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Concurrent Sessions (Educator Sessions)

Embracing Digital Badging & Certifications

Learn how to create your own memes, visual stories, or web videos using free Adobe® Spark. Create aesthetic pleasing advertisements to market CTSO events and projects. Help your students create graduation announcements, compelling visual stories, electronic portfolios, Video Advertisements, and so much more to share on social media.

Building Programs with Industry Certifications

Employers want more than words – they want proof.  Come to this session to learn how secondary and post secondary institutions have identified the types of assignments to prepare students for post-high school and college certification exams including Adobe, Autodesk, Quickbooks and Office.  EWU is one of the leading universities with certification and Mount Vernon is ranked in the top ten high schools as certifying the most students in the State of Washington.

Presenters: Ariel Dykstra, Eastern Washington University/Mount Vernon High School, and Taryn Fletcher, Business and Marketing Director, Eastern Washington University

Five Gears

How do you be present and productive when there isn’t enough time? All too often people go through life without truly connecting—and can, as a result, miss out on experiences and relationships that have the power to bring them great joy. Learn how to shift into the right gear at the right time so that you can grow in your relational intelligence and increase your influence personally, professionally, and in your community.

When leadership improves, everything gets better from relationships and results to profitability and possibilities. For the last 25 years, Ryan Underwood and the nationwide team from TRI Leadership Resources have been studying, practicing, and delivering powerful tools that have helped organizations expand their leadership potential and capacity. Whether it’s The White House, Congress, and federal agencies or local schools and nonprofits or Fortune 100 companies or small businesses, TEAMTRI’s four- part leadership system grows organizational health from the inside out. When it is time to climb, organizations call TEAMTRI to help guide them to their next summit.

Since co-founding TEAMTRI in 1991 in his Grandma’s garage in Orange County, California, more than 10 million people have benefitted from the work of Ryan and the Team from TRI. In 2009, Ryan co-founded with Carrie Underwood his greatest leadership project yet—raising daughters Madelyn (7) and Annabelle (5). Ryan is a graduate with honors of Pepperdine University, a Senior Associate with GiANT Worldwide, and national recognized volunteer leader and Board Member of 25 state, national, and international nonprofit organizations.

Washington State Frameworks Primer

For Washington Educators

Washington OSPI annual up-date from Business and Marketing Supervisor Lance Wrzesinski.  Sharing successful results of on going programs, what’s new or different, and what may be on the horizon.  Along with time for questions and sharing.

Presented by: Lance Wrzenski, Business and Marketing Supervisor, WA

Who Taught You To Make Financial Decisions?

Financial education benefits students at all levels.  Some states now require or encourage financial education for students. 

In this seminar you will:

  • Learn tips about embedding financial education in any subject area
  • Experience a model lesson on decision-making
  • Receive resources to help you find appropriate lessons and training opportunities

Lisa Whitling currently teaches Business and Marketing classes at Prairie High School in Battle Ground School District. Lisa’s work history includes launching a successful non-profit, retail management, marketing and serving on a variety of boards of directors allowing her to use her business and financial skills.  She has an MBA and recently became a Washington State Certified Professional Guardian.

Infusing CTE Business Programs into Middle School

As Idaho explores the formal expansion of CTE Business programs into the 7th and 8th grades, this session will explore strategies for the successful introduction, growth, and sustainability of these programs. Using a round-table approach, Idaho will provide an overview of its current structure of Middle School business programs, as well as some of its long-term strategies. Attendees will share out their existing framework, identify potential best practices, and provide input on how to ensure every student has a meaningful experience within their business program, regardless of their starting point.  

Amy Lorenzo serves as the Planning and Policy Coordinator for the Idaho Division of Career & Technical Education. Shauna serves as the Business and Marketing Program Quality Manager for the division.

