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Career Data

    Bright future for students who study business and marketing

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    Large number of jobs in business administration

    35% of all jobs available in 2026 will be in management, business and financial operations (including marketing), sales, and office and administrative support.

    Source: Employment Projections program, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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    High Growth, High Wage

    Seven of the top ten fastest growing, high wage jobs are in business, marketing, finance, and sales.

    Fewer jobs projected for low-skill workers

    While many business administration jobs are growing, those that utilize lower-level skills will see declines. These include secretaries, administrative assistants, data entry keyers, and office clerks. However, there will still be many jobs available in these areas. For example, in 2026 it is projected that 2.37 million administrative assistants will be needed. Access spreadsheet highlighting business administration jobs with largest declines projected 

    Employers Seek Business Majors

               Source:, May 2018

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