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Conclave Endorsements

2017 Conclave, Vancouver - Conference Evaluation Comments

  • "A great business education conference. The content shared benefits the areas that are taught in our business courses. Collaboration was always encouraged and embraced throughout each workshop I was a part of." -Sydney Kobza, Business, Marketing and Management Career Field Specialist Nebraska Department of Education.
  • "I left the Conclave inspired to teach again!!" -Christie Woods, Kansas
  • "This conference will meet all your business/marketing professional development needs! Information and activities that you can take immediately back to the classroom and implement!" -Terry Ertman, NV
  • Conclave has been so beneficial for me both as a teacher and as a state administrator. It is a gathering of the the best in our profession and we are given the opportunity to learn from each other. It is awesome to be with a group that all have the same common goal to provide the best in business and marketing education."
  • "Conclave is one of the most organized and informative conferences I have the opportunity of attending annually in my position as Business & Marketing Program Supervisor."
  • "MBA Conclave was a great opportunity to discuss what is happening across the nation in business and marketing education!" -Marcia Pedersen, WA
  • "Great opportunity to meet teachers from around the country and their best practices!"
  • "As a first-time attendee of the MBA Research Conclave, I was very pleased with the quality of breakout sessions that related directly to my teaching area. In addition, I learned about the resources available through the MBA Research website and had opportunities to access those resources with the help of MBA Research staff." - Andrea Long, Oklahoma
  • "Learning what is best for students in the world of work is the best learning an educator can take away from Conclave!"
  • "While many claim to have an outstanding conference the MBA Conclave truly was planned with the participant in mind. From opening to closing all presentations were focused on ways to improve my experiences as an educator."
  • "Conclave is the best professional development you can do for yourself. It's like an infomercial - you keep getting more and more for the same registration price."
  • "Thank you for the opportunity to learn and share with other professionals!"
  • "THIS was unlike any other marketing & business conference I've EVER attended. As a Plan 2 Marketing teacher coming from industry to the classroom, it was a refreshing reminder of the evolving world that awaits us each day & that we need professional development to help us reach our goals."
  • "MBA Conclave changed my life. The Keynote speakers and sessions were wonderful and they have given me extensive tools and insights that will be with me for the rest of my life no matter which careers or experiences I will pursue. I now believe that I can truly make a difference in the world." -Amelia Barbre-Strayer
  • "Hands down, this is the best conference I have ever attended. I came home energized, overflowing with ideas, and anxious to share my learning and experiences with others!"
  • "DON'T GO TO THIS CONFERENCE....unless you want your teachers to be the most effective teachers in the classroom. Learn the best techniques, what's trending, and ways to yield the highest level of results from students." -Kathy Frommer, Arizona State DECA Advisor
  • "The size of the conference was great and the sessions were amazing."
  • "MBA Conclave 2017 in Vancouver, WA was a great professional development activity; I would absolutely attend it again. I learned things that will make me a better teacher and gained valuable tools that will enhance my students' experiences in my classes. It was nice to be treated as a professional and to travel without students for a change! I came back refreshed and ready to implement new ideas with my high school classes."
  • "I loved this years Conclave, I have learned many new things that I can immediately add to my teaching toolbox."
  • "I can always count on MBA to deliver quality speakers and professional development opportunities at the National Conclave. This conference is one of best for business and marketing educators."
  • "MBA Conclave provides actionable professional development in a positive, engaging environment!" -Lisa Whitling, Prairie High School (WA)
  • "I really loved all the sessions I went to! They were very helpful and beneficial to me!"

2016 Conclave, Mobile - Conference Evaluation Comments

  • Sessions were very real world and I am able to use the information gathered tomorrow!
  • Seemed to run seamlessly.
  • Loved the new online program - made it easier to choose and evaluate the sessions that best fit my needs
  • Found ways through presentations to better my classes
  • MBA Conclave is an exceptional professional development opportunity for high school and CTE business and marketing teachers! An enormous wealth of practical, usable course content and teacher applications are offered by both educational and industry leaders from across the US. The networking opportunities alone are invaluable. It is very encouraging and informative to be able to dialog about what is happening in classrooms like mine across the country! I appreciate MBA Research and the industry fed curriculum and great customer support they offer! Thanks for hosting this amazing conference!
  • Conclave is a premier event that brings business, industry and education together. It allows collaboration that makes education relevant for students.
  • The only conference focused on Business Administration programs and features sessions from businesses in area. Hearing directly from business professionals about what is happening across the country is crucial to our profession.
  • Conclave is a very valuable and practical conference for business and marketing teachers as well as instructional leaders in this area. Every time I attend this conference I walk away with great resources for the classroom and CTSO! The materials within this organization and their curriculum would take any teacher in business and marketing to the next level!!! -Carol Von Tersch (IA)

2014 Conclave, Cincinnati

Click here for teacher and student endorsement videos. 