Shauna Williams is the Program Quality Manager for Business & Marketing Education at Idaho Career & Technical Education. She is the  state advisor for Business Professionals of America and DECA. Shauna was a high school business teacher for 19 years as well as an online high school business teacher for iSucceed Virtual High School where she teaches Marketing and MOS certification courses.  Shauna is a member of the National Association of Supervisors of Business Educators, MBA Research Consortium, National Business Education Association, Western Business Education Association and Membership Director for Idaho Business Education Association.  Shauna is a graduate from the University of Idaho with her Educational Specialist degree and is currently working on her Doctorate in Career & Technical Education at the University of Idaho.

Washington State Frameworks Primer

For Washington Educators

Need a little guidance on framework creation?  Maybe you are a veteran teacher looking for a refresher or perhaps you are new to the teaching profession and still unsure of the process?  All are welcome to join Brenda Grabski for a back to basics overview with resources to include templates and standards.  You will leave with a basic understanding of the following elements:

  • Purpose and Scope of  CTE Frameworks
  • Resources, links with content for frameworks creation
  • Required elements such as new finance standards, leadership and 21st century skills
  • Contact information for further support 


Rick Davis & Brenda Grabski are marketing educators and DECA advisors actively engaged in professional development for the Washington Association of Marketing Educators. Both have a passion for curriculum development, classroom management and of course students! Together they have over 40 years of classroom experience and industry knowledge.

Breakout Into Critical Thinking Skills

Breakout EDU is an immersive learning game platform. This kit allows the facilitation of games where students or staff use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles to open a locked box. The process involves analytical thinking and uses all 21st century skills in building a cohesive team to solve the puzzle. Learn how to increase staff and student engagement in the learning process. Learn how to resource your own kit and customize games for your groups. Get resources for ready-made games and join social media groups around the country who are using this platform in their schools and classrooms.

Nina Merget is currently a business/marketing teacher at Harrison High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan. She also serves as the DECA Advisor and Work-Based Learning Coordinator. Her students operate the "Hawk's Nest" school store, a Gold-Certified DECA School-Based Enterprise. Nina holds a master's degree in curriculum and instruction as well as a bachelor's degree in marketing from Michigan State University. Prior to becoming an educator, Nina worked as a sales and marketing professional in the oil industry. 

Test Your Knowledge – Free – Take MBA Research Exams

BYOD Bring Your Own Device) and take any of the Level 1 Badging Exams or the A*S*K Business Fundamentals exam.  It is important that you stop by the registration desk and register for the exam(s) of your choice at least 1 hour before taking the exam. This is great way to learn about how the exams are organized and to better understand the exams your students may be taking.

Host and Proctor:  Laurie Urich, Project Manager, MBA Business Coalition for Education, MBA Research

Project Management – Paving the Way for CTSO Projects

We’ve all done it – watched our students (and sometimes ourselves) panic as deadlines approach, presentations need to be ready, contacts need to be made, written DECA projects submitted, proposals written.  Can you really reduce the panic?  The answer is absolutely yes – if you use the project management tools used by project managers all over the world.  Leave this session with the tools needed to reduce stress and most importantly, improve project outcomes for your DECA members – in the classroom and in the workplace.

Jennifer Milke is a Marketing, Small Business, and Personal Finance teacher, as well as a DECA advisor at Henry Ford II High School in Sterling Heights, MI. Jennifer received her BS in secondary education from Central Michigan University and is vocationally certified in marketing and business. She received her Master’s in public administration with an emphasis in educational administration at the University of Michigan Flint. She became an International DECA Certified Trainer in 2012 and trained teachers at the the state and regional levels. She has been on the Michigan Marketing Educators (MME) Board since 2009, and served as the president and secretary. In 2010, Jennifer received the Dr. Jack T. Humbert New Professional of the Year Award. She was selected as a lead teacher for the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Marketing in Economics Curriculum Integration Grant administered through Berrien RESA. Her leadership resulted in the development of 45 lesson plans aligned to the State’s economics standards allowing teachers to grant state graduation credit through State Approved Marketing Education Programs.

