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Your 7th Sense Together at Work and School

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Locally, how many schools and businesses partner annually? Not enough. Of those few schools and businesses who do partner, how many are recognized by their respective peers or earn awards? Nowhere near enough. Nationally, how many schools and business associations have partnerships? Still not enough.

In the new age of constant connection, those communities who develop an understanding of networks - a seventh sense - will thrive in the world. Both the quality and quantity of these connected networks affect our schools and businesses. Skeptical? Air BnB saw unused bedrooms as a way to make [a lot] of money by developing a network that connected homeowners with travelers, while Uber saw unused personal cars as disruptive public transportation. What if we saw high school business and marketing programs as unused agencies with opportunities to strengthen programs and student learning through strong, sustained partnerships? 

During this interactive session, attendees will explore this "what if" with the only professional marketing association partnering with high schools anywhere in the U.S. and a one-of-a-kind business and school partnership. Each piece of both professional association and business partnerships will be revealed in depth with the explicit intention of audience adoption and expansion of their own networks. Power comes from the number, the type, and the speed of relationships that networks establish and then use. As we explore your seventh sense, we will examine and unlock your ability to look at anything (i.e., High School of Business™, CTSO Chapters) and see the way in which it can be changed by business engagement.

Join Brandon Pelissero and Rhace Smith of Ecolink Inc. (Tucker, GA) and Kari Palmer from Sequoyah High School (Canton, GA) as they share their experiences and ideas on how to engage business.

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