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Program-of-Study Exam Performance Data

    Statistical data for each program-of-study exam are reviewed annually to determine how effectively the overall exam and individual items within the exam are performing. On average, 10% - 20% of the statistically weakest items are replaced. Additional reviews by subject matter experts focus on item validity relative to the research base (standards and performance indicators).  

    Relevant data for the period ending June, 2018:

    Standard Marketing (3 Credit)
    Examinees: 2259
    Mean Score: 69
    Median Score: 72
    Variance: 222
    Standard Deviation: 14.89
    Alpha (Reliability): .92
    Scheduled replacements (2019 exam): 20

    Standard Marketing (2 Credit)
    Examinees: 189
    Mean Score: 65
    Median Score: 68
    Variance: 275
    Standard Deviation: 16.60
    Alpha (Reliability): .94
    Scheduled replacements (2019 exam): 20

    Other Program -of-Study Exams
    Sample size less than required for analysis.

    Psychometric data are based on analysis by statisticians at the Center on Education and Training for Employment, The Ohio State University.