Best Practices for LAPs

Imagine having an amazing lesson plan at your fingertips, complete with objectives, activities, answer key, powerpoint, assessment, and more.  Join Tammy as she shares her classroom experience in making LAPs work for you.  Tammy’s tips will keep your students engaged while helping to deliver the standards that business demands of our students.

Tammy Cyrus is a Business and Marketing Education teacher at South Central High School (NC).  She has received her National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification, her Master of Arts in Business Education (MaED) and holds her certification in School Administration.  Her professional experiences include working as adjunct faculty at Pitt Community College, working as a consultant with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, serving as Department Chairperson for the CTE Department, secretary of the School Improvement Team, mentoring beginning teachers, and working as a CTSO adviser for FBLA. 

The Art of Questioning in the CTE Classroom

All educators need to be able to create strong questions in the classroom. If you are tired of your students giving you basic answers in discussions and want more in-depth replies, this session is for you! Together, we will look at the art of questioning! Be prepared to learn how to level questions, create scaffold questioning techniques, and get your students from "yes" or "no" to "I can explain why"! 

Participants will leave this session with a better understanding of:

  • ​Ideas for including leveled questions in a lesson plan
  • Ways to write strong assessment questions to gauge student understanding
  • How to increase student engagement and classroom participation based on questioning
  • Strategies to get students to become the questioner
  • Methods of using questions to improve students' critical-thinking skills in the subject area

Nakesha Dawson is the district curriculum coordinator for marketing teachers in the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system. Her primary roles are coaching and creating teacher-leaders.

New to MBA Research

Introduction and orientation for first-timers 

Joining us for the first time? Welcome to what we believe is the premier conference for business and marketing education. This session is designed for you. It will be a fast-paced, interactive session providing you with an overview of MBA Research and Conclave and giving you a chance to meet other first-timers. Hosted by Rick Mangini, you will meet MBA Research key staff who will share recommended sessions to attend.

Rick Mangini is the Director of Accreditation at MBA Research. He is responsible for development and implementation of a national system of accreditation for exemplary secondary business administration programs which includes the areas of management, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and hospitality/tourism. His work involves conducting research and working with a national accreditation advisory committee to identify standards, criteria and processes for project implementation and system management.

MBA Research - Your Guide to Curriculum Resources!

Imagine having research-based learning outcomes, classroom activities, online resources, and more at your fingertips— all in a ready to use Course Guide for free! It’s a teacher’s dream. That’s exactly what you’ll find in any of the MBA Research course guides. Join Kim for a teacher perspective and an in-depth look at how the course guides are organized (significant changes have been made this past year based on teacher feedback), what standards they address, and more. Participants in this session will leave with:

  • An understanding of course guide components
  • Ideas for use in daily lesson planning
  • Instructions for obtaining MBA Research’s course guides

Kim Guest is currently a local CTE Director, marketing and accounting teacher, as well as a DECA advisor at Kearsley High School in Flint, MI. Kim has a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Administration with a concentration in CTE along with a Masters Degree in Education Technology.  She operates a Gold Certified SBE.  Kim has served on the Michigan Marketing Educators (MME) Board for seven years, and is currently the president.  Kim was also a teacher leader for the Economics in Marketing initiative in the state. She has worked on various curriculum alignment projects and co-chairs the Michigan Summer Marketing Academy sponsored by MME. Kim has presented at numerous state and national conferences, most recently at Conclave.

Course Development Made Easy: MBA Curriculum Builder

Our web-based database allows you real-time access to our standards research. If you’re working on a new course or program-of-study, thinking about updating a course this tool is incredibly powerful, allowing you to make informed research-based decisions to guide your course learning outcomes. Join experienced teachers as they show you how easy it is to use Curriculum Builder to create courses and align standards.