2012 Conclave, Denver - Conference Evaluation Comments

How does this conference compare with others you’ve attended?

  • I learned so much and took away tons of useful information
  • Excellent topics, knowledgeable presenters, inspiring keynotes
  • Among the top – organization, content, quality of presenters and of attendees.
  • Very good, well-organized
  • Already is (number 1)
  • Excellent speakers and sessions.  They were valuable lessons.
  • I would attend every year if I cold afford to.  My school district won’t pay…

How were the speakers from industry?

  • Most were really good.
  • Chipotle and Red Robin were terrific.
  • Excellent – industry perspective is lacking in many educational settings.
  • Fascinating, candid, inspiring
  • Excellent, relevant material
  • Very good.  It is nice to have speakers that are current and up-to-date.
  • Focus on marketing and business

How were the speakers from education?

  • Awesome ideas
  • Very knowledgeable, experienced, and helpful.
  • Solid – great ideas to take home and use
  • Good.
  • Standards-based grading information was great – maybe add a more detailed session on getting started
  • Like having examples to share
  • Loved the behavioral interview guy – it updated my standards
  • Good preparation and good lessons –some cutting edge.

What did you think of The Celebration?

  • Food was excellent; gambling/music was fun.
  • Heard it was great! Chose to stay back – tired!
  • Loved it!  The casino, the food, the views were fabulous

Other comments:

  • Best: The information and ideas
  • Best: What I left knowing
  • Best:  Contacts made
  • Best:  Networking (3)
  • Best:  Keynotes, business speakers
  • Best: New format for sessions and breaks were good
  • Best:  the tight schedule with lots of offerings.

Do better:

  • Make it more family friendly
  • Lower the price – you should be able to do this conference for under $200
  • Some of the sessions could have run longer.  It seems like time was short and we were rushed at the end with no real time for questions without being late (for next session).
  • More technology in classroom sessions;  sites to use and ideas on how
  • Smartboard session
  • More CTSO how-to sessions
  • Create both introductory and advanced sessions on some topics
  • Share best of High School of Business concepts for those of us who can’t join the program itself
  • Give us a lunch break without a speaker or roundtable.
  • Drop the 4:30 session – too late in the day
  • Not sure if anything should be improved

Conclave 2012 was an exceptional opportunity to share ideas, gain insight, and make contacts.  It was worth the price!  This was a great conference.  I enjoyed everything.
Everett Vaughan, Colorado
July 2012
Conclave is always the highlight of the year for me as an educator. I was thrilled that Colorado had the honor of hosting this past year’s Conclave. I have heard nothing but great things from those that attended. I would highly recommend for states to look at the possibility of hosting a conference of this kind. Opportunities for building relationships with business and industry from your home state will be overwhelming, as well as the contacts made through your fellow educators from across the country. To top it off  the HSB training has provided my teachers with the energy to look forward to the coming school year. My teachers loved it! Thank you to MBA Research staff for the numerous hours that went into the organizing and implementation of this conference.
Laurie Urich, Colorado
July 2012
2012 was my first Conclave; it certainly won’t be my last!  This workshop has great value for counselors and administrators as well!
Kristi Enter, Idaho
June 2012
This is not your standard education conference.  This conference provides opportunities to hear directly from businesses – name recognized companies to entrepreneurs.  The biggest take away is learning what is going on in today’s companies – how they over come challenges, marketing practices and the changes in the market place.  Additionally, you get a good handle on standards and the connection to curriculum as well as student organized events – you learn the system!
Melissa Scott, Nevada
June 2012
Conclave is the only totally uninterrupted time I get to really “think about”, network, and work on my program.  Everyone wants to keep up to date and do the best for their students and this is the place I get re-energized.
Sherril Daniels, Oregon
June 2012
This was the best conference that I have ever attended. Everything was just for business/marketing teachers, so there was not anything that did not pertain to me. I now have more ideas than I could ever use. It was definitely money well spent!  
Chrissy Burke, Alabama
July 16, 2010

