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Honors-Ready Marketing Program of Study/End-of-Program High School Exam [2 Credit]

The 2-credit honors-ready marketing program-of-study (end-of-program) exam is geared for senior students of advanced ability, identified in many states as program completers. The exam is based on the MBAResearch 2-Credit Honors-Ready Marketing Program of Study Model, which includes courses recommended for an honors-level 2-credit/Carnegie unit high-school Business Administration program focused on marketing. This particular Marketing Program of Study addresses select standards and performance indicators from the Business Administration Core, Marketing Cluster Core, and Selling Pathway at the Prerequisite, Career-Sustaining, Specialist, and Manager curriculum planning levels. Pretest available July 1 – November 30.

Test Specifications
Weight of exam by instructional area

BL Business Law 1%
CM Channel Management 4%
EC Economics 18%
FI Financial Analysis 1%
HR Human Resources 1%
IM Marketing-Information Management 7%
NF Information Management 1%
MK Marketing 3%
MP Market Planning 9%
OP Operations 2%
PD Professional Development 8%
PI Pricing 2%
PM Product/Service Management 11%
PR Promotion 10%
SE Selling 21%
SM Strategic Management 1%

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Online Testing Process
All exams must be proctored by an independent proctor registered with MBAResearch.
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Prior to taking the exam, you must establish an "account" for each student.
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To Purchase
Your purchase of program-of-study (end-of-program) exam credits allows access to all available exams. Each time an exam is taken, one credit is used. All exams are administered online through our WebXam system (as used by A*S*K Institute and many state DECA associations). Unused credits may be carried forward indefinitely as long as your account is actively used each year.

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