Kim Guest, MI, MBA Research Professional Development Counselor, PMIef Pilot Project participant, Kearsley High School, MI
Jennifer Milke, MI, MBA Research Professional Development Counselor, PMIef Pilot Project participant, Henry Ford II High School, MI

PMIef Panel – Making Project Management Work for Teachers

Too many things to do and too little time.  We all are faced with making sure our classroom plans are done, committee work is moving forward, BPA, DECA and FBLA members are prepping, overseeing the School Based Enterprises, working with our advisory committees.  A wise person once said work smarter, not harder.  Join three teachers from our PMIef Pilot Project who learned how to work smarter, not harder by implementing Project Management to handle a project they were responsible for as a teacher, advisor, or state association chair.  The panel will share their experiences and there will be plenty of time for questions and answers.  Leave with your own set of tools to implement project management to help you manage all the projects you handle each year.

Kim Guest, MI, MBA Research Professional Development Counselor, PMIef Pilot Project participant, Kearsley High School, MI
Jennifer Milke, MI, MBA Research Professional Development Counselor, PMIef Pilot Project participant, Henry Ford II High School, MI
Jane Nelms, HSB Teacher, PMIef Pilot Project participant, Grand Junction High School, CO

Micro-credentials? Certifications? Proof of Learning? What's All the Fuss?

It's all about value. This fast-paced session will share ways to add value through business-sponsored certifications, micro-credentialing (digital badges) and proof of learning. This session will focus on selecting appropriate tools for the program and for students. You will learn ways to help students use what they have earned and tips on preparing students for standardized testing.

Elizabeth Mosher has worked in education since 2001. She has taught Career Focused Education for Farmington Public Schools (MI) and has experience in both cross walking curriculums with other disciplines and the common core. During this time Liz was a member of Michigan Marketing Educators and served the role as President and as well as chairing the Fall and Spring Conferences. She also served as both DECA District 6 Representative and DECA Planning and Budget Representative. Elizabeth served as the Assistant Principal for Lakeland HS and in the Huron Valley School District. Major accomplishments there were rebuilding the culture, using staff resources efficiently and effectively, leading the school for AdvancED accreditation and continued growth and improvement in the school and instructional practices. She currently holds the title of Director of Secondary Education for Plymouth-Canton Community Schools. In this role, she oversees and supports administrators and the CTE and STEM Coordinator, creates and plans professional learning, works in building leadership capacity, developing building culture, and implementing continuous school improvement. 

Aligning Business Programs: Fostering Industry Engagement Through Micro-certifications

Idaho’s statewide alignment of Business Programs is strengthening the transition of CTE students from secondary to postsecondary programs. How can programs strengthen the role of industry in supporting the value of micro-certifications as students transition to the workforce?

Steve Rayborn currently serves as the Deputy Administrator for the Idaho Division of Career & Technical Education and is responsible for fiscal oversight and the operational health of the agency.

Beyond the Stage

Students participating in DECA’s Competitive Events Program develop and apply various knowledge and skills essential for success in the 21st century. Peek beyond the stage to learn the framework of DECA’s Competitive Events Program and how it connects to National Curriculum Standards and Career Clusters®.

Christopher Young, CAE, is the director of DECA’s high school division, providing leadership in the areas of program development, member services, conferences and events to the organization’s division that serves more than 219,000 members in 3,500 chapters. Christopher establishes the strategic direction for division and employs membership strategy comprised of recruitment, retention and engagement plans resulting in annual growth.

Prior to joining DECA Inc. in 2009, Christopher served as state advisor for Missouri DECA and Collegiate DECA. Concurrently, he also served as state supervisor for business, marketing and information technology education at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, providing leadership in program management, curriculum, professional development and state policy for 560 business, marketing and cooperative education programs.

A former DECA member, Christopher earned a bachelor of educational studies degree from the University of Missouri where he also attained minors in journalism and marketing. 

