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The Real Wins Have Already Happened for Students Involved in CTSOs

By Holly Atha

In March, I had the privilege of joining the West Virginia state DECA conference support team at the Charleston Marriott Town Center. This was one of the last state conferences held before COVID-19 became too big to ignore. I was honored to be part of their team and was inspired by their efforts in conjunction with their fearless leader, Adam Feazell, the West Virginia State DECA advisor and assistant principal at Hampshire High School. As many of you know, Adam is also currently part of our MBA Research Professional Development Team.

While I was there, I happened to have lunch with a group of students from Moorefield High School. I asked one student in what event he was competing. His answer gave me hope for the future and confirmed what I already knew—that CTSOs are an indispensable piece of business administration education.

Malachi Hinger, a rising junior at Moorefield High, was eager to engage in conversation. He told me that he and two of his classmates, Levi Thompson and John “Jake” Ward, completed a PMBS Business Solutions project in which they collaborated with Pupuseria Emerita, a Honduran/Salvadorian restaurant in Moorefield. The project aimed to grow awareness of the restaurant and increase its customer base.

Malachi said that their project took a lot of teamwork, not only between him and his cohorts, but also with Emerita, the owner of Pupuseria Emerita, and her family. They also worked with community members, teachers in their school, and students in different career clusters for help with other pieces of the project.

The more Malachi talked, the more fascinated I became with the project—the hurdles the team overcame, their dedication to Pupuseria Emerita, and their pride in how they partnered with Emerita and her family. What was most fascinating was how many topics Malachi touched on that lined up with what we’re hearing from business executives across the country.

These business executives have shared with us feedback on skill sets important for workplace success. Some of the trends they have identified in our focus groups include:

  • Shifting cultural demographics
  • Changing workplace cultures
  • Rapid pace of change in the workplace and business in general
  • Decreasing soft skills
  • Increasing importance of brand management
  • Greater emphasis on generational marketing and target audiences
  • Emphasis on customer journey
  • Project management and collaboration/team-based skills

Malachi, Levi, and Jake’s project crossed paths with each of these trends in some way. As I listened to Malachi and Levi talk about the work they did—and then later as I read their written presentation—I realized that this experience was indeed preparing these students to be well equipped for the workplace.

Many students (and maybe some professionals) would have shied away from a project so rich with cultural differences and potential communication glitches (they needed a translator to communicate). Nonetheless, these students jumped in headfirst. I found myself admiring their skills and the way they managed a project with so many possible pitfalls.

Malachi, Levi, and Jake won first place in their division. They were heartbroken, however, not to be able to compete at national CTSO competitions. But this group—along with other amazing and talented students nationwide—will be winners wherever they go because of the skills they are developing and have already mastered through CTSOs.

Click here to learn more about Pupuseria Emerita.

Click here to view the project report developed by Malachi, Levi, and Jake.

Moorefield High students Jake Ward, Levi Thompson, and Malachi Hinger with Pupuseria Emerita owner Emerita.

Adam Feazell, Malachi Hinger, Levi Thompson, and Jessica Markwood (Jake Ward not pictured) 

Broad Impact of Oklahoma Research Panels

During focus groups in Oklahoma this past summer, executives identified top business trends in the state, which included the use of Big Data in decision-making. Research such as this is conducted to inform state and national learning standards. It also influences other areas of education, such as data-focused professional development being planned for OK teachers, this Big Data infographic identified by our staff, and these tips for students studying finance provided by one of the panelists. A summary of the work done in OK, including feedback from the OK Department of CTE, is available here.




Kentucky Futuring Panels

MBA Research staff were in Louisville in November conducting primary research on standards in conjunction with the Kentucky Department of Education. This included one futuring panel and two validation panels. During the Marketing Cluster futuring panel, business executives discussed knowledge and skills needed for future careers. Validation panels for the Business Management and Finance Clusters were composed of business professionals who work at the practitioner level who reviewed standards in those clusters. Research like this is part of a continual multi-step process that ensures relevant learning standards are the basis of all of our work.


Wisconsin Futuring Panel Recap

Over 50 business management, finance, and marketing executives from across Wisconsin joined us last week at Waukesha County Technical College for a round of Futuring Panels. Panelists provided feedback on state and national learning standards, and identified industry trends and skill sets needed by workers in order to be successful in the workplace. The panels were held in conjunction with the WI Department of Public Instruction and the Pathways Wisconsin Project. This research with business executives helps inform our development of classroom applications for you.

