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Hide and Go Speak: Helping Those Around You Find Their True Voices

Join us on Monday morning, October 9, to find out how Frank Tate, a dedicated father and successful entrepreneur (5 Minute Walk Records, Super Franks Fun Adventure, MindQuilt, The Knowledge Coop), proposes we improve our lives and our businesses by simply analyzing and applying quantitative and qualitative data (both filtered and raw). Frank will share his story of how growing up in the Foster Care system of California forged his signature perspective on Screaming Data, which guides his decision-making process in both his personal and professional life. Frank will share his premise that our job as parents, spouses, educators, colleagues, and executive leaders is to EDIT people's stories, rather than AUTHOR them. Learn how the application of this principle has played a key role in Frank not only loving his journey and creating multiple successful businesses, but helping countless others listen to their data, so they can live their "best story" both personally and professionally.

Frank Tate is a husband, father, entrepreneur (5 Minute Walk Records, Super Franks Fun Adventure, MindQuilt, The Knowledge Coop), and author who has a passion to encourage and motivate people to live a great story, no matter how their past chapters have played out. Frank spent 10 years in foster care (ages 8-18) and shares how being invited into a loving foster home changed the trajectory of his journey and gave him great insights as he continues to write and live his own story. Frank advises numerous companies, groups, and entrepreneurs. He loves his family, mountain biking, going to Maui, and watching the amazing Oakland A's. Frank's memoir, Foster Kid, is very close to publication.

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