Overall Conclave was a great experience and I learned a lot. My only regret was my school did not allow me to attend but two sessions and there were others I would love to have attended. It would be great to have LAP, PBL and GoVenture as a teaching resource for my classroom, however, with all the budget cuts, I cannot afford the programs.
Marlena Burrus, Virginia
July 12, 2010

MBA Conclave is a MUST for all Marketing Instructors who wish to stay up on the latest developments in their career and provide the best possible instruction for their students. This is a conference every teacher should attend - yearly!
Don R. Ide,  Washington
June 29, 2010

The information obtained about the Google applications was great; I wish there were more sessions. Also, the sessions where teachers explained how they planned and executed a specific event were very helpful.  The Kodak presentation was excellent; great representation of a successful entrepreneur and how the business has grown and changed with technology.
Cheryl Niedzwiecki, Vermont
July 12, 2010

Conclave provided materials and information that I can directly use in my curriculum.
Anonymous, Ohio
June 27, 2010

The workshop sessions, speakers, accommodations are really first class and a must for any educator passionate about his/her profession. The Conclave has really given me inspiration for coming up with new ideas in the classroom in the Fall!
Cindy Mennig, Wisconsin
June 26, 2010

It was definitely worth attending, however for $359, the planners should consider opting for slightly better menu. :-)
Rhonda Johnson, Georgia
June 26, 2010

Top-notch presenters provided excellent information.
Candy Stanley, West Virginia
June 25, 2010

This was a great conference that included something not just for my Marketing class but for all business classes that I currently teach. The resources I received will help improve my marketing strategics and assist coaches at my school with Sports Marketing strategics
Julia Ruffin, Louisiana
June 25, 2010

This was one to the best conferences I have attended, sessions were very good and very relevant to what I teach.
Eugene Pennison,  Louisiana
June 25, 2010

MBA Research's annual Conclave is exceptional in relation to the business speakers (who gear their presentations directly to current business and marketing issues/trends) and the educational presenters. Whether the attendees were Career Tech administrators or business/marketing teachers, I heard nothing but great comments about the "take away." I can rely on Conclave to be substantive, not "fluffy."
Linda Smith,  Georgia
June 25, 2010

Conclave provided relevant information that I can use in what I do. Dynamic presenters, too!
Candy Stanley, West Virginia
August 26, 2010

As a new marketing teacher, I found Conclave to be an invaluable tool. I would highly recommend Conclave to all marketing teachers.
Ashley W. Kieffer, Georgia
August 18, 2010

The conclave provided excellent opportunities to network and attend sessions which provided outstanding materials that could be used in the classroom.
Timothy Bufford, Georgia
August 17, 2010

The Conclave had the latest and best practices from schools throughout our county. I had a great experience at the Conclave in Atlanta.  
Sherry Baggott,  Georgia
July 21, 2010

The Conclave Conference has always met and exceeded my expectations. The social networking, keynotes, and sessions have been educational and informative. I return home with many ideas and techniques that are a huge success in my classroom.
Deanna L. Canterbury-Penn, West Virginia
July 20, 2010

Entrepreneurship Conclave is an excellent conference to attend in that you are put in contact with people with a specific focus. Some of the presenters have had failures along with their successes and this is important to deal with the risk of starting your own business.
Charlie Tucker, Georgia
July 18, 2010

I found Conclave to be very motivating with good ideas to take back to the classroom. It is always good to share ideas with your peers.
Kay Rothschild, Illinois
July 15, 2010

I had a good time and learned of several ideas for use in my class.
Isom Weems, Georgia
July 15, 2010

Walked away with project ideas and technology aids.
Anonymous, Ohio
July 13, 2010
This was a fabulous experience.  I enjoyed all of the sharing and tips I received over the three-day period.  I am sure to make it again each year.
Vishaun Ezell, Michigan
June, 2010

The Conclave provided me the opportunity to collaborate with business and marketing teacher from around the U.S.  It was great to hear about innovative ideas that have not been introduced here.  National perspective is necessary for our state to maintain its great reputation as a “future thinking” education district.
Lane Tomey, North Carolina
June, 2010

With its combination of industry and educational workshops, the Conclave gave me the opportunity to attend a conference that was focused (specifically) on my needs with current information.
Tim Bufford, Georgia
June, 2010
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