Nevada Business Execs Identify Top Industry Trends

Business management, finance, and marketing executives from across Nevada met in separate groups March 26-28 at the Public Education Foundation in Las Vegas to provide feedback on state and national learning standards. Panelists were asked to identify trends within their industry and share skillsets needed by workers in order to be successful in the workplace. Among the top trends identified by panelists were:

  • Decentralized workforce
  • Greater emphasis on technology skills
  • A need to deliver training and information in varied ways based on age/generation of workers
  • Increased need to evaluate ethics around privacy regulations and practices in marketing
  • Increase in project-based work

While Futuring Panelists represented their own viewpoints, some of them worked for the following companies: City National Bank, Charged Brands, Centauri Health Solutions, The Venetian/The Palazzo/Sands Expo, Cox Communications, Bender Group, AFWERX Vegas, Vegas PBS, Frias Transportation Management, Southwest Gas, and WestCare Foundation.

Nevada Department of Education Futuring Panel Executive Summary
Nevada Department of Education Futuring Panel State Report

WV State Legislators and DECA Judges Invited To Join ExecNet

MBA Research has been busy in West Virginia! On Thursday, March 7 we met with the West Virginia Business Education Association (WVBEA) at Nitro High School to talk to WVBEA members about all things MBA. Participants had a chance to learn more about MBA, ask questions, and give feedback about MBA programs. That evening and Friday, we joined WVBEA members and CTE students from across the state for CTE Day at the state capitol. Legislators visited CTE displays throughout the day, learning about many programs including those in business, finance, marketing, and hospitality and tourism management. Students helped us in inviting attendees to join ExecNet and share the importance of standards fueled by business and industry.

We rounded out the weekend by joining WV DECA as hundreds of students were hosted at the Charleston Marriott Town Center. We exhibited and judged student competitions, and the WV DECA team graciously allowed us to present to over 70 judges about ExecNet and invite them to join our program. A host of professionals participated in two different judging series and generously offered their feedback to WV DECA students. State DECA and FBLA conferences provide an awesome opportunity to bring business and industry closer into the fold and let them know how much they are needed (and appreciated!).

The Ohio Affiliate of the National Business Coalition for Education Holds Strategic Planning Session

Our office was buzzing March 6th as members from the Ohio Affiliate of the National Business Coalition for Education met to outline potential strategic initiatives for the group. Led by Group Chair Melinda Huntley of the Ohio Travel Association, the group recognized that one of their biggest challenges was attracting employees to their industries. Subsequently, one of the most important goals set by the group was to increase awareness of career opportunities. While brainstorming, participants acknowledged the need for more communication between business, educators, and students as an underlying strategy to tackle their issues. In an effort to heighten group accomplishments, the Ohio Affiliate decided to meet four times a year, rather than three. In attendance were representatives from the Ohio Travel Association, Ohio Hotel and Lodging Association, Ohio Society of Association Executives, Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants, Ohio Society of Human Resource Management, Ohio Insurance Institute, and Ohio Department of Education.

We're thankful for the important work done by state coalitions. Learn more about how state groups grow support for education related to business occupations here.

Nebraska Affiliate of MBA National Coalition for Business Education Conducts First Meeting of 2019

Turbine Flats, a collaborative working environment in Lincoln, NE, was the latest meeting location for the Nebraska group working to promote business and marketing education in that state.

The Coalition is organizing a panel of executives to meet with Nebraska business, marketing, and IT educators at the Nebraska Career Education Conference in Kearney, NE this June.

The effort is being led by Coalition Chair LaShonna Dorsey of Mutual of Omaha, Sydney Kobza and Jacqui Garrison of the Nebraska Department of Education, and MBA Research.

Meet Some Education Superheroes!

Ohio has recently had a surge of individuals who have indicated that they feel strongly about the education of the future workforce by agreeing to give their perspective in our monthly Executive Advisory Network (ExecNet) surveys. 

