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What teachers and students are saying...

about our Curriculum:

“I love to use MBA Research materials in my classroom because when I do I know the students are getting relevant and current information that has been verified by industry professionals. They make it easy for me to pick and choose content that either accentuates what I am already doing or can be a whole unit or course; the choice is up to me.”

--Phil Huff, Badger High School, WI


“As a business teacher, I saw first-hand how the work of MBA Research could benefit my classroom. As I learned to use their materials, align my content to the national standards, and implemented PBL supported by the LAP modules, both my program and my students benefited. The program developed closer relationships with the local business community and the students saw success on stage in CTSO competitions.”

--Jessica DeVaal, ND state leader


"[MBA Research has] the best supplemental learning tools our program can acquire."

--Atiba Bethea, teacher, Grimsley High School, NC

“I attribute my students' success in DECA competition to the MBA Research curriculum. My kids are thriving!”

--Mary Schiefer, Teacher, Pomona High School (CO)

“As someone who works closely with both DECA and MBA Research, I've seen first-hand that MBA Research works hard to promote DECA values and support DECA initiatives.”

--Lori Hairston, WA DECA Executive Director


“All MBA Research exams are invaluable to preparing students for DECA competitive events. The exam results can easily be analyzed to determine where your students need to spend more time preparing for competitive events.”

--Kim Guest, teacher and Advisory Network member, MI


"When I use materials developed by MBA Research, I know my students are getting the most current information and content that has been validated by business."

-Nadine Scott, Marketing Education Instructor/DECA Advisor (OH)


"Using the MBA Research LAPs has made lesson planning for my courses a snap! Between the massive resources listed in the Course Guides, the LAPs themselves, and the assessments included with the LAPs, I can have at my fingertips a variety of materials for just about every competency I teach!"

-Dr. Ann Stewart, Stewarts Creek High School (TN)


about our standards and Course Guides:

“Wisconsin has truly benefited from the Business Administration industry-validated standards. Since these standards were adopted throughout our K-16 system, we have been able to build a stronger dual enrollment program with our Wisconsin Technical College System. In addition, these research-based standards have provided Wisconsin with the opportunity to develop a statewide Marketing Youth Apprenticeship work-based learning program."

"Course Guides have provided new and veteran Wisconsin marketing/business educators with the strategic roadmap to be successful in their classroom.  Some educators have used the full Course Guide to expand their program offerings; whereas, other educators have strategically implemented the Course Guide’s project-based activities and rubrics.” 

--Tim Fandek, WI state program leader and MBA Research Board Trustee


about the value of our A*S*K Institute:

“Through the business-sponsored A*S*K Institute, MBA Research offers independent proof of learning for and about business, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.  The certification exams are based solely on industry-validated standards and performance indicators. The assessments are a great means for measuring students’ skills and competencies upon completion of a business administration program of study.”

—Dale Winkler, Southern Regional Education Board, MBA Research Board Vice-Chair


“Completion of a Career Pathway and A*S*K* proof of learning provides our students with the right kind of tools to move forward in either entry level positions in various industries or in continuing their post-secondary education. Students are much more prepared entering the workforce right away.”

“The A*S*K* Exams provide proof of learning in Kentucky. A*S*K* Exams are aligned to many Kentucky Career Pathways [and] MBA Research works closely with business and industry partners to develop curriculum and assessment. 
Post-secondary partners are beginning to recognize the value of the exams. This has raised the bar in Kentucky. Students are much more prepared entering the workforce right away. Completion of a Career Pathway and A*S*K* proof of learning provides our students with the right kind of tools to move forward in either entry level positions in various industries or continue their education to post-secondary.” 

-- Betty Montgomery, KY Program Leader


“The A*S*K exam provided insight into how I should approach a college-level exam. As a result, I was more confident than most of my peers going into the business program at my university.” --Michael Lewis, majoring in Finance and Accounting at the University of Kentucky

about our custom workshops:

“Thank you for presenting the Hands-on-Workshop: Teaching Ethical Decision-Making in Business and Marketing Education for teachers within Pennsylvania (and bordering states). The topic (and curriculum) is a critical initiative for propelling high school students toward becoming college, career, and life ready. You did an exceptional job presenting modules and engaging participants in the learning process. I was especially impressed with the depth of information and wealth of educational resources you shared supporting the initiative.”

-La Verne Dixon, Ph.D., PA State Leader

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about our Daniels Fund-sponsored ethical decision-making Learning Modules:

“Ethical dilemmas are found in everything we do, whether in business activities or personal lives. Knowing how to choose the right thing is so very important to a student's success in life and business.”

—Tammie Brewer, MBA Research field tester and Mississippi DECA Coordinator, discussing LAP-EI-125


about Conclave:

“Conclave is one of the best teacher conferences that I have had the opportunity to attend. The sessions are very specific, informative, and provide 'take aways' for classroom use. Having the ability to network with other educators from different states is priceless! Sharing resources and strategies are tools that help spark excitement in the classroom and has given a jolt to my teaching experience.”

-Tammy Cyrus, South Central High School (NC)

"MBA Conclave changed my life. The speakers and sessions were wonderful and they have given me extensive tools and insights that will be with me for the rest of my life no matter which careers or experiences I will pursue. I now believe that I can truly make a difference in the world." -Amelia Barbre-Strayer, Central Washington University

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about High School of Business:

“The High School of Business Program is an exceptional college-preparatory business curriculum that I wish I had found earlier in my business education career…much earlier. Students and teachers alike enjoy the project-based learning opportunities, the assignments, and the online learning classroom management system. After years in the business classroom, I had a renewed purpose and love for teaching after the integration of High School of Business.”  --Allison Holtzer, teacher, West Bend High School, WI

“My former students have unanimously told me that being in HSB has helped them in college.” –Howard Foltz, Columbus Grove High School (OH)

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about LAP Modules:

“The activities are engaging for students and give a great variety for teachers to use depending how in depth you want to go into the subject and how you need to differentiate”
- Teresa Brooks, Southington High School, CT

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about the MBA Learning Center:

"When I am creating lesson plans, the ability to use the [Performance Indicators] to locate appropriate LAPs is wonderful. I also like the fact I can pick and choose which activities I would like students to complete between group and individual items."
--Kim Guest, teacher and Advisory Network member, MI
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