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CopyIT! (Free!)

When you buy a LAP Module, you’re licensed to copy:

  • as many as you want
  • for use in your school/program
  • for a minimum of five years

LAP Modules sold by MBA Research are copyrighted and subject to federal copyright law.  Each purchase, however, includes our CopyIT! license at no additional cost.  CopyIT! authorization is as follows:

Purchasers of our LAP products are authorized to duplicate multiple copies for local use for a period of five years (60 calendar months) from date of purchase, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Materials may NOT be posted to any website or copied to any other medium without the express written permission of MBA Research.  Permission will be granted upon proof that outside access is fully blocked.
  • Original copies were purchased directly from MBA Research.
  • LAP (or selected pages of LAP) is duplicated in its entirety, including any copyright notice appearing on the original.
  • Copies are used (only) with students enrolled in classes at the individual school facility (building) for which the product was originally purchased.  (NOTE: This specifically precludes duplicating of materials for use with students in other schools within the same school district or for other school districts.)
  • Copies are not sold or bartered, with the following exception: copies may be sold directly to your own students at a price not to exceed the actual cost of duplication and a reasonable handling fee.

MBA Research reserves the right to revise this CopyIT! license at any time and without notice.  However, for your convenience, should this policy change we will make every effort to include notice of such change to all MBA Research newsletter subscribers.  (Subscription is free. Register here.)