Join us in welcoming our newest members: Lee Alexakos, Vice President of Community Relations, Cedar Fair; Paige Alost, Executive Director, Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB); Adria Bergeron, Recreation Marketing Coordinator, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District; Tami Brown, General Manager and Splash Fund Director, Greater Cleveland Aquarium; Sharrona Burns, Senior Director of Sales, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; Nicole Cardinale, Director of Sales and Marketing, Gervasi Vineyard; Deana Clark, Executive Director, Marietta-Washington County CVB; Bryan Edwards, Director of Marketing and Communications, Lake Erie Shores and Islands; Pete Fingerhut, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium; Brya Long, Director of Operations, Long's Retreat Family Resort; Tonja Marshall, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Visit Canton; Jim Mahon, Vice President of Marketing and Branding, Akron/Summit CVB; Dan Moder, Executive Director, Explore Licking County; Jamison Pack, Chief Marketing Officer, Ohio History Connection; Amy Rutledge, Director, Carroll County CVB; Melissa Sanders, Public Relations Manager, Ashtabula County CVB; Martha Starkey, Executive Director, Wayne County CVB; and Leiann Stewart, Assistant Director of Group Sales, Miami County CVB. Thanks to each of you for your commitment to the future workforce of Ohio.

Our newest members were introduced to ExecNet by Melinda Huntley, executive director of the Ohio Travel Association and Chair of the Ohio Business Coalition for Education. ExecNet provides a forum for business people to share their knowledge about what it takes for employees to succeed in the business world. 

Business Engagement - The Ohio Manufacturers' Association Joins Hands With the Ohio Business Coalition for Education

MBA Research and Curriculum Center welcomes the Ohio Manufacturers' Association (OMA) to the Ohio affiliate of the MBA Research Business Coalition for Education, a partnership between the Ohio Department of Education, professional/trade associations in Ohio, and MBA Research and Curriculum Center.

The OMA has helped Ohio's manufacturers succeed and grow for over 100 years. OMA members work together to create global competitive advantage for Ohio manufacturing and enhance the quality of life across the state. Today, the OMA is supporting the evolution of modern manufacturing as Ohio companies adapt to global competition by creating and applying innovative technologies.

Rob Brundrett, director of public policy services, will represent the OMA and bring expertise to the group in a number of areas but especially in relation to coalition growth and sustainability, and workforce development.

Kentucky Affiliate Meeting Held on November 9, 2018

Business, industry, and education leaders gathered earlier this month for an organizational meeting of the Kentucky Affiliate to the MBA National Business Coalition for Education. The meeting was held during the Kentucky Association for Economic Development's (KAED) Fall Conference in Covington, Kentucky. The Coalition is a partnership between the Kentucky Department of Education, professional/trade associations in Ohio, and MBA Research and Curriculum Center.

The meeting was led by the Kentucky Coalition Chair, Matt Tackett, president and CEO of KAED. The following associations/organizations were represented:

  • Class Act Federal Credit Union
  • Greater Louisville, Inc.
  • International Association of Administrative Professionals
  • Johnson County Schools
  • Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation
  • Kentucky Network for Development, Leadership and Engagement (KYNDLE)
  • Kentucky Retail Federation
  • Murray State University

The group discussed the Kentucky Essential Skills legislation which passed last spring and will go into effect for the 2019/20 school year. The Coalition is considering developing best practices for schools to use as they implement programs in fulfillment of the new legislation.

Mary Taylor, with the Kentucky Department of Education, presented information about Kentucky's nationally known apprenticeship program, Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky (TRACK). Click here to learn more. 

Coalitions consist of professional/trade associations, foundations, and chambers of commerce working in partnership with their respective state education departments and MBA Research and Curriculum Center. The concept is designed to help strengthen and promote Business Administration programs in Career Technical Education (CTE). 

Ohio Affiliate Meeting Held on October 25, 2018

Business, industry, and education leaders gathered earlier this month for an organizational meeting of the Ohio Affiliate to the MBA National Business Coalition for Education. The meeting was held at MBA Research offices in Columbus, Ohio. The Coalition is a partnership between the Ohio Department of Education, professional/trade associations in Ohio, and MBA Research and Curriculum Center.

The meeting was led by the Ohio Coalition Chair, Melinda Huntley, executive director of the Ohio Travel Association. Making a special presentation to the group was Emily Fabiano, strategy and partnership lead with the Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation. Emily shared information with the group about the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal. She reviewed criteria for earning the Readiness Seal and made suggestions to Coalition members about how to become involved as mentors, or businesses that support the seal. Click here for more information about the Career Readiness Seal. 

Special guests on September 19th also included Joshua Auten, an officer with Ohio State DECA; Alison Forche with Forche Orthodontics; and Kim Pennycuff, marketing instructor at Pickerington North High School. Along with the Ohio Department of Education, they shared information with the group about Business Advisory Councils, and Career and Technical Industry Advisory Councils, and the important role that the councils have in supporting programs at the high school level.

