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    Why Use Pretests?

    At the start of each school year, teachers grapple with a common dilemma: How do I get students’ minds back into “learning mode” while finding out what knowledge and experiences they come to me with? The answer: pretests.

    Administering a pretest offers a multitude of benefits:

    Get feedback on student learning:

    • Teachers can use pretest results to determine what course content students have already mastered, allowing for more customized and/or differentiated instruction.
    • Pretesting before a larger assessment can help gauge strengths as well as areas that need improvement before the exam.

    Measure student progress:

    • Comparing a student’s pretest with a later assessment can provide proof of a student’s learning over time.
    • Teachers can measure student growth or “value added,” across even a multi-year program of study.

    Show students what they can expect:

    • Pretests help students understand what will be expected of them.
    • A pretest can provide students with a preview of the key topics that they need to study and reduce their test anxiety by exposing them to the types of questions that will be on the posttest.

    MBA Research Pretests

    On board with pretesting? MBA Research offers a variety of pretests online for its program-of-study and A*S*K certification exams. Each 100-item multiple-choice pretest covers the same broad range of performance indicators as its corresponding posttest and contains items similar (but not identical) to the posttest. Pretests are available July 1 - Nov 30 each year. 

    To purchase program-of-study or A*S*K certification exam pretests, click here:

    Program-of-Study (POS) End-of-Program Pretests

    A*S*K Institute Certification Pretests