professional development and access to cohort group activities
  • Common framework to permit nationwide discussion, promotion, PR, data gathering, and positioning
  • Framework to support development of strong rationale for programs


Accreditation Process

The five-year accreditation is earned through a comprehensive self-assessment based on the five standards, documentation with specific evidence as outlined in the application package, independent review and feedback, and a continuing quality improvement initiative as developed by the review team, school representative (teacher), and MBA Research program development staff. 

Academic/Continuing Education Credits

In addition to earning recognition as a nationally-recognized exemplary program, most participating teachers will be eligible for graduate college credits or documentation for continuing education credits.   (Graduate credit fees will vary based on the institution making the award.)


Programs applying for accreditation must be approved as career technical education within the state and follow a program of study in management, marketing, finance or entrepreneurship. Trend data on student performance (Standard 5) must be available for each of the three most recent years completed. It is highly recommended that the instructor(s) have taught in the program for the three most recent years completed.

Fees and Costs

Fees for charter year participants (2016-2017) are deeply discounted.  For most schools the total cost will be $595, plus an annual renewal fee of $95 to maintain status.  Additional costs if on-site visit (optional) is requested.

Accreditation Documents, Forms, and Application  - Click Here


MBA High School
National Accreditation
2017 Schedule

Spring, 2017

Starting date:  February 1, 2017
Letter of Intent due:  January 5, 2017
Application and Program Agreement Form due:  January 15
Review completed by:  February-April, 2018

Summer, 2017

Starting date:  June 1, 2017
Letter of Intent due: May 1, 2017
Application and Program Agreement Form due:  May 15, 2017
Review completed: June-August, 2018

Fall, 2017

Starting date:  October 1, 2017
Letter of Intent due:  September 1, 2017
Application and Program Agreement Form due:  September 15, 2017
Review completed: October-December, 2018  


Additional Information:  
Rick Mangini, Project Director:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
PH: 800.448.0398 x224

*Task force representatives include:

  • Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)
    • Business Education Division
    • Headquarters staff
    • Marketing Education Division
  • Business Professionals of America (BPA)
  • DECA
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA/PBL)
  • MBA Research and Curriculum Center Consortium
  • National Association of Supervisors of Business Education (NASBE)
  • Individual professionals representing:
    • Business education teachers (HS)
    • Community colleges
    • 4-year college
    • CTE local directors
    • CTE state directors
    • Marketing education teachers (HS)
    • Secondary school principals
    • Teacher education