Programs of Study: Changing the Conversation

Heard a lot of talk about programs of study lately? Probably so. Understand what it all means? Maybe not. In this session, we’ll take a common-sense approach to programs of study. Discussion will focus on what a program of study is, Perkins requirements for programs of study, and MBA Research’s program-of-study models. Participants in this session will leave with a better understanding of:

  • The U.S. DOE program-of-study model
  • Criteria for evaluating programs of study
  • Existing programs of study available

Presented by April Miller, VP of Instructional Design, MBA Research

Course Development Made Easy: MBA Curriculum Builder

MBA Research's web-based database allows you real-time access to our standards research. If you're working on a new course of program-of-study or thinking about updating a course, this tool is incredibly powerful. It allows you to make informed research-based decisions to guide your course learning outcomes. Join experienced teachers as they show you how easy it is to use Curriculum Builder to create courses and align standards.

Presented by Kim Guest and Jennifer Milke, MBA Research Professional Development Counselors

Project Management and the Stewarts Creek Marketplace

Students in the four-year Entrepreneurship Program were overwhelmed by their initial introduction to Project Management techniques, but two years later they have mastered the art of thinking as a project manager - to the point of pulling the forms out themselves and using them to run their school shopping center. Come hear how their story started and where it stands now!

  • Participants will leave this session with
  • Ideas for implementing Project Management in their program
  • Tools to use to implement Project Management
  • Lessons Learned in Implementing Project Management

Dr. Ann Stewart spent 25 years in the business world before turning her attention to education. As a marketing and entrepreneurship teacher, Ann facilitated the development and opening of the first full service in-school coffee shop in the district and the first high school business to have full membership in the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. As the CTE Department Chair at Stewarts Creek High School, she is the Director of the Entrepreneurship Center for the school, a four-year entrepreneurship curriculum for non-marketing students. Ann has also been a DECA advisor for twelve years. She has had many students place in the Top 10 and Top 20 at DECA's International Career Development Conferences (ICDC), and has even had 1st - 3rd place winners. Ann received her doctorate from Tennessee State University in 2013 with a dissertation entitled A Mixed Methods Study of Service Learning in a Public High School.

The Why & How of High School of Business

MBA Research's High School of Business program has been adopted by nearly 100 schools. Hear directly from a panel of teachers why they chose this program for their students. Topics will include enrollment, funding, student benefits (college credit, etc.), and challenges to consider. 

Use Data (Today!) to Justify Your Program

You know the importance of business and marketing programs. But in 2017, anecdotal evidence is no longer sufficient to prove the value of your courses. Here's the good news: there is a plethora of national data to build a strong case for the inclusion of business and marketing programs. Participants will learn about (and leave with) a data sheet complete with national data and a fill-in-the blanks section for collecting local data.

Lisa Berkey is the Director of Benchmark Programs at MBA Research & Curriculum Center. This includes serving in leadership roles for High School of Business and MBA Accreditation. Prior to coming on staff, she worked in brand management at Borden Foods and in sales at Kellogg’s. She holds an MBA and has taught marketing at the college level.

Here's Your Map for Building Exemplary Programs

Heard about MBA Research National Accreditation? Think of it as a map you can rely on to ensure your programs are the best they can be. The process allows for program diversity while guiding educators via research-backed best practices. An example: educators should partner with the local business community (best practice), but how that occurs can vary from school to school.  During this panel discussion, hear from educators who are participating in the process. Topics will include: How has it helped them to-date? Why did they decide to take on this "extra" project in an already packed school year? What is the time commitment? What role do administrators play?

Lisa Berkey is the Director of Benchmark Programs at MBA Research. This includes serving in leadership roles for High School of Business and MBA Accreditation. Prior to coming on staff, she worked in brand management at Borden Foods and in sales at Kellogg’s. She holds an MBA and has taught marketing at the college level.

Rick Mangini is the Director of Accreditation at MBA Research. He is responsible for development and implementation of a national system of accreditation for exemplary secondary business administration programs which includes the areas of management, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and hospitality/tourism. His work involves conducting research and working with a national accreditation advisory committee to identify standards, criteria and processes for project implementation and system management.

