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Staff Listing


    Name Position
     Holly Atha  Director, Business Engagement
     Garrett Bailey  Production Associate
     Meredith Bailey  Director of Finance
     Lisa Berkey  VP, Strategic Communication
     Christopher Burke  Graphic Designer
     Mary Carlisi  Production Manager
     Brenda Clark, Ed.D.  President/CEO
     Tammy Cyrus  Director, Professional Development
     Marsha Dyer  Customer Service Manager
     Adam Feazell  PD Team Counselor
     Aaron Finley  Research Associate
     Kim Guest  PD Team Counselor
     Stephanie King  Project Manager, High School of Business™
     Katie Kulp  Research Associate
     Phil Loaiza  IT Director
     Rick Mangini  Executive Vice President
     Ann-Marie Martin  IT/Technical Support
     Jennifer Milke  PD Team Counselor
     April Miller  Vice President, Product Development
     Will Morgan  PD Team Counselor
     Beth Osteen  Vice President, Research
     Tim Price  Maintenance Tech
     Zulfa Rizqiya  Production Associate
     Nadine Scott  PD Team Counselor
     Benjamin Steed  Administrative Associate
     Dr. Ann Stewart  PD Team Counselor
     Laurie Urich  Project Manager, High School of Business™
     Lelia Ventling  Graphic Designer