Coalitions consist of professional/trade associations, foundations, and chambers of commerce working in partnership with their respective state education departments and MBA Research and Curriculum Center. The concept is designed to help strengthen and promote Business Administration programs in Career Technical Education (CTE). 

Kentucky Finance Executives Define Their Top Business Trends

Eighteen finance executives from across the state of Kentucky met last week at the Berry Mansion in Frankfort to provide feedback on state and national learning standards. Participants were asked to identify and discuss trends in Kentucky that are affecting and changing the way that businesses are operating. Some of the top trends identified by panelists were:

  • Greater automation of customer transactions
  • Continued globalization of the economy
  • Greater diversity in the workplace
  • Increased regulatory environment
  • Increased use of and rapid changes in technology

Joining the Kentucky Department of Education and MBA Research and Curriculum Center were executives from the accounting, banking services, corporate finance, insurance, and securities and investment industries. Companies represented were Kentucky Society for CPAs; Fowler Durham & Co; Baldwin CPAs; BB&T; Class Act Federal Credit Union; Kentucky Employees Credit Union; The Bankers' Bank of Kentucky; the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis-Louisville Branch; the Kentucky Department for Community Based Services; Advanced Financial Solutions Group; Areva Pharmaceuticals; Humana; Bluegrass International Fund; Meridian Wealth Management; PNC; and Ross, Sinclaire and Associates.

For more information on futuring or validation panels in your state, contact Holly Atha, Director of Business Engagement at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Established in 2012, the MBA Research Business Coalition for Education is a not-for-profit coalition of professional and trade associations and foundations committed to supporting the teaching of critical business concepts and skills in the nation’s high schools. 

All professional associations, trade associations, and many foundations are invited to participate. 

Coalition Mission:  Encourage the teaching of core business skills and economic concepts for college- and career-ready high school curricula.

Chapter Benefits of Membership

  1. Active contribution to the success of high school students locally and nationwide
  2. Recognition as a (non-financial) Chapter Sponsor of student certifications and accredited school programs as offered by MBA Research.
  3. Opportunity for chapter publicity via local and association press, web, and social network (with PR support via MBA Research publicity initiatives)
  4. Member engagement via continuing online and local opportunities facilitated by MBA Research
  5. Chapter and individual member feedback and recognition by MBA Research
  6. Opportunities to participate/present at national conferences of business faculty

Activities of the Coalition

  1. Member participation in online surveys and discussion groups (15 minutes/month) to influence:
    • Business course curricula (national model)
    • Criteria for national student certification exams
    • Student recognition programs (local, state, and national)
  2. Encourage real-world learning opportunities for local students
  3. Recognize high-performing students (locally determined with MBA Research guidance)
  4. Advocate among community leaders as appropriate
  5. Recognize local high school business administration programs that have achieved national accreditation

Requirements of Coalition Membership

  1. Approval of the association board/leadership
  2. Acceptance by MBA Research
  3. Appointment of a key contact
  4. Participation in Coalition planning
  5. Member participation in MBA Executive Advisory Network
  6. Endorsement of National Business Administration Standards derived from Coalition and other business input

The MBA Research Coalition of Professional and Trade Associations is an initiative of the Marketing & Business Administration Research and Curriculum Center (dba MBA Research), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. MBA Research was established in 1971 and is operated by a consortium of state education departments. Its mission is to support educators in the preparation of students for careers in business.

For additional information re the Coalition, please email MBA Research at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 800.448.0398.

Bright future for students who study business and marketing

Click image to download poster

Large number of jobs in business administration

35% of all jobs available in 2026 will be in management, business and financial operations (including marketing), sales, and office and administrative support.

Source: Employment Projections program, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Data with business administration data highlighted 

High Growth, High Wage

Seven of the top ten fastest growing, high wage jobs are in business, marketing, finance, and sales.

Fewer jobs projected for low-skill workers

While many business administration jobs are growing, those that utilize lower-level skills will see declines. These include secretaries, administrative assistants, data entry keyers, and office clerks. However, there will still be many jobs available in these areas. For example, in 2026 it is projected that 2.37 million administrative assistants will be needed. Access spreadsheet highlighting business administration jobs with largest declines projected 

Employers Seek Business Majors

           Source:, May 2018

Click image to download poster

Note: With Adobe Acrobat Pro, you can add text
or your school logo to this poster. Use the Tools
function to draw in a textbook. Then save it, open
as a PDF, and print.

Where to find the data

Contribute to the future!