Putting the Web to Work for Academic Integration

We hear the term academic integration bandied about—especially by administrators who want us to justify our programs’ existence. But, what are we actually talking about? What can you do in your business administration classroom to strengthen students’ academic abilities while still providing a strong technical curriculum? This session addresses how you can use the Web to do that, while engaging students in the process. Beth will share some of her favorite, free websites that you can use today. Participants will leave this session with:

  • Strategies for integrating academics into their business administration curriculum
  • An understanding of how MBA Research’s products can support your efforts with academic integration
  • A list of websites that’ll aid with academic integration

How Can the National Business Administration Standards Help You?

We do the industry homework to help you offer maximum value to students so that they complete your program with the skills and knowledge valued most by business pros. Use MBA Research’s National Business Administration Standards to assist with curriculum planning, instruction, and assessment processes. Be the first to see changes that have been made to the National Curriculum Framework.  The Hospitality Standards will also be addressed. Leave with a comprehensive understanding of the keys for:

  • What to teach
  • How to teach
  • What/how to test

Both sessions presented by Beth Osteen, VP of Research & Development, MBA Research

Do You Have the Right Stuff to Engage Your Business Community?

As MBA Research staff work with businesses and organizations, we’re hearing more and more about the importance of employee and member engagement. Join Rick and Beth in discussing how to engage business professionals in your program. We’ll examine what MBA Research has been doing and delve into what has worked for you. We’ll also identify issues you encounter with business engagement, and look for ways to address them.

Presented by Rick Mangini, Director of National Accreditation, MBA Research, and Beth Osteen, VP of Research & Development, MBA Research

Be Even Better at What You Do: Free Educational Technology Tools That Will Increase Student Learning and Teacher Productivity

Teachers need tools to work better not harder.  These free apps will help you be better at what you do in order to increase student learning, peer collaboration, communication, and teacher professionalism. Here are some of the free apps that will be introduced:

  • Adobe Spark Video, Page, and Post
  • Screencastify and PlayPosit
  • ThingLink and Padlet
  • Schoology and Wix

This session is a hands-on learning session that will empower teachers to implement effective educational technology that is useful for both students and teachers.  Please bring your your own device so that we can learn how to use these powerful tools in or classrooms.

  1. Participants will learn how to use Adobe Spark Video, Pages and Post to increase students engagement and student learning.
  2. Participants will learn how to use Screencastify, YouTube, Adobe Spark Video, and PlayPosit to help students learn difficult standards or help teachers flip their classroom.
  3. Participants will learn how to use Thinglink and Padlet as effective educational technology to helps students master standards.

If time permits participants will explore using WIX to increase communication and how to incorporate LAPs with Schoology as a LMS.

Rachel Kahly was just hired as Branch Manager of the Office of Career and Technical Education over Continuous Improvement and CTSOs. She came from Jessamine Career and Technology Center as a business and marketing teacher and has been a teacher/DECA advisor for 13 years before accepting her position at the state. She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1992 with a BBA in Marketing and a minor in fashion merchandising. After graduation, she spent 12 years in the business world tackling entrepreneurship, buying, marketing, sales, and visual merchandising. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Master of Arts in teaching in 2009 and is currently about to graduate from Morehead State University with a #1 ranking in educational technology.

Non-Profit Foundations in High Schools

What does the economic and social data look like in your community? You may not know. A group of students didn't know either, but when they sat through a session detailing the data in their community, they knew they needed to be the changemakers. The Josephine County Foundation was started by a passionate group of individuals at one high school and soon expanded to all county high schools. Students run the foundation with the goal of making a difference in their community. The foundation has won numerous awards including earning first place in the nation at the Future Business Leaders of America competition in 2013; being named the State of Oregon Youth Volunteer Organization of the Year in 2014; and receiving the first ever Grants Pass Mayor's Non-Profit of the Year Award in 2015.

