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Thinking about competing?

Beat the odds!
Get to the stage!

It’s not the smartest who win, but the best prepared!
These tips will get you started on your trip to the stage:

Prepare to Win!

One of the most fun things about joining an organization like BPA, DECA, or FBLA is the opportunity to prove yourself in nose-to-nose competition with other business and marketing students.  It’s fun (honest)!  

Win or lose, simply preparing to compete will help you get better prepared for the future.  Believe it or not, there’s competition everywhere – for college entrance, for internships, for jobs, for promotions.

We can’t help with all of life’s many competitions, but we can help you get to the stage with your BPA, DECA, or FBLA competition.  Here’s how to win:

Get started right…

1. Choose wisely:  Work on an event that has something in it for you, for your future.   

2. Choose early: Choose your event as far in advance as you can so you can take advantage of many different learning opportunities.   

3. Study what matters most:  If you’re competing in finance, studying marketing isn’t the key to winning. Get the list of competencies.

4. Plan ahead!  Most of your competitors will not. Early birds get the trophy.

5. Make it real:  the whole idea is to do something that will help you in the real world.  

6. Read the guidelines:  Rules matter. Don’t let a single point get away.

7. Ask hard questions:  Quit trying to memorize.

Beat the test…

8. Practice testing:  Ask yourself “why?”  

9. Cramming is not a strategy: Do a little something every day.

10. Test day:  Do what works best for you, but be sure you…

Wow that judge…

11. First impressions matter:  It's often the little things that count. Make sure to dress appropriately. 

12. Get uncomfortable first.  Deal with the stress before the real deal.

13. Finances rule:  Every single business decision has financial implications. So do competitive events.

14. Data trump all else.  Good business people (judges!) use all kinds of data (financial and other) to make decisions.  

15. Create some WOW.  If the rules allow you to use visuals, take full advantage.  

16. Start strong, end strong!  Your judged event, regardless of the details, is a sales presentation.  Act like it. 


MBA Research is proud to support career-tech student organizations for students interested in a wide variety of business careers.  For additional information on learning materials that may help you prepare, refer your teacher to our website.  We particularly recommend:  MBA Learning Center, and exams available via the MBA Assessment Center.


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