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High School of Business Fact Check

High School of Business™ brings college-inspired business administration courses to high schools across the U.S. An accelerated series of six courses challenges students with hands-on marketing, management, finance, and economics courses. The program engages students with project-based learning but doesn’t fall short on content. Each course is built around industry-validated curriculum standards. Teachers receive high-quality professional development and ongoing support. At each participating school, a cross-functional steering team of local business leaders, college faculty, and school personnel manage the program.

Prepared for Success

  • 81% earn college credit
  • 8 credits (average) via local credit agreements
  • 6 credits available via national agreement


Post-Program Outcomes

  • 73% enrolled in college within six months of graduation (2010-14)
    Source: National Student Clearinghouse. (US average is 66%)


"High School of Business has helped make our program stronger and more attractive to students and parents." -Dr. Jerry Anderson, Principal, Monarch High School (CO)

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