Participants will leave this session with:

  • Strategies to start your own foundation
  • Strategies to use economic and social data in your community to target service projects
  • Ideas on how to engage students in the community

Chris Pendleton
is a business teacher at Hidden Valley High School in Oregon and is the founder and Executive Director of the Josephine County Foundation. He is an advisor for FBLA and has presented at numerous conferences. Chris brings his experience in E-Learning, leadership, faculty management, designing and teaching online courses, and developing unique instructional strategies that include embedding emerging technology within academic content.

#CareerTechEd Shark Tank

Learn how to create your own "Shark Tank" in your classroom and the benefits to any program. This engaging workshop will provide you with the details on how to use Shark Tank to engage students, to obtain community support, and to encourage entrepreneurial thinking.

Participants will leave this session with:

  • How the concept of “Shark Tank” can prepare students to be College and Career Ready
  • Successful strategies to prepare students for presentations and think under pressure
  • Importance of student communication outside the classroom

Snehal Bhakta worked in business and technology consulting for 15 years before entering education. When the opportunity presented itself for him to develop his own program at a Career & Tech Academy, he jumped at the opportunity to fuel his passion for helping others and working with tomorrow’s leaders. He started the DECA Chapter at West CTA and has served on Nevada DECA’s State Board of Trustees for the past 4 years. In his free time, Snehal enjoys watching movies, spending time with his daughter, and learning about anything related to technology.

Engaging Online Learners

Make your online courses structured, engaging, accessible…and deliver your content too! Successful students are engaged in their learning, but what does engagement mean? How can an online course be engaging? Participants will explore how course design, materials, learner activities, and course technologies affect student engagement and student success in the online learning environment.

Participants in this session will leave with:

  • Study results of engaging online learners
  • Strategies to engage online learners with learning management tools
  • Techniques to engage online learners through interaction
  • Best practices from Universal Design for Learning and Quality Matters
  • Bibliography of resources

Presenter: Marcia Pedersen. Marcia earned a BS and MA in Business Education from Central Washington University. She has been a secondary business instructor for 27 years and is currently tenured faculty at Bellingham Technical College. 

Earning College Credits in High School through Scotland Partnership

Want to learn more about providing your students will an international experience while still in high school? Hear from teachers at Jenison High School (MI) who have an internal accreditation and center approval by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), a government awarding body of Scotland. By following the outlined pathways of business courses in grades 9-12, students are afforded the opportunity to obtain a year-one college degree in Scotland, known as a Higher National Certificate (HNC). Students within the Jenison Global SQA Program take a combination of traditional and online courses, along with a summer study abroad opportunity in Scotland, to successfully complete their HNC. This distinctive program provides a diverse exposure to international business and industry.

Participants in this session will leave with:

  • SQA program overview
  • Accreditation process overview
  • Sample forms for starting an international program
  • Details of study abroad program
  • Details about student successes

Jordan Whittecar is a marketing teacher at Jenison High School in Jenison, MI.  She is part of an award winning and innovative business department that has received many awards. The business department offers students a unique opportunity to earn a business degree from Scotland while completing their high school diploma through the Jenison Global Business program. In 2015 Jordan took the first group of business students to Scotland where they studied Business Law and visited Parliament as part of their degree program.  She currently serves on the Michigan DECA Advisory Board and previously spoke at the Michigan Marketing Educator’s conference. 

Joel Hunt has been a business teacher for fourteen years and works at Jenison High School in Jenison, MI.  He actively seeks out new programs to keep students engaged and is an active member of the Michigan Marketing Educators Advisory Board.  Joel co-leads the Jenison Scotland Global Business program.


Create a Student-Driven Classroom

Looking for ways to work smarter not harder? Want to shift from teacher-led to student-led learning? Join Rick Davis and Brenda Grabski as they share the basics of developing and implementing a program that will leave you with an understanding of the following elements:

  • Competency-based instruction with mastery learning as the key instructional element
  • Student self-directed learning opportunities
  • Options grading system
  • Student choice and responsibility for learning
  • Opportunities for further content development

Presenters: Brenda Grabski and Rick Davis