MBA Research is funded through a variety of sources, including membership fees from state education departments, sales to schools and various education and training programs, and through project grants for specific research initiatives.

Corporate and private contributions help the organization provide continuing support of local business and marketing curricula – including the support of research used by student organizations such as BPA, DECA, and FBLA.

Contributions to MBA Research are generally tax deductible. (MBA Research is a 501(c)(3) entity, organized as an educational foundation. IRS documentation is available to individuals and organizations considering a contribution.) Contributors should contact their tax advisors for all matters regarding specific deductions.

We would be very grateful for any contribution you find appropriate. Checks should be made payable to: MBA Research and sent to PO Box 12279, Columbus, OH 43212. For tax-deductable contributions by credit card, please call customer service at 800.448.0398, x0.

MBA Research welcomes all opportunities to open dialogue with individuals and organizations interested in supporting our mission to help students better prepare for a future in the world’s private enterprise business community. Please contact Rick Mangini, Executive Vice President, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For our friends in the business community:  As we work to help students prepare for the real world, your involvement is critical. Through our focus groups, advisory councils, coaltions, and MBA Executive Advisory Network (ExecNET) your engagement helps us get it right. 

As a way to say “thank you,” we’re working on a way to document your contributions to education – in hopes that you’ll find these new digital badges useful for your resume and, just as importantly, as a way to let us publicly acknowledge your volunteer work.

A digital badge is simply a graphic tied to a web link. As you participate in one our community service activities such as the MBA ExecNET, we’ll send you a digital link.  You can then include that link on nearly anything digital. You have complete control. We share the link only with you. You then share it anywhere you want. 

Readers who click on your link will be taken to a special web page that explains how the digital badge was earned and how the work you did to earn it contributes to the education of our future leaders. 

We hope you’ll share your community service badges on your own social media to encourage your friends and colleagues to make similar contributions.

Watch for the release of our first badge in early 2019 – based on contributions you’re making right now.  AND, until then, many thanks for your support.

At MBA Research, we consider engagement with business and industry one of the most important components of research for our National Business Administration Standards.

National focus groups conducted state by state, within our member states, are one of the key methods for gathering feedback from business and industry. We organize focus groups in two distinct ways, via futuring, and validation panels.

Futuring panels consist of key senior-level executives from the business, marketing, finance, and hospitality/tourism management clusters. These panels are typically the first step in the development process for content standards, but can serve as a stand-alone process to engage business and to inform states’ decision-making regarding pathways, courses, and content. Futuring panels are unique in that they provide a forward- thinking perspective and thus focus on trends and issues affecting the various career clusters. They also provide input on skillsets, career pathways, specializations, emerging occupations, and recognized credentials related to all aspects of the business industry. See Futuring Panel FAQ.

Standards validation panels consist of business professionals in various stages of their career from specialists, to managers, directors, and executive officers/presidents. We meet with professionals in business, marketing, and finance to help us determine, based on their work experience, the critical skillsets needed for success in the workplace. We use this process to validate existing curriculum standards, newly proposed standards, and to update standards under revision. See Validation Panel FAQ.

Recent Panels and Reports by State

MBA Research Business Administration Areas of Study

  • Business Management Cluster
    • Business Information Management
    • General Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Operations Management
    • Administrative Services
  • Marketing Cluster
    • Marketing Communications
    • Marketing Management
    • Marketing Research
    • Merchandising
    • Professional Selling
  • Finance Cluster
    • Accounting
    • Banking Services
    • Corporate Finance
    • Insurance, Securities and investments
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management Cluster
    • Restaurant Management
    • Lodging Management
    • Event Management
    • Travel and Tourism Management

Lisa Phillips, Baltimore Entrepreneur of the Year (Greater Baltimore Urban League), recently spoke to high school business teachers in Maryland at the MBA Business, Management, and Finance (BMF) Summer Institute held at the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business.

Turning Business Failure into Profit
Phillips shared her incredible story of persevering through major life obstacles to pursue her education goals and start her own successful business. She also discussed her impact on local workforce development through her training workshops developed for the Maryland Department of Social Services, mentoring young women in the welfare system, and training homeless youth in Baltimore City. Lisa just recently initiated a workforce development training in Pennsylvania and is in preparations to expand to additional states.

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your unique experience and perspective with us at the BMF Summer Institute!

Mark Henson, owner and chief imagination officer at SparkSpace (a business conferencing and retreat center in downtown Columbus), met with 40 Leadership Forum attendees on Sunday, January 27th here at MBA Research. Mark shared the story of his professional journey from DJ to business owner and talked about how he identified and used his own superpowers to "wade through the muck" that threatened his focus on building a successful business.

Find Your Ordinary Superpowers
Mark implored the group to evaluate their own strengths and superpowers and use them to help maintain their focus on building exemplary plans to strengthen business and marketing programs in each of their states. He challenged participants from Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia to help potential teacher-leaders around them identify their own qualities that could be utilized to strengthen programs. He reminded the educators in the room that they are in a unique position to help students identify their own individual superpowers and challenged them to help guide students in this area.

Mark is also an author and renowned speaker. He shared a complimentary copy of his book Ordinary Superpowers with each member of the audience. Find out more about Mark here.

Project Overview

In June 2019, the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education and MBA Research and Curriculum Center collaborated to convene three futuring panels (also known as focus groups) with Oklahoma business executives.

The Oklahoma business executives provided their perspectives on:

  • The trends shaping the workforce development needs in the Oklahoma business environment and some of the skill sets needed to address those trends
  • The general business skills needed by all business professionals
  • Skills needed specifically in the Business Management, Finance, and Marketing clusters
  • Evaluation of ethical leadership traits and ethics scenarios in the workplace and in their industries
  • Evaluation of core skills needed in Business Management, Finance, and Marketing clusters
  • Credentials and certifications needed in business

Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Futuring Panelists consider and talk about trends shaping business today

Oklahoma Futuring Panelists discuss skills needed for success in the workplace

Oklahoma futuring panelists providing feedback on trends, business ethics, and the
need for innovation in the workplace

Click here for more photos

Futuring Panel Participants

Participating panelists worked for, or owned, the following companies; however, all views expressed were their own, and not meant to represent their businesses or employers. We are grateful to each participant for their generosity in sharing their time and expertise. 

McCord Testing Equipment
Citizens Bank of Edmond
Scientific Games International
BOK Financial
TRC Companies
Aimbridge Hospitality
Gore Travel
Randstad Technologies
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
The Ross Group
Thunderbird Resources
Division One Disposal
State of Oklahoma
Express Personnel
Valliance Bank
First Physician’s Capital Group
David F. Bott
First Bethany Bank & Trust
Preston Eastin
Coteva, Inc.
AmeriTrust Investment Advisors
Oklahoma Bankers Association
Robinson Consulting
Central Oklahoma Federal Credit Union
Cemplex Group
Kyra Squirrel Business Services
Oklahoma City Community College
Trust Company of Oklahoma
City of Enid
Gearhart and Associations, LLC.
ACG Materials
Kalidy, LLC
Jasco Products
The Redbud Genealogist
VI Marketing and Banding
Visit Tulsa
Salon Service Group

Futuring Panel Support

MBA Research thanks the following businesses and organizations for helping make the Oklahoma futuring panels a huge success:

  • Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education
    Dr. Marcie Mack, State Director
    Cori Gray, Deputy State Director
  • Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Education Division
    Carrie DeMuth, State Program Administrator
    Jaclyn Arnold, Program Specialist
    Kristi Lofton, Program Specialist
    Kathy McNabb, Program Specialist
    Paxton Cavin, BPA/DECA State Advisor
    Pamela Porter, Administrative Assistant
  • Francis Tuttle Technology Center who provided the ideal meeting space for the groups
  • The Gooden Group for providing catered meals for the groups
  • Latta DECA Chapter for organizing and serving one of the meals
  • The Business, Marketing, and Information Technology teacher organization, division of the Oklahoma Association for Career and Technology Education, for providing snacks for the groups


Carrie DeMuth, MBA Research Board of Trustees member and State Program Administrator with the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, had this to say about the futuring panels and the follow-up report:

As a result of the futuring panels and follow-up report, we are looking at customer experience management and data analytics and how we can implement those areas into our framework.

We are also planning professional development for our teachers to focus on how to gather and use relevant data to develop quality programs. It is important that they dig deeper into the data for business administration to understand that the focus should not just be on the fastest growing occupations, as you illustrated in the report. This is key for Carl Perkins reporting and having these resources that you put together will be so valuable.

We really want to remain in touch with the panel members along the way and continue to gather their feedback.

Full Report

Want to learn more? Click to Access the Full Report 

Got advice?

A finance panel member, Keith Steincamp CPA CMA CSCA, a profitability specialist, had some advice for students studying finance. Click here to learn more—and thanks Keith for helping shape the